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Our Nation CAN do Better

Clark County Municipal Court Sham(e)

Springfield Ohio, where robbing the elderly is respectable?

Springfield's Disgraceful Gang-land Judiciary

The true story starts out like this:

Page 2

Motion To Intervene

Request 1 Page 1 Document on Court Record1st Request Page1 Request 1 Page 2 Document on Court Record1st Request Page2 Request 1 Page 3 Document on Court Record1st Request Page 3

Judge Thomas Trempe did not respond initially to the first motion, so I submitted another motion:

Motion to Correct the Record

Request 2 Page 1 Document on Court Record 2nd Request Page 1 Request 2 Page 2 Document on Court Record2nd Request Page 2 Request 2 Page 3 Document on Court Record2nd Request Page 3

At about Pre-Trial, my motions were finally replied to, Denied. However the Springfield Ohio Court DID go to great efforts to allow a fictitious Lease into the Court Record, submitted by the Crows. Notice their Lease which they submitted to the Courts doesn't mention a word about the Security Deposit which my mother's Lease does. Notice also that the Lease shows my mother and Theresa Crow are the only signors on the Lease (yet the Court would award the bounty to someone who wasn't even on her Lease), Notice later down this page that all parties agree that there indeed was a security deposit and that although it was withheld beyond the legal time-frame, that's A-Okay with the JUSTus system. Notice below also that there is the matter of a fictitious company name that nobody on planet earth will find as a valid entity is none-other than the Crows themselves, that was also allowed in a Court of "Law".

Wrong Lease acceptedFraudulent Lease Accepted by Court EvidenceThe Court's Fraudulent Lease Page1 which was submitted to the Court by the Crows and permitted in the Court Record.

The Real Lease DocumentMom's Genuine Lease Page 1

*Although the Landlord unlawfully kept the deposit beyond the legal time-frame, the Court would award even the unlawfully withheld Deposit to the Landlord's Husband (*You heard right, a guy who was not even on my mother's lease).
Mr. Crow was however the orchestrator of the SUBSEQUENT LEASE with me, but according to the Court's best judgment I have "no standing" and Eric Crow somehow does.

Mr. Crow is the winner according to the court, But why?
The Husband clearly wasn't on the lease.

The only people present the day of my mother's Lease was I, my mother, and the landlord (Theresa Crow) only. Mr. Crow's signature is nowhere to be found because he wasn't there which gives HIM no standing.In fact, I have more standing than Mr. Crow (concerning my mother's lease).

So irregardless of who the Court wishes to believe was the tenant is immaterial when the Court has willingly allowed a fictitious Lease, from a fictitious Company (Tec Rentals), neither of which exists in the real world.

8.) Evidences on the Court Record and witnesses were Denied by Judge Thomas Trempe of Springfield Ohio's Clark County Municipal Court, given were the following reasons:

Springfield Ohio Scandal?Denied 1 Clark County Fraud?Denied 2

9. Having been denied twice by the Clark County Municipal Court prior to Pre-Trial, I appealed to the Appellate Division

The thing is, if you visit their Court Records Record, you will invariably find more than enough evidences ALREADY submitted to the Court. I wasn't aware that I was supposed to produce every shred of evidence and reveal my whole hand, thereby prejudicing any case I had against the fraudulent claim against the wrong person (my expectation was to see the look on everybody's faces when the true liar in the Court was exposed).

Further, if live videos sent to the court and obviously accepted and stamped into the record are already in the Court's possession, one might think that it gives a hint to some plausible need for my being required to be in that Case for damages. The Court also accepted and stamped into Court Record the copy of my rental receipts and much more, this is not (to quote the Appellate Decision), "unreasonable, arbitrary, or unconscionable."?

Instead they wait till there can be no appeal on my mother's case to finally respond with this:

"we cannot reverse unless the trial court's decision was unreasonable, arbitrary, or unconscionable. Merrill at ΒΆ 41."

It seems the Court was guilty of all those things. Is it not unconscionable to deny evidence and an obviously concerned party within the community that is the ONLY person on the planet most intimate with the details of the claim and the property in question?

Just to be clear, I appealed the decision made by a lower court judge that mandated that evidence and the actual tenant should not be allowed in the tenant / landlord dispute.

The appeal was for a60(b) motion and was accepted in the Appellate Court on September 22, 2016.

However the Appellate Court did not perform a 60(b) motion, and instead allowed the lower court to progress to trial many months later.

In case you're missing the hypocrisy in all this, If I appeal that I ought to be a party to the case and offer video evidence and rental receipts (and more) along with that appeal (look at their Court Record to see for yourself), then what good is the Appellate Court if it's going to not even consider my pleading by waiting 5 months AFTER the municipal court went ahead and held the illegal trial anyway?

With a hush of non-participation by the Appellate Branch of the Judiciary, there was not to be a response by the Appellate until an additional 5 months AFTER the lower court disregarded waiting for the Appellate to come back with an answer to determine whether it was lawful to deny evidence in an ongoing case in which the third party was the only person on the planet that could be proven to be the tenant regarding the exact case being heard in the Court, and furthermore is narrating the actual videos as the disasters were occurring.

Appeal to the Appellate Division

Springfield Ohio's useless wasteful "Division"

as if it were an appeal to the future verdict of the lower Court's illegal Trial, in effect stopping all Appeals to the lower Court Trial altogether; five months later stating the appellate's decision is unappealable. Shameful waste of space and money, we could get more justice and do better with bums running the Clark County Municipal Court (in my arguably substantiated opinion).

10.) The Second Appellate Court did not bother to intervene or answer until 5 months A F T E R the lower Court went ahead with Trial disregarding the motion to the appellate appealing to them to judge between the judgment and the Motioneer (me. you won't find it in black's legal dictionary), holding my mother un-represented and un-assisted in a fraudulent Claim and Trial. I would NOT be allowed to present evidences to a case in which I am the obvious correct party to.

It was asked of me, for the 5 minutes I was permitted into the court room,

Q: " Do you have evidence to show the cause for damages ? "

Me: "Why yes, it's right in the back there", as I pointed to the back of the courtroom.

The judge was not even remotely curious enough to want to see the evidences that answer my mother's question of whether or not I had evidence to show her as innocent of the claims against her. The judge wasn't interested (smug thuggish behavior). When the Appellate did respond, it was to this disregard:

Instead, the Appellate,
When the Appellate did respond, it was to this:
Notice years after the submission that my name is now added too late8+ months to figure it out

To find out how a Court finds the previous downstairs tenant to pay for the damages caused by the upstairs tenant, click next.

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