Clark County Municipal Court Case

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Springfield Ohio
3rd Party to the case, first-person and subject to the matter, Kenny Hendrick replies to opposing counsel's Brief

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style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 153);">after the Municipal Court went ahead and held trial disregarding the Appellate Division to respond on a 60(b) motion that was filed prior to pre-trial, with the elderly woman left un-represented in the court room, the Appellate simply decided against evidence being permitted and Kenny Hendrick's ability to become a (the) Defendant (the only person on the planet intimate with the damages which were the basis and interest of the case).
3rd Party attempts to become a party to the case after being denied by the Clark County Municipal Court Judge Trempe. Appealed to the Second Appellate Court of Appeals of Ohio.
Clark County Municipal Court Scam
The Second Appellate demands a Brief of formal legal format.
3rd Party Appellant that hadn't graduated High School complys as possible.
Opposing Party Attorney Submits Brief
Example Scholastic Study Version, for the Appeal example (used to demonstrate the need for judicial replacement is) Here
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Our Nation CAN do Better!
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**As a community service to my Springfield Ohio Neighbors, I'm offering gallons of distilled water for .50 (fifty cents, which is about half the cost of the cheapest distilled water made available by the monopoly stores).
Also, my distilled water may be a better choice as my water does not come from a chemical plant that injects more than just poisonous Fluoride; as if ingesting Fluoride is going to make your teeth whiter....phhhttt... Anyone in need of distilled water should bring their own gallon jugs.

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