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Disclaimer: THE FOLLOWING MAY CONTAIN ERRORS.  It was written in haste.   Please stop back in a few days to see updates and improvements here.

A secret law (none of us were notified) that was "passed" WILL affect your home by (NEGATIVE) $-16,000.00 - $-30,000.00  ++
(depending on which side of the road you are on).

Thanks to an anonymous neighbor, I have just learned of this today (and if you are reading this, you also received the gracious gift of knowledge from whomever the anonymous mailer is.   The anonymous neighbor, and not our PAID officials, bothered to send the notice shown below to each of us out of his, or her, own pocket.   As of this same date, I've made 2 or 3 calls to the number listed below and have not received a return call yet.   And although I will follow along with the instructions contained below, I'm pretty sure we need to press for affirmative amendment to the law that was made by the few over the many.

Springfield Ohio Extortion/Manipulation/Coercion

In a moment I will relate to you, my neighbors, the game as I witnessed this exact same scenario in two other locations.
It NEVER ends good if we don't work to either eliminate this un-Constitutional Law (or at least get it ammended to be pro-what the People want).    Any attorneys in the area that are against this manipulation, please contact me at the number located at the bottom of this page.

Stop Plutocratic Profeering

I, for one, want our Constitution back.   Violators should be jailed.    Okay, that was too extreme, but allow me to express why I feel so adamantly against this Law (that none of us knew about, passed for the profit of the few who are already overpaid).

Here's the game as I've witnessed it played out:

1.) They get us all to tie into their sewer grid.   How will they regulate the price, is yet to be known since water is usually the non-reliable way in which these entities estimate our sewer usage.

2.) Then comes the fluoridated/chlorine water that will bring osteoprosis, arthritis, dementia, and NOTHING good to our drinking water and bodies.

3.) Now what's the trade-off of your already proven method of disposing of wastes?     Well, for one, you will get yet another monthly bill every month, whether you use "their" service or not.   There WILL be a base fee whether you use their sewer or not.  In other words, if you should become hospitalized or go on vacation for a year, or whatever your free will may will still have those bills packing in your mailbox.

    a.) Scenario One:  You go on vacation to France and end up staying there for a couple of years, only to come back to a Lien on your property compounded with interests and late fees (or worse, your home goes into foreclosure or some other non-wanted manipulation/fee of your property that is supposed to be protected ground according to our Constitution).

    b.) Presently, there is not Fluoridated water running along side the sewer pipes, yet.   So how do you suppose the billing will be guaged?  That's right, it cannot be guaged (counting turds by water consumption).   This is why they will be forcing the water soon afterward  (once we succumb to this unlawful law that stipulates our homes must be depreciated by $30k).     Now you will need to disconnect your safer water well (by their law).   When "their" water comes to our location, then will also come the ridiculous "guage" in which they will state they now can "estimate" your flushes by how much water you use (however, regardless of whether or not you use their water or bottled, etc., rest assured there will be a base-fee).

4.) For those of us that are already off-grid, now comes the manipulation to have to go to the mailbox every month to be told we owe them money.   And let's not forget the unchecked fees that start low, and always rise from there.   It's your next generation that will pay or pleasure by what we do today while still alive.

Here's my experiences,

Town One:

In one community, there was a quasi-governmental agency that took over our water treatment plants and promised better water and better service and blah blah blah.

By the end of the first year, their better service hit hard.   EVERYBODY received exploded impossible bills that claimed we all used an incredible amount of water.    The neighborhood suddenly came alive to meet their neighbors which they hadn't communicated with prior to this new dilemma.

For instance,  In my computer repair shop there, which consumes a minimal of water making coffee,  an occasional flush of the toilet, a  washing of the hands, etc.  I received a water bill that equated to a large swimming pool of water.  

My poor old neighbor was coming over to get water from me because he refused to pay his bill and soon thereafter his tire shop was forced out of business.  

The elderly were hit the hardest.   The elderly are on fixed or no incomes and suddenly they were facing the very real possiblility of having Liens placed on their properties or losing equity in their properties with the incumberance of unnecessary violations.  

When the quasi-governmental agency was contacted, they pretty much claimed the same thing to all the citizenry (blaming the former water plant of keeping shoddy records and such, and that they are working on the problem).  

Neighbor by neighbor fell by the wayside and many just went ahead and paid off the extortion money.

By my last year there, much of the neighborhood was left in disarray or its occupants left the community entirely,  their homes depreciated when the accounting came due.   

I thought I'd eliminate the bill altogether in protest and made my own well, turned off their water completely, and yet still were receiving monthly service-fee bills tantamount to $32.00 per month (for no service and no product). 

Now I know that $32.00 does not even amount to $400.00 per year  (if you don't use their water), however that is $400.00 you cannot leave your kid when you die.  That is $400.00 you will not be able to buy groceries with.   That is $400.00 that you are not to consider safe in your persons AND EFFECTS.  

And furthermore, if you DO USE their water, aside from the cost now being higher than $400.00 per year, what do you get with that water?  
NOTHING  you want!  

I personally held contracts to partake in the building of 3 water treatment plants in this country, and I'm here to tell you, YOU DON'T WANT THE WATER (you would be better to filter the ground water from your own back yards).   There are so many chemicals used to "purify" your water in those water treatment plants that my men had to attend DAILY update meetings of the chemicals they would now be coming into contact with.   We were required to wear special protective goggles and clothing and whenever the chemical barrels were moved on site, we needed to all remove ourselves from the scaffolding to wait for the "safe call".   In short, your body was not designed to ingest man-made chemicals (which are usually the slag from monopoly wastes and by-products.   And unlike the FSC (fire safety chemical) in your cigarettes nowadays
, there'll be no warnings of your tainted water consumption.

Community Two:

Before I came to Springfield, I searched another area to relocate to.    In this town of Missouri, it was found that EVERY OTHER house had a for sale sign in their front yards.    Prices were extremely low.    I had never seen something like this before but since I had to inspect the properties I was able to speak with the occupants.  

Some were being forced out of their homes because they simply could not afford the $$ to tie into the sewer grid (do you have an extra $30k + hanging around?), some were leaving on principal alone, others lost their homes because the home was already mortgaged to the hilt and now "their" leadership had made the decision to manipulate the entire area of the town to be basically theirs.  

Virtually every house was being sold very cheaply.     As the homes were becoming increasingly abandoned or left vacant came the vandalism.    Drug use shot up in the area as people were left without hope or recourse.  Property values continued to plummet.  

Is this what you want? 
It's a simple thing to go along with whatever dictate is handed down to you...until your nest egg and home are gone.


It is now June 15, 2017
I will be updating this website as the days progress.

If you are willing to become a part of a movement and filing of a pleading within their Courts, this may possibly offer some positive change (but more often than not, it simply enriches those that are already in power, those that made the laws in the first place).     However, until we come up with a better solution,   your next generation will either suffer or appreciate you for your action or inaction.  

Email me.
Include your name, phone number, address, and a short note / letter of your experiences and abilities (and what you would like to see done about this un-constitutional manipulation of our homes and properties, of our persons and effects).    Together, we can make a difference.  
By doing nothing accomplishes nothing.  

Consider this:
Imagine the profits for the few as the homes become desperately sold.    They can flip it and keep the money in the family, but it's YOUR HOME they are able to purchase for less now.

Let's talk
(937) 718-3586

Same day addendum
Notes:  I found the predecessor to this law THEY made.   The preceding Law was fair and humane and allowed for the older properties to be grandfathered in.  

I'll post that, and other laws tomorrow.   There are a couple of possible loopholes I see in their new Law over us.

One possible loophole is "...., as excepted by law."   THE LAW is the Constitution.   The Supreme Court has ruled that ALL laws must comply and be in congruence with the supreme Law of the Land, and if it does not, then the law is considered null.    The other loophole I found while doing a cursory glance at a few sections is also forgotten at this moment so after I go out to weed the garden and then shower, I'll get back on this.

ONE THING I MOST CERTAINLY DID FIND THAT IS VERY NEGATIVE,  AND IS NOTINLCUSIVE OF THE $30, 000.00 THAT IT WILL TAKE TO MOVE TO CRAPPY SEWER SERVICE (AND POTENTIAL RATE INCREASES every other year),   is contained in section 3701.29.02 (if my memory serves correctly).     It is stated,  that you MAY VERY POSSIBLY BE REQUIRED TO DIG UP THAT BRAND NEW (or at least fully functioning) Septic System!     If so, then you will be required to dispose of the system (safely=more money).  

!!!!  This is my plug for those of you that take the simple way out and go along willingly: 

IF ANYBODY decides to succumb to the manipulation of your freedom and your property, I'm available for your new expense for backhoe work @ $20.00/hr.

  The following are some of the hidden costs, not calculated into the already unconscionable demand upon our property and person.  
Enjoy your freedom (or simply give it up, it's your choice this day).

Ohio Administrative Code  (p.s.  A code is not necessarily to be considered a valid Law until tried against the Supreme Law of the Land). 
In an honest Court, many of these "codes"  don't pass mustard.

Chapter 3701-29

Sewage Treatment Systems

These files are in .PDF format. The free Adobe Acrobat Viewer is required to view them.

File Size Rule No. Title
---------->  ------------>   The following rules have been final filed and will be effective 1/1/2015. To see current rules that will be in effect through 12/31/2014, please check in LAWriter at
48.0 KB  3701-29-01  Definitions 
21.0 KB  3701-29-02  Scope, responsibility for compliance, and applicability of rules 
28.0 KB  3701-29-03 Registration of installers, service providers, and septage haulers
19.0 KB  3701-29-04 Survey to determine compliance 
19.0 KB  3701-29-05 Fees and fee categories 
27.0 KB 3701-29-06 General provisions and prohibitions 
23.0 KB  3701-29-07  Soil evaluation and soil evaluators 
20.0 KB  3701-29-08 Subdivisions and new lots
29.0 KB 3701-29-09 Site review and permits for STS installation and operation
20.0 KB  3701-29-10 STS designers and designs 
20.0 KB  3701-29-11 Flow estimation and waste strength 
72.0 KB  3701-29-12 Tanks, pumps and controls, and building sewers 
31.0 KB  3701-29-13  Product standards, review, and operation and maintenance 
1,433.0 KB Appendix A Appendix A to 3701-29-13: Low Pressure Dosed Sand Filters
533.0 KB  Appendix B Appendix B to 3701-29-13: Timed Dosed Sand Filters 
16.0 KB 3701-29-14  Effluent quality standards 
464.0 KB 3701-29-15  General soil absorption standards 
44.0 KB  Appendix A Appendix A to 3701-29-15: Technical standards for use of Leaching Trenches for Soil Absorption 
44.0 KB Appendix B Appendix B to 3701-29-15: Sand Mound 
96.0 KB Appendix C Appendix C to 3701-29-15: Drip Distribution Systems 
24.0 KB  3701-29-15.1 Low pressure distribution 
23.0 KB 3701-29-16  Site drainage 
46.0 KB Appendix Appendix to 3701-29-16: Drainage to Manage the Level of Seasonal Water in Soils 
26.0 KB  3701-29-17  Gray water recycling systems and alternative toilets 
17.0 KB 3701-29-18  Privies, holding tanks, and portable toilets
24.0 KB  3701-29-19  STS operation and maintenance management and system owner education 
24.0 KB 3701-29-20  Septage and sewage management
17.0 KB 3701-29-21  STS abandonment 
14.0 KB 3701-29-22  Variances and more stringent standards
18.0 KB  3701-29-23 Verification of compliance and enforcement

To be continued


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