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Below are personal sentiments at the given moment in time. Our Nation CAN do Better!

My mom was the CAUSE for damages?

Are you kidding me!?
I challenge anybody to find how she could possibly be the "Cause" For Damages when she wasn't the tenant at the time of the damages and was over 700 miles away when the damage occurred!

Topic: Correction
Clark County Municipal Court of Springfield Ohio Municipal Court Case

The Claim against my mom was:

"Defendant failed to leave the premises in good condition, ordinary wear and tear excepted, have CAUSED THE destruction of fixtures and of the premises and excessive trash and filth on the premises"

The Clark County Municipal Court "found" my mother guilty?

There's just a few problems with that Judicial "finding".
All of our eyes, ears, and minds would have to be liars for my mom to be construed as the "cause" for damages...

I took videos and photos while the damages were occurring, it should be an open and shut case, right?
When it was noticed that the Appellate Court was not acting how we expected (with a reply maybe?), I contacted THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of Attorneys. DON'T underestimate the plural in thousands. No attorney would get even remotely involved stating either they didn't "practice" in the area of law concerning the case, or that their work load was full, or that they did not work in the area in which the court resides, but most of them did not respond whether the call was made voice or email. I literally scoured all of google's results and even became a member on three online attorney agencies. It was surreal. No attorney was interested.

And now the court would be permitted to hold her to a Trial,
1.) Unrepresented
2.) Without assistance
3.) Without a shred of evidence of her guilt
3.) The Court ruled her guilty of being the cause for damages despite not one solitary piece of evidence by the Plaintiff's attorney (there was none, an allegation, a questionable receipt, and a complicit court....seems clear, she simply MUST be guilty! (??))

All of the videos, photos, witnesses, signed documents, first-person testimony (and more) was kept out of the Court Room, but who would do this and why? It wasn't the Plaintiff, so we can't blame her (*him? The court award went to the husband of the signor of the lease with my mother), so if it wasn't the Plaintiff that kept the evidence and my person and witnesses from the court room, then who?

It wasn't even the Plaintiff's Attorney that kept the evidence and my person and witnesses from the case, so who would do this.

So if the action, the ruling, the practicing law from the bench, was not being influenced by the Plaintiff or the Plaintiff's Attorney, then who?

Below you will see how an innocent elderly person was preyed upon not by a street gang member, but by a Court.

Now a word from the Landlord herself, who clearly indictate that the damages occurred during the tenancy of the subsequent Tenant, the son (and not Margaret, the ill-treated victim "Defendant"). Notice the date of the Landlord's Letter,
much prior to filing suit against the elderly Defendant that was neither the Tenant, nor was she in the State of Ohio where the damages occurred:

acknowledgment.pngClick to expand.
One of many documents kept out of the Trial by the Clark County Municipal Court Judge. But what GOOD reason would a Justice System prefer to
NOT allow so many evidences (*as seen on the court record) that disprove the Claim? The Plaintiff acknowledges me (the Court will not) Sound incredible?
Read on, it gets more ludicrous; you don't have to take my word for it, much of this is already on the Court Record.

Clark County Denies Nation's Law Photo
Clark County Municipal Court of Springfield Ohio

Here's some exhibits that would have come out in Court if I were not denied a basic Civil Right to address and redress within the Courts, requests that were timely submitted of a relevant (then) on-going Case.

Notice that my Lease was paid quarterly following my mother's one-year Lease (whereas hers, the prior lease, was paid monthly).Yet the Court concluded that my mom's one year monthly lease somehow morphed when the receipts clearly show that I never had a monthly and that it was a quarterly Lease....Justice really is blind!
Void of any such indication that there was ever a monthly receipt following my mom's one year lease, the Clark County Municipal Court simply didn't want to hear it and denied more than 17 motions made thereafter several months prior to the court having ushered the Defendant through the system (unrepresented at a Trial held a couple of months after Pre-Trial. At pre-trial my mother's PAID attorney met with the judge and emerged to state he would no longer be representing her, WITHOUT CAUSE). My mom was told to wait in the hallway during whatever was discussed when, if the attorney wasn't representing her then who was? She SHOULD have been allowed to enter that back room meeting.

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