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We cannot blame the sell-outs for obeying the laws made by the other sell-outs. Like Hitler's Army, they are just doing their jobs and complying with whatever laws are imposed upon them.


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THE FOLLOWING IS A VERY ROUGH DRAFT, the author writes in the hopes that awareness might Provoke a positive change, and a reversal of the rampant plundering and/or decommissioning of our Nation. I've been writing this warning since 2007 when our nation was only $7 Trillion in debt, and since 9-11 when our surplus had been cleaned out.
If anything contained herein is important, copy it before it's removed entirely from the Internet. It's what they do to manipulate public awareness and opinion.

Chain-of-Command, and the Decommissioning of a Nation
Alternative title: Revelation 17&18 (and like a whore, the capitalists sell)

Historical document still online December 26, 2007

Arguable to say, I've been prodded down the political topic-matter road for many years, as the contained matter herein will expound. Later I would learn that my mom married into a family tree affiliated with the CIA. I add this comment because it precedes most of the events and murders I will include herein. You did NOT get this information from the controllers of your media PROGRAMMING. They will tell you my grandmother was a Gambino but will fail to mention that she was not a part of any mafia and hadn't any criminal record; they will tell you of my "crimes" but will fail to mention the unprovoked manhunt and unwarranted murders they committed along the way, the impetus of which were the cause to the end-product.

Murders - not in any special order
"I saw them; how eager they were to kill, even kids"
Everything I will herein write, is true to the best of my recollection and abilities.


Of all the absurdities of this "New World Order", nothing hit home at just how subtle, how out-of-the-public's mind, murder can be when considering the operations of those that own the media PROGRAMMING, the prisons and jails, the police, the courts, the media PROGRAMMING, the children's curriculum in all the schools from grade-school to University. Nothing could ever be compared to the sudden exposure of all the FBI, S.W.A.T., Provo Police, Detectives, Channel 2 & 5 News, of all the supplemental witnesses such as the nice Mormon couple that ran the Provo Utah Amenity Inn; still nothing could hold the murderers accountable.
Provo heard a lie via PROGRAMMING, and the rest of the world heard nothing, of two very dead kids.
Not even God could have saved those kids for the onslaught that was to befall them while they slept.

The tv stations that interviewed me when I walked from the on-site laundromat televised me saying :
"....and all I heard was bam, bam, bam...."
This shocked me. For some indoctrinated reason it was somehow presumed that the reporters would be eager to share my lengthy interview with the rest of the world. Instead, the only words worthy of being "newsworthy" apparently were a redundant "bam" in bam, bam, bam.

I don't recall if they even put a face with those televised words. Corporate PROGRAMMING had me instantly converted from a witness to a crime, to a nameless, faceless person that only heard "bam, bam, bam".
They left out the part where I stated there was not due process of the law as they blasted those kids to death with a barrage of bullets.
They failed to report any need for a lawful fair trial,before the executions of a young boy who was "wanted" because he was alleged to have ties with the White Supremacist (boogie men), and they fell almost silent to mention much about the dead innocent girl that was also murdered.
Monopoly PROGRAMMING failed to mention the fact that I had related to them of the lack of announcement from the police. There were no "Freeze Police!", there were no "Come out with your hands up!", there was no humane method otherwise exercised by grown "normal" men to arrest a young man. Grown men could not conceive a better means to get the kids out of the only door to room 212 of the Amenity Inn Motel.
The media failed to mention that I stated that the actions of the armed men put the rest of the public at risk, and that the humane thing would have been to get the rest of us citizens out of the motel for our safety before throwing a grenade through the window.
Instead, the "officer friendlies" used a grenade, the media PROGRAMMERS referred to this in a one-liner as a "flash-bang device". As if we couldn't possibly be any more dumbed-down. We should be so lucky that the media didn't call it a "goo-goo, gah-gah" ...."flash-bang"...phhhttt.
Instantly after the first loud bang from the grenade came down the door with a barrage of bullets to ensure that the boy and girl were dead where they slept.
I had never heard a blast that loud before, but I stepped out into the outside as pieces of the ceiling were flaking down to my room and bed.

An agent spotted me as I walked around to look upstairs! He was possibly FBI, not police, and not swat. Dressed in a black suit and suddenly activated as if by a switch, pointing to me as he walked aggressively in my direction shouting "GET BACK! GET BACK IN THERE! GET BACK AGAINST THE WALL NOW!" He had me inside the room and I was pretty much with my back against the left wall toward the head of the bed. He briskly walked past looking pumped up on the devil and demanded to know who else was with me in there. But he was already knowing the answer as he did a quick look-see into the bathroom and the tiny coat area, and was heading back toward me barking the order that I was to stay in the room and not come out.

However, that order seemed a bit vague to me as there was not the attached time frame. I had a new job to go to in the morning. So after the man left from my view, came I out with a load of laundry, exiting left to the small laundry area in the inner-corner of the motel that was shaped like an "L". The view from the laundry area allowed increased visibility to the upstairs action.

The motel was either out of detergent or I hadn't the correct change, so I began to pass through the parking lot toward the road where the media were held back, their trucks and antennas and cameras and microphones moving back and forth.

Add-On Note

Before reading their "news" PROGRAMMING,

ask yourself:

When was the last time you heard of S.W.A.T. serving a warrant against a guy who simply made a verbal threat (nothing physical) to a woman that had blocked him into a parking space because she was inconsiderately parked, causing him initial harm?

The story has changed a few times with the media PROGRAMMERS.....conveniently the versions have been removed from the internet (and our mental consideration). As for their last-ditch effort and claim that he was a white supremacist, they could have stated he was anything under the sun, such as Black Panthers, Zionists, Taliban, Martian; one thing is for certain though, we would never know that he donated a body part to an un-related young parent that he did not even know (or of any other good that he did while alive). The Good will not be tele-vised), but somehow to be in that particular group warrants capital murder without a lawful trial. Meanwhile the plutocrats that create these laws, and also the atrocities and violations of the very same laws, are never atoned-for by this present form of Justus.

I have my reservations about the sanity of our population having been exposed to bad PROGRAMMING.
*It is noticed this date, April 4, 2018, that virtually all reports of the murdered kids was completely removed from the internet. This date I see there's not hardly any indication of anything that happened there. This is par for the course with this type of rule. I tried searching Google with search terms such as: "amenity inn 212 Utah flash" and,"amenity inn 212 Utah murder" and, "amenity inn Provo Utah murder two".>
Then one result promised a synopsis that the killers were "cleared"of the shooting deaths of both the kids. I found the link using search terms in google: "amenity inn Provo swat FBI". I see that the myriad of comments were also removed concerning the murders. Situation Contained.
So in reference to the dead kids, in just a few short years after the happening, here's all I found:

Cleared (with lies) and this,

Swat break down door unannounced laying down a fluffy pillow of bullets after first utilizing a grenade against a U.S. Citizen, authorities claim Scott Biswell was of soundness of mind to awaken in milliseconds to locate a gun and point it at officers as they burst into the room unannounced (or was it a television remote-control, or cell phone, aw hell it was dark in there, let's call it a gun!), to defend himself against the unverifiable, unannounced, unknown aggressors / attackers that firstly threw a grenade and 50 + bullets into their room where the "wanted" kid (and innocent girl) slept (and were no threat to society, unlike others).*somewhat paraphrased
Did you notice in one of the "news" reports by their PROGRAMMING loudspeaker (media PROGRAMMING) that the media bothered to make the statement of defense for the police, stating the police did not actually shoot at the girl. The "news" stopped at that point with no clear statement stating why or which officer shot the girl. Oh but the media PROGRAMMING did bother to issue an across-the-board statement:

"a bullet went through him and killed her".

Is that the most heinous audacity? The boy is guilty for letting the bullet pass through him and therefore killed the innocent girl. The bullet is guilty for not acting like a "smart" bullet.

Again, since when does it become necessary (let alone legal) for S.W.A.T. and the F.B.I. to serve a warrant for a verbal threat made by a martian, a whale, or a "white supremacist"? The grown adult men that pulled the trigger to unleash a flurry of bullets however, are not guilty (according to this form of justus).

Via PROGRAMMING, heard was one man's "news" title, "white supremacist killed", and all cognitive assessments and reasonable rational responses are turned off as if by a switch (Did I mention PROGRAMMING is not just for computers?).
If the kid were black they would have exonerated the murder with "Black Panther killed", If the kids were high on drugs (the ones we dare not talk about since it leads to the question as to whom has enough ships, fleets of planes and unlimited manpower to bring in enough drugs to entirely saturate an entire Nation), the "news" would have titled : "Drug addicts killed" (and all our ignorant minds would say "good").

And finally, we need not even dare consider if the guy came from the middle east (pick your nation for this one). I was stumped as to who our "enemy" is this year....I started to look it up in google and see "our" history of covert and clandestine wars around the globe, as well as the wars that are "newsworthy", wars with Hezbollah, others such as Iraq, Bosnia, Yemen, Syria, Qatar, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, North Korea, Pakistan, Turkistan, Sudan, China, Cuba, Russia, Somalia, Germany, Serbia, Panama, Grenada, Lebanon, Angola, Viet Nam, Thailand, Japan, Haiti, and "oh my god look out for those pesky Mexicans"!

The greatest magic trick of the greatest heist. Our eyes are directed to Look over there.

The corporate media PROGRAMMING even had the audacity to claim that one of the kids didn't die until reaching the hospital! I can't even imagine which piece they found still alive up there.

If there's a prayer that the state-sponsored terrorists ought to be praying, it's that there is no God.

style="margin-bottom: 0in; background-color: yellow; font-style: italic; font-weight: bold; text-align: left;">Here are a few ways to get a couple of kids to come out of a motel room PEACEFULLY (a.k.a. Safely, a.k.a. LAWFULLY!).
Method 1.) Gas him out

Consider utilizing the only air-conditioner under the only window next to the only door of the only room that the guy was in, to gas him out.
Perhaps consider a non-lethal dose of sleeping agent, or some of that LSD used so generously on our unsuspecting troops and inmates during Project MK-Ultra's Atrocities (later Jonestown is born, read it and if a bunch of black people are going to listen to a white man telling them to commit suicide....good god, tell us any old thing. When there's only one "LEGAL" avenue for our "news", all are damned....even the capitalists that see with only one vantage-point).
Method 2.) Knock on the door to announce to the human that he is wanted (preferably with a valid reason)

With Dignity and Courage, Find out if he's willing to come out peacefully (chances are that anyone on the planet would come out peacefully when the over-armed massive force outside are aiming loaded weapons at the door threatening to end his life if he didn't comply).

Maybe first ask the kid to send out any other innocent humans that might have nothing to do with the warrant being "served" (served for who? and by who? Is there not a law of the land that make this completely illegal against the citizens of the U.S.?).

But whether treasonous or not, evolved humans that have some semblance of good character would deny the orders to murder AMERICAN kids while they slept. There are laws that state that a warrant is to be served, and that a fair trial is to be required (to find out if he's even guilty of anything at all!), and there's also laws against assassinations.

Who's the unlawful now? And which of these did the greater sins?

Did Mr. Dead Scott Biswell hurt anybody in the community that warranted this clandestine undignified termination of his life? Further, where's our military to jail the greater law-breakers here? Our nation cannot afford this unchecked looting. Tucking our military overseas for a lie requisites our Generals to do something. So I'm thinking of writing the Generals.

But first, here's a 3rd way to get a kid to come out of a room,

Method 3.) Wait him out. He's got to get hungry some time. Feed him that crap about how the tax money goes toward the inmate's "well-rounded nutritious meals". Tell him there's an extra P&J sandwich in it if he comes out peacefully (as if the kid is going to do anything else). Over 30 armed men to kill one American boy and not so much as an apology for the murder of the innocent girl. Covered by another lie.

God forbid if the agents should save our Nation's budget, spare a bullet and a grenade from our already negative monetary worth (i.e.

Method 4.) Ascertain if whether or not his mother, his sister, his brother, his grandmother, his father, his children, his dog, etc. would kindly come down to the motel room to call the boy out (the boy that wasn't even aware of the plotting predators outside his room).

I could possibly go on more about all the humane/evolved ways to get a boy out of a of the options available in my mind would NOT be to throw a grenade through the window and lay down a barrage of bullets, and then adhere to the "mum's the word" PROGRAMMING. They had their chance on this earth to choose to do right, but didn't.

1.) Don't crap in your own back yard
2.) Don't bite the hand that ultimately feeds you (your employers do not grow your food, make your clothes, build your houses and cars)
3.) Don't burn the bridge you're standing on until you first build a better one. Our Nation, just like any Nation, has some ills. For instance the drug "problem". But why would you lock up and mistreat the poor for buying the drugs that rich prominent powerful men with planes, ships and control over CUSTOMS use to saturate our Nation with drugs? By turning a blind eye toward the root of the problem makes you complicit, now you are the problem added to the problem. If the problems are caused from on high, it requires courage to first recognize the root of the problems in our Nation, and then to consider the moments one has to live. One cannot stare intently on the problems themselves as if they are the cause, but must first recognize that there is a cause to any problem (and then work bravely dealing with the remedy). In other words, if you surround a population with foreign-born drugs, it's probable that the population will become victimized by the importation of the foreign drugs (such as heroine, cocaine, hashish, opium, etc. all of which are not locally created).
It is the source, and not the end-user of the product, that is the problem.

A rational human cannot state "oh we have more criminals in this country, hence we need more police, jails, prisons, courts, attorneys, fees, fines, etc.", without first recognizing that we have more profiteering laws, hence the manufacturing illusion of more "criminals".
For instance, if it's legal for an adult human in any other nation to walk across the street of ones own free will, yet in America there's a law against such an action, then with the elimination of the laws and lawmakers there's no "J-walking" "criminals". Crime reduced, next!

So work to eradicate that one-group-profiteering law, and you do a good deed to the Americans, AND diminish the amount of illusions of lower-class "criminals" in our Nation!

Next Arrest those that sell Americans the cancer-causing foods (for their profit), and cancer-causing cigarette makers *imagine if I or you sold kids on poisons? We'd be jailed or killed. So how is it that if the action is ordained by the few via PROGRAMMING, that nobody puts any thought to the murderers?

I still remember the PROGRAMMING I received as a child....cartoons are the root of why I started smoking, poisons that kill me while I type. Media PROGRAMMING flashed images and cartoons that children watch, the ones such as Barney Rubble and Fred Flintstone "enjoying the smooth taste of a Winston". Imagine I or you selling cartoons which other kids will watch, and hooking those kids in the cash-crop of tomorrow for the profit of the few.
Click video to refresh your memory

Video not playing? Download file instead.

Why are they still not locked up? Why have we not seized THEIR properties and carried out THOSE assassinations (since we're so good and courageous to murder kids of our own Nation)? I mean, why stop with kids? After having obeyed orders to kill American kids, where do you go from there? What exactly in your minds would constitute a more heinous immorality? I can think of nothing more cheap than to be in a gang of armed grown adult men and being ordered to ambush and murder a sleeping kid.

When your nose is ground so hard into a tree (your job's ethics, etc.) via PROGRAMS, you too will be consumed, failing to see the forest fire on the other side of that tree. Step back. See the bigger picture here. Save our bloody Nation and arrest the looters! The rest of our Nation's woes will be minor compared to the greater damaging faction here in 2018. Bad Business, in my opinion.

If another man can tell you to kill a kid, what kind of ethically-deficient creature does that make you? Was it for the $30.00 dollars you are paid per hour?
And if God gave you 3 days to live, could you not conjure up a better way to embrace that time?

Consider that if this type of "justice" is legal, then Hitler's Army too, are innocent. They also were just "doing their jobs".

Why should murdering two of our OWN be lesser than what Hitler's Armies did to the rest of the non-German world's children? At least they killed other people for the gain of a dollar.

Phew, glad I got that off my chest.
So, while passing through the parking lot of the Amenity Inn, I passed by an officer, I believe he was S.W.A.T. I stopped and inquired as to what was going on. He stated he knew as much as I did, but that the guy up there did something really bad and that they were not aware that a girl was in the room with the man, he then ushered me on. I went on to another agent and inquired the same question, he told me they had the place staked out for three days, and then acted like his eyes should remain trained on the blasted-in door of the second-story motel room, I was told again that I should keep moving.
By the time I stepped foot on the sidewalk I was confronted with the manipulated embedded media. Channel 2 and 5 news, in particular.
The plot festers:

Much later, after many of the agents were thinning out of the parking lot, I contemplated that earlier I inadvertently told my bipolar girlfriend over the phone which room I was in. I mistakenly told her room 212. The conversation was only a few hours before the kids were murdered in 212. The actual room I was in was 112. I recalled that voices were heard in the background when speaking with my girlfriend over the phone, and remembered my perplexity and frustration to her odd (odder than "normal") behavior. Weeks later, my ex-girlfriend and I spoke over the phone again. She told me it was the FBI that was in her home coaching her, and that they were inquiring of my whereabouts *when in fact, a day or two earlier, I was released from their somewhat local jail only a few miles away. Read on before assessing me please, I was guilty of nothing of any conceivable discontent to the community to become added to the ranks of "criminal". In essence, I was guilty of quelling a belligerent gun-pointing bipolar girlfriend without causing her or anyone else any inconvenience as she was disarmed PEACEFULLY by myself! Jail was of course the only solution to this ruling un-evolved overpriced judiciary! (*that's a cue, arrest the Judges that are criminal)

The other witness of the murders in Provo was a woman that expressed to me her vantage point over mine, and how she just happened to be looking out the window as the militarized men arrived. We spoke in the laundromat next to her room, as the bulk of the commotion had quieted, still with more officers than one might imagine needful for two sleeping kids, my estimate is more than 30 officials were complicity running around there.
I inquired what she thought we should/could do. She stated to me that she did not want to get involved, and then used her children as proverbial crutches to return to her room. She also failed to show up at the police station's press conference the following day. If this militarized action were against her own children, would she weep of the lack of humanity in the rest of us, failing to hear her, failing to comfort her in her loss (had they been her kids)? It IS a hard thing to have courage to see the larger picture, merely going to a press conference to state what she saw, was too much. Words were too much of an inconvenience, "I have kids and can't get involved" phhhtt....disgraceful display of apathy. We CAN DO BETTER!
I was denied access to the Press Conference which was held at their police station not far from the motel.

After being denied access, I stepped back out onto the sidewalk as instructed, and debated if I too should just walk away, forget about it and not get involved.
I reasoned with myself that they were not my kids; however I blame religion for stopping the incoming reporters.
Since the initial "news" reports were incorrect pertaining to the details, one by one I confronted the reporters that were beginning to arrive.

It was all the same with the reporters though, "I'm sorry, I've got a job to do and need to get in the station now, we're having a press conference". phhtt.....

Other reporters stopped and listened to me momentarily, but apparently I'm not the greatest public speaker, and I imagine their bosses dictated to them to report on the conference only, so they would be in dereliction of their "jobs" even if it were to gain an authentic version of the murders.

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If anything contained herein is important, copy it before it's removed entirely from the Internet. It's what they do to manipulate public awareness and opinion.
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