Due to the incessant censorship and removal of my web pages due to the new law allowing Police to take down websites without a judicial proceeding, please be patient with my efforts as the son-in-law of the plaintiff in this case is a Sheriff with the power to hinder truth to the public.
Springfield Ohio, where robbing the elderly is respectable?

Clark County Municipal Court Sham(e)

Springfield's Disgraceful Gang-land Judiciary

The true story starts out like this:

1.) In 2012, a storm in Florida occurred that caused the ceiling and roof to fall-in leaving me without a place to call home.

2.) The Federal Agency, F.E.M.A., gave me a check to help, but I was still left with nowhere to go for more than 3 months.
FEMA Documented Proof Document

3.) My mother offered to help by signing a one-year lease with Theresa Crow for a rental located all the way in Ohio at 1335 North Limestone St. in Springfield Ohio.

Theresa Crow, My Mother, and I met on location and a lease was signed for one year. Theresa Crow was made fully aware that I would locate the required identification from the packed 40 foot bus and that the lease would resume in my name. Days later while unpacking the bus, the identification was located and it was agreed that the first year lease would resume as written, between my mother and Theresa Crow and that the subsequent lease would resume in my name (allowing me time to recoup losses from the Florida storm and get back on my feet).

Genuine Springfield Ohio Rental Lease Mom's Genuine Lease Page 1
4.) Following my mother's one-year MONTHLY lease, I and the husband of the Lessor, Eric Crow, came to an agreement that I would resume the new lease under new pay arrangements. Whereas my mother's one-year lease was a monthly lease, mine would be a quarterly lease.

Genuine Springfield Ohio Rental AgreementNew Quarterly Pay Arrangement

Springfield Ohio ignores evidenceShows contrary to Court-version of a MONTHLY Previous Lease

5.) Due to electrical deficiencies and other problems with the rental, approximately one year later I gave notice to Eric Crow to vacate.

A "walk-through" inspection was conducted by Eric Crow and I. (*emphasis on I; can another person terminate any other person's lease agreement? If so, we'd all be in trouble, obviously the Lease was in my name).

After the walk-through I was told to fix a hole that had been made to get electricity into the building and did so while making a video of the hole repair (and even repaired other areas which the landlord had not requested also on video).
During the final month of my notice to vacate came came one disaster after the other. There would be three sizable leaks from the upstairs tenant and a fire also by the upstairs tenant. Following many of the repairs the landlord had to enter my rental to go down to the basement with his plumbers, then the electrician, etc. He's not the type to wipe his shoes outside as I would recall once in the umpteen times he frequented the rental (not just for the rent obviously).
I bothered to make videos showing the true cause of damages as they were occurring. However, in a crooked court, no amount of evidence will save us. As seen on the Court Record, the Judge denied all evidences, and even denied the actual tenant/occupant from presenting the Case and evidences within the Court!
But why would the Clark County Municipal Court of Ohio lure my mother up from Florida to be intent on finding HER as the cause for damages (she's well over 70 years old and hundreds of miles away from the Crow Rental)? The Courts have the videos but after first allowing them on the Court Record denied them in the Court, have you ever heard of such a sham?
Do you see my mother in this video compilation causing the damages claimed?

Video not playing? We can thank monopoly ATandT Internet for scalping the bandwidth. Sorry for the inconvenience. Download video instead.
Neither my mom, nor I, could possibly have been the "cause" for damages to the Springfield Ohio Property owned by Eric and Theresa Crow.

I began to upload the videos to youtube (strangely enough, most of the videos were pulled due to "complaints" having been made against my videos (which merely showed water coming down from the ceiling and an upstairs fire), then I read the law where the Police can take down videos and facebook accounts without a judicial process, the Crow son-in-law is a Sheriff and lives with Mr. and Mrs. Crow (the Landlord and husband to the landlord).

To counteract the censoring I appealed to YouTube (about 40 times or so) and then decided to move the videos to other sites (including Daily Motion, Vimeo, Yandex, and others....still most of the sites would remove the videos that simply show damages as they were occurring and nothing more).

So I created dvd's of the videos, many of which are actually on the court record even though Judge Trempe denied them in "his" court room.

I got ahead of myself, sorry.

6.) However, a few months after I vacated, a notice came in the mail at my new residence that I was being threatened by the Crows for a property damage claim! I replied to the Crows that they were made aware of each and every disaster that occurred in their property (once I even called at 2am to inform them of a busted water pipe caused by the frost, a.k.a the Crow's lack of insulating their plumbing from the cold which resulted in causing damage to my personal property. Never once did I attempt to get him to reimburse for the damages).

Videos show where damages came from. It was the upstairs tenant's plumbing and/or the landlord/plumber's shortcomings in electrical and plumbing skills, and later an upstairs fire which occurred during my last month there (
after the walk-through inspection).
The landlord and his agents must go through my downstairs rental in order to get to plumbing, electrical, air conditioners, etc. which are all housed in the basement. This is how the landlord's carpets partially were made to become damaged as shown in the videos that were not permitted in a court of justus.
Numerous attempts were made to bring the Court to reality as seen also on the court record

I was arbitrarily denied to:

A. Become THE (obvious) pertinent party to the case
B. ALL evidences were denied.

Regardless of whether the mud came from the muddy basement or the muddy upstairs fire, it should not be either the liability of the downstairs tenant,
or the former tenant! It shouldn't require a bunch of Judges to figure this one out, but they actually failed in every respect here.

The "judge" rules that the downstairs PREVIOUS tenant is liable for the actions derived from the upstairs!

The plot thickens.
Here's where the very first real ceiling damage occurred...I cannot prove that the drugging and raping of the upstairs tenant was caused by Eric and Theresa Crow's son in law (a Champagne County Sheriff) but here's that story for anyone that wants to pursue the matter more: Meet Nicole Crow, the upstairs neighbor.

6.) Yet a year after I vacated, the Crows sued my Mother instead of me! I'm over 50 years on this planet and am not prone to lying (here's some of my references pertaining to character. Compare my character references to that of the Clark County Municipal Court that have to censor and delete hundreds of those in the Public that are voicing their claims against them. The Court has been in existence for umpteen years but only shows 5 or 7 comments from the Public. Shameful.).

Wrongful Suit EvidenceSuit Claimed my 70+ year old mother "caused" the damages at Eric and Theresa Crow's property.

7.) The Courts denied my two written requests to become a party to the case.
Both of my initial requests were submitted and are on Court Record prior to Pre-Trial.
Yet when Pre-Trial did arrive, my mom's paid attorney James E. Heath of Ronemous and Heath Bailed! James E. Heath is the head guy at the Bar Association, if that's not laughable enough). What did James Heath accomplish? Well after first convincing her to leave the State of Florida to address a property damage claim that Ohio hasn't even any Jurisdiction to do, then at Pre-Trial the paid Attorney, slithered from the judge's chambers to inform her that he would not be able to represent her.

Then the judge emerged to inform her to find another attorney and, oh by the way, the trial is set for a couple of months later (despite the fact that I already appealed his prior decision to deny evidence and my person to become a RIGHTFUL party to the case appealed to the Appellate Division, submitted promptly after my motions were denied (yet are on the court record, just as the physical and URL versions of the videos, photos, etc.).
The motion was submitted to the Appellate Division, stamped as entered, and then I received notice that they wanted a more professional Brief (like the one's that a James Heath can write up for a $1,000.00 or more. The professional brief had to be something like 15 pages long.

But I did it.

I resubmitted a professional brief, though the expectations seemed a bit alienating as we can't all be fluent in the Legal Nomenclature and time-frames and fees and stipulations as to how and when and to whom something should be submitted to the "Honorable" Courts.

Instead the Appellate would not respond until 5 months after my mom was held unrepresented and without legal assistance in the lower Municipal Court Trial which claimed she must defend herself against a claim she was clueless about (if it were not for me she'd no nothing at all of the damages).

She is over 70 years of age (and also not an Attorney).

At trial, with my mother left unrepresented, the Court allowed her no assistance and I and a witness were forced to remain out in the hallway during the proceedings.
Then when the judge declares his best judgment, referencing the previous lease, my mother's, stating,
"The written lease was for a term of 12 months, and provided that the tenancy would continue on a month to month basis ". (Heeeeellllllloooooooo, there was no month to month following my mother's one year lease and the Crows know this because they wrote me the rental receipts !)

Now had a real judge of good character been unswayed from his lofty over-paid position and allowed the evidence into the courtroom, he'd invariably discover that MY RENTAL RECEIPTS SHOW THAT I paid QUARTERLY (for one) and that I was the subsequent tenant (hint: rental receipts come with dates on them),
and that I gave my 30 day notice a year beyond my mother's lease.
He'd also discover a letter written by the crows themselves in which they state "...DAMAGES WHICH OCCURRED DURING KENNY'S TENANCY". (*I'm Kenny, my mother is not)

The fact is, this was a malicious show of local government gone awry, and surely not worth financing. It is my hopes that the Federal Government will alleviate all the states of their wasteful middle-man facades and make this nation a model nation for the world to emulate (as opposed to the disgust most nations now have toward our crookedness of those that ought to have a bit more couth about themselves).

I'm not an attorney. I've not even graduated high school. I should be sorry I don't speak the neo-court's nomenclature? The perversion of our common colloquial and nationally-known vocabulary is evidenced by the Court's manipulation of the word "intervene" to mean something totally different. How the hell was that supposed to jump into my drop of the hat experience in "Civil" Court's Jargon?

If they are not a court for the citizens then what have the citizens to do with such a scourge?

Okay, I got ahead of myself again....back up, here's the sequence of what was submitted to the Court. I was clueless that one ought to expose his entire hand of evidences just to break into Court so the motions were reserved at first. Here's the first two motions, not much evidence is attached to these two (of the more than 17 which did include videos, rental receipts, letters written by the landlord herself, witnesses which I could produce (easily), my first-person witness account, photos, what more could the Courts possibly need to see not only an "interest" in the proceedings, but also the need for the only person that could possibly be a necessary party to the case?
As a final note, I had to become a party to the case or else I would not be able to submit evidence in a court of my own accord. If my mother's attorney didn't quit a few months earlier at Pre-Trial, maybe he'd know the magic words to get the judge to allow evidence in his dungeon of doom.

Motion To Intervene
Request 1 Page 1 Document on Court Record1st Request Page1 Request 1 Page 2 Document on Court Record1st Request Page2 Request 1 Page 3 Document on Court Record 1st Request Page 3

Then when it was taking so long for an answer from the lower court judge of my mother's case, Judge Thomas Trempe, I then submitted another motion and creatively titled this one:
Motion to Correct the Record

Request 2 Page 1 Document on Court Record 2nd Request Page 1Request 2 Page 2 Document on Court Record 2nd Request Page 2Request 2 Page 3 Document on Court Record 2nd Request Page 3

At about Pre-Trial, my motions were denied. However the Springfield Ohio Court DID go to great efforts to allow a fictitious Lease into the Court Record, submitted by the Crows. Notice their Lease which they submitted to the Courts doesn't mention a word about the Security Deposit which my mother's Lease does. Notice also that the Lease shows my mother and Theresa Crow are the only signors on the Lease (yet the Court would award the bounty to someone who wasn't even on her Lease), Notice later down this page that all parties agree that there indeed was a security deposit and that although it was withheld beyond the legal time-frame, that's A-Okay with the JUSTus system. Notice below also that there is the matter of a fictitious company name that nobody on planet earth will find as a valid entity is none-other than the Crows themselves, that was also allowed in a Court of "Law".
There's more, hang in there, I'm just getting started here.

Fraudulent Lease Accepted by Court EvidenceThe Court's Fraudulent Lease Page1 which was submitted to the Court by the Crows and permitted in the Court Record.

The Real Lease DocumentMom's Genuine Lease Page 1

*Although the Landlord unlawfully kept the deposit beyond the legal time-frame, the Court would award even the unlawfully withheld Deposit to the Landlord's Husband (*You heard right, a guy who was not even on my mother's lease).
Mr. Crow was however the orchestrator of the SUBSEQUENT LEASE with me but according to the Court's best judgment I have "no standing".

Mr. Crow is the winner according to the court, But why?
The Husband clearly wasn't on the lease but later down this page you will see the judges (yes, plural) lie and state that the case is against my mother and both Crows.
The only people present the day of my mother's Lease having been signed is I, my mother, and the landlord (Theresa Crow) only (which is why Mr. Crow's signature is nowhere to be found even though the court's elude to the exact opposite of the documented factual scenario).

However the Crows do admit (and even make demand for) the deposit which they've already held beyond the legal allowable time-frame (no worries, the judge apparently plays a biased blind when it's convenient).

So irregardless of who the Court wishes to believe was the tenant is immaterial when the Court has willingly allowed a fictitious Lease, from a fictitious Company (Tec Rentals), neither of which exists in the real world.

8.) Evidences on the Court Record and witnesses were Denied by Judge Thomas Trempe of Springfield Ohio's Clark County Municipal Court, given were the following reasons:

Springfield Ohio Scandal? Denied 1Clark County Fraud? Denied 2

9. Having been denied twice by the Clark County Municipal Court prior to Pre-Trial, and having been denied what I though was a basic right to present evidences (plural), I appealed to the Appellate Division1st submission to the Appellate

The thing is, if you go to their Court Record, you will find more than enough evidences ALREADY submitted to the Court. I wasn't aware that I was supposed to produce every shred of evidence and reveal my whole hand (my expectation was to see the look on everybody's faces when the true liar in the Court was exposed!).
Further, if live videos sent to the court and obviously accepted and stamped into the record are already in the Court's possession, one might think that it gives a hint to some plausible need for my being required to be in that Case for damages. The Court also accepted and stamped into Court Record the copy of my rental receipts and much more, this is not (to quote the Appellate Decision), "unreasonable, arbitrary, or unconscionable."?
Instead they wait till there can be no appeal on my mother's case to finally respond with this crap:
"we cannot reverse unless the trial court's decision was
unreasonable, arbitrary, or unconscionable. Merrill at ΒΆ 41. "

Just to be clear, I appealed the decision made by a lower court judge that mandated that evidence and T H E tenant out of the tenant / landlord dispute. I appealed to request that the decision by the municipal court judge denying my becoming a party to the case be overturned and to allow me to present evidences to show that the allegations are fraudulent and knowingly directed toward the wrong party (both actions being unlawful in every state of our beloved nation).

The appeal was for a 60(b) motion and was accepted in the Appellate Court on September 22, 2016.

However the Appellate Court did not perform a 60(b) motion, and instead allowed the lower court to progress to trial many months later.

In case you're missing the hypocrisy in all this, If I appeal that I ought to be a party to the case and offer video evidence and rental receipts and more along with that appeal (look at their Court Record to see for yourself), then what good is the Appellate Court if it's going to not even consider my pleading? They did not respond till months and months later AFTER the trial (so even if they said "whoops" yes, Kenny is the obvious party that needs to be included here, it was too late 5 months after they responded (not counting the months from which I submitted the appeal to them!).
With a hush of non-participation by the Appellate Branch of the Judiciary, there was not to be a response by the Appellate until an additional 5 months AFTER the lower court disregarded waiting for the Appellate to come back with an answer to determine whether it was lawful to deny evidence in an ongoing case in which the third party was the only person on the planet that could be proven to be the tenant regarding the exact case being heard in the Court, and furthermore is narrating the actual videos as the disasters were occurring!
We need more educated people in our Courts maybe, less thuggish and more for the people (because if they aren't for us we need to plead with the Federal Government to get rid of the middle men profiteers that serve no good purpose thereby allowing more profit to go to the Federal Government in the fashion of ONE Government, ONE universal law throughout the States and without the leaches). Amen.

Appeal to the Appellate Division1st submission to the Appellate

AppealSpringfield Ohio's useless wasteful "Division"

as if it were an appeal to the future verdict of the lower Court's illegal Trial, in effect stopping all Appeals to the lower Court Trial altogether; five months later stating the appellate's decision is unappealable. Shameful waste of space and money, we could get more justice and do better with bums running the Clark County Municipal Court (in my arguably substantiated opinion).

10.) The Second Appellate Court did not bother to intervene or answer until 5 months A F T E R the lower Court went ahead with Trial disregarding the motion to the appellate appealing to them to judge between the judgment and the Motioneer (me. you won't find it in black's legal dictionary), holding my mother un-represented and un-assisted in a fraudulent Claim and Trial. I would NOT be allowed to present evidences to a case in which I am the obvious correct party to.

It was asked of me, for the 5 minutes I was permitted into the court room,
Q: " Do you have evidence to show the cause for damages ? ".
Me: "Why yes, it's right in the back there", as I pointed to the back of the courtroom. The judge was not even remotely curious enough to want to see the evidences that answer my mother's question of whether or not I had evidence to show her as innocent of the claims against her. The judge wasn't interested (smug thuggish behavior). When the Appellate did respond, it was to this disregard:

Springfield Ohio Clark County Court DocumentDecision Instead, the Appellate,
When the Appellate did respond, it was to this:
Notice years after the submission that my name is now added too late Judicial Farce

To find out how a Court finds the previous downstairs tenant to pay for the damages caused by the upstairs tenant, click next.

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