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  The author writes in the hopes that awareness might Provoke a positive change, and a reversal of the rampant plundering and/or decommissioning of our Nation.

Leaving nothing for your offspring?

I've been writing this warning since 2007 when our nation was only $7 Trillion in debt, and since 9-11 when our surplus had been cleaned out.

If anything contained herein is important, copy it before it's removed from the Internet.  It's what they do.

The following is not in order.   Please note, this page is NOT completed yet and will be added with content on a somewhat indeterminate basis (but the new content may  be in the form of corrections or may not be appended to the end of this page.  But rather, the newer content may fill-in without notice.

In other words, this is to be considered a First Draft Page

Chain-of-Command, and the Decommisioning of a Nation.

Alternative title:  Revelation 17&18 (and like a whore, the capitalists sell herself out)

December 26, 2007?

Arguable to say,  I've been prodded down the political topic-matter road for many years as the contained matter herein will expound.  Later I would learn that my mom married into a family tree affiliated with the CIA.    I add this comment because it precedes most of the events and murders I will include herein.   You did NOT get this information from the controllers of your media PROGRAMMING.


    "I saw them; how eager they were to kill kids"


Of all the absurdities of this "New World Order", nothing hit home at just how subtle, how out-of-the-public's mind, murder can be when considering the operations of those that own the media PROGRAMMING, the prisons, the police, the courts, the media PROGRAMMING, the children's curriculum in all the schools from grade-school to University. Nothing could ever be compared to the sudden exposure of all the FBI, S.W.A.T., Provo Police, Detectives, Channel 2 & 5 News, of all the supplemental witnesses such as the nice Mormon couple that ran the Amenity Inn Motel in Provo Utah; still nothing could hold the murderers accountable.

Provo heard a lie via programming, and the rest of the world heard nothing, of two very dead kids.

Not even God could have saved those kids for the onslaught that was to befall them while they slept.

The tv stations that interviewed me when I walked from the on-site laundromat televised me saying :

"....and all I heard was bam, bam, bam...."

This shocked me.   For some indoctrinated reason it was somehow presumed that the reporters would be eager to share my 20 or 30 minutes of interview with the rest of the world.  Instead, the only words worthy of being "newsworthy" apparently were a redundant "bam" in bam, bam, bam.

I don't recall if they even put a face with those televised words.  Through Corporate Programming I was instantly converted from a witness to a crime, to a nameless, faceless person that only heard "bam, bam, bam".

They left out the part where I stated there was not due process of the law as they blasted those kids to death with a barrage of bullets.

They failed to report any need for a fair trial, before the executions of a young boy and girl.

They failed to mention the fact that I had related to them of the lack of announcement from the police.  There were no "Freeze Police!", there were no "Come out with your hands up!",  there was no humane method exercised by grown "normal" men to arrest a young man.   Grown men could not conceive a better means to get the kids out of the only door to room 212 of the Amenity Motel.

The media failed to mention that I stated that the actions of the armed men put the rest of the public at risk, and that the humane thing would have been to get the rest of us citizens out of the motel for our safety.

Instead, the "officer friendlies" used a grenade (the media referred to this in a one-liner as a "flash-bang device".  As if we couldn't possibly be any more dumbed-down.  We should be so lucky that the media didn't call it a "goo-goo, gah-gah" ...."flash-bang"...phhhttt).

Instantly after the first loud bang from the grenade came down the door, then a barrage of bullets to ensure that the boy and girl were dead where they slept.

I had never heard a blast that loud before.  After composing myself, putting on shoes, I stepped out into the outside as pieces of the ceiling were flaking down to my room and bed.

An agent spotted me!  He was possibly FBI, not police, and not swat.  Dressed in a black suit and suddenly activated as if by a switch, pointing to me as he walked aggressively in my direction shouting "GET BACK! GET BACK IN THERE! GET BACK AGAINST THE WALL NOW!.  He had me inside the room and I was pretty much with my back against the left wall toward the head of the bed.  He briskly walked past looking pumped up on the devil and demanded to know who else was with me in there.  But by the time I answered, he was already knowing the answer as he did a quick look-see into the bathroom and the tiny coat area, and was heading back toward me barking the order that I was to stay in the room and not come out.

However, that order seemed a bit vague to me as there was not the attached timeframe. I had a new job to go to in the morning.  So when the coast was clear of that particular agent, came I out with a load of laundry, exiting left to the small laundry area in the inner-corner of the motel that was shaped like an "L".

At one point I realized it was going to be a long night, and that I probably was not going to get much sleep.

The motel was either out of detergent or I hadn't the correct change so I began to pass through the parking lot toward the road where the media were held back, their trucks and antennas and cameras and microphones moving back and forth.


*It is noticed this date, April 4, 2018, that all reports of the murdered kids was completely removed from the internet.  This date I see there's not hardly any indication of anything that happened there.  This is par for the course with this type of rule.  I tried searching Google with search terms such as: "amenity inn 212 Utah flash" and, "amenity inn 212 Utah murder" and, "amenity inn Provo Utah murder two".

Then one result promised a synopsis that the killers were cleared of the shooting deaths.  I found the link using search terms in google: "amenity inn Provo swat FBI".   I see that the myriad of comments were also removed concerning the murders.  

Before reading their "news" PROGRAMMING,

ask yourself:

When was the last time you heard of S.W.A.T. serving a warrant against a guy who simply made a verbal threat (nothing physical) to a woman that had blocked him into a parking space because she was inconsiderately parked, causing him initial harm?

The story has changed a few times with the media PROGRAMMING.....conveniently the versions have been removed from the internet (and our mental consideration).  As for their last-ditch effort and claim that he was a white supremacist, they could have stated he was anything under the sun (such as Black Panthers, Zionists, Taliban, Martian), but somehow to be in that particular group warrants capital murder without a trial.  Meanwhile the plutocrats that create these atrocities are never questioned as they send your kids to other people's countries to murder millions, rah rah wave the flag and then consider I'm the "retard" and you're "normal".

I have my reservations about the sanity of our population having been exposed to bad PROGRAMMING.

So in reference to the dead kids, in just a few short years after the happening, here's all I found:

Cleared (with lies),

  and this,

After swat break down door unannounced laying down a fluffy pillow of bullets and utilizing a grenade against U.S. Citizens, authorities claim biswell was of soundness of mind to awaken in miliseconds and locate a gun (or was it a television remote, or cell phone, aw hell it was dark in there, let's call it a gun!), to defend himself against the unverifiable, unanounced, unknown aggressors / attackers the firstly threw a grenade and 50 + bullets into their room where the kids slept and were no threat to society, unlike others.*somewhat paraphrased

Did you notice in one of the "news" reports by their programming loudspeaker (media programming) that they bothered to make the point that the police did not shoot at  the girl.   The "news" stopped at that point with no clear statement stating who it was that shot the girl.  Oh but the media PROGRAMMING did bother to issue this across-the-board statement:

"a bullet went through him and killed her".

Is that the most hyenous audacity?   The boy is guilty for letting the bullet pass through him.  The bullet is guilty for not acting like a "smart" bullet.

Again, since when does it become necessary (let alone legal) for S.W.A.T. and the F.B.I. to serve a warrant for a threat made by a martian, a whale,  or a "white supremacist"?  Our programming heard one man's "news" title and all cognitive assessments and responses are turned off as if by a switch (Did I mention programming is not just for computers?).    Out of sight, out of mind.  The corporate media PROGRAMMING even had the audacity to claim that one of the kids didn't die until reaching the hospital.  I can't even imagine which piece they found still alive in there.

If there's a prayer that the state-sponsored terrorists ought to be praying, it's that there is no God.

A few ways to get a couple of kids to come out of a motel room PEACEFULLY (a.k.a. Safely).

1.) Gas him out

Consider utilizing the only air-conditioner under the only window next to the only door of the only room that the guy was in.

Perhaps consider a non-lethal dose of sleeping agent or some of that LSD used so generously on our troops and inmates during Project MK-Ultra's Attrocities (later Jonestown is born, read it and weep).

2.) Knock on the door to announce to the occupant that he is wanted

With Dignity and Courage, Find out if he's willing to come out peacefully

(and maybe ask the kid to send out any other innocent humans that might have nothing to do with the warrant being "served").

3.) Wait him out.  He's got to get hungry sometime.  Feed him that crap about how the tax money goes toward the inmate's "well rounded nutritious meals".  (Tell him there's an extra P&J sandwich in it if he comes out peacefully).

God forbid if the agents should save our Nation's budget,  spare a bullet and a grenade from our already negative monetary worth (i.e.  When do you suppose might be a good time to recognize our Nation needs YOU to come up with a money-maker idea to satisfy it's lust for more at the cost of all of us?  Oh you don't feel broke and stupid yet?  Again, that's !  Snap out of it Americans, we have a real big problem, mismanagement doesn't even come close to describing our dire end here.   I would love to have the freedom of speech but I know the limit before they simply make you disappear (it happens).

4.) Ascertain if whether or not his mother, his sister, his brother, his grandmother, his father, etc. would kindly come down to call the boy out.

I could possibly go on more about all the humane/evolved ways to get a boy out of a of the options available in my mind would NOT be to throw a grenade through the window and lay down a barrage of bullets....that's just common sense.

If another man can tell you to kill a kid, what kind of ethical-deficient creature does that make you?  Was it for the $30.00 dollars you are paid per hour?  And if God gave you 3 days to live, could you not conjure up a better way to embrace that time?

Consider that if this type of "justice" is legal, then Hitler's Army too, are innocent.  They also were just "doing their jobs".

Why should murdering two of our OWN be lesser than what Hitler's Armies did to the rest of the non-German world's children? At least they killed other people.

While passing through the parking lot I passed by an officer, I believe he was S.W.A.T.  I inquired as to what was going on.  He stated he knew as much as I did, but that the guy up there did something really bad and that they were not aware that a girl was in the room with the man.  I went on to another agent and inquired the same question,  he told me they had the place staked out for three days, and that I should keep moving.

By the time I stepped foot on the sidewalk I was confronted with the media.  Channel 2 and 5 news, in particular.

Much later, after many of the agents were thinning out of the parking lot,  I contemplated that earlier I inadvertently told my bipolar girlfriend over the phone which room I was in. I mistakenly told her room 212. The conversation was only a few hours before the kids were murdered in 212.  The actual room I was in was 112.   I recalled that voices were heard in the background and remembered my perplexity to whatever was distracting her attention from speaking with me. Weeks later, my ex-girlfriend and I spoke again.  She told me it was the FBI that was in her home coaching her, and that they were inquiring of my whereabouts (*when in fact, a few days earlier, I was released from their somewhat local jail only a few miles away.  Read on before assessing me please, I was guilty of nothing of any conceivable discontent to the community).   In essence, I was guilty of quelling a belligerent gun-pointing bipolar girlfriend without causing her or anyone else any inconvenience as she was disarmed PEACEFULLY!   Jail was of course the only solution to this ruling unevolved overpriced judiciary!

Okay that was a bit off-track, so back to the Amenity Inn Murders...

 The other witness of the murders was a woman that expressed to me her vantage point and how she just happened to be looking out the window.  We spoke briefly in the laundromat next to her room, as the slaughter had come to a close, after the bulk of the commotion had quieted (still with more officers than one might imagine needful for two kids, my estimate is more than 30 officials were complicitly running around there).

She stated to me that she did not want to get involved, and then used her children as crutches to return to her room.  She also failed to show up at the police station's press conference the following day. 

I was denied access to the Press Conference which was held at their police station not far from the motel.

After being denied access, I stepped back out onto the sidewalk as instructed and debated if I too should just walk away, forget about it and not get involved.

I reasoned with myself that they were not my kids; however I blame religion for stopping the incoming reporters.

Since the initial "news" reports were incorrect pertaining to the details, one by one I confronted the reporters that were beginning to arrive.  

It was all the same with the reporters though, "I'm sorry, I've got a job to do and need to get in the station now, we're having a press conference". phhtt.....

Other reporters stopped and listened to me momentarily, but apparently I'm not the greatest public speaker, and I imagine their bosses stated to report on the conference, so they would be in dereliction of their "jobs" even if it were to gain an authentic version of the murders.

The reason I felt compelled to go to the Press Conference was due to a conversation I had the next morning after the bloody night.  Going into the front desk of the Inn,  the kind blondie Mormon lady and her husband were the caretakers at the motel (or whatever they're job title is called), but the wife spoke alone with me somewhat candidly.  We began to discuss what happened the night before in more detail.  The woman behind the desk became visibly disconcerted when I related to her that one of the agents had told me that the motel had been staked out for three days.  I went on to state that the agent said it was to catch the man up there, but were somehow not aware of the young girl that was also with the young man in room 212. 

The woman became startled behind the desk, stopped me and stated, "that's impossible",   she pointed toward what I'm assuming was her log-in book stating, "The girl is who rented the room and it was her that came down to pay the daily rent".  She went on to state that her and her husband were not even aware that a man was up there since it was rented as a single-occupancy room to the girl only.

I left the Mormon Lady's presence and slowly walked back to my room, noticing the state-sponsored smashed-out window, the damaged door, the caution tape, some holes from shots fired, the mess was evidence of programming to the extreme,  unlawful actions that hired men were, in their best wisdom, willing to take to "ensure the safety of themselves" (against two sleeping kids).

Then, while sitting on the edge of the bed, I began to contemplate.  For months I was made known by others all over the country that the government were looking for me.  I had been told from numerous family members, and acquaintences from numerous states telling me that the FBI was looking for me.  And now here they were, right out in the parking lot just the night before.  I began to recollect also, placing it into context, that I had inadvertently told my girlfriend I was in the room directly above me, the room without a window, the room that surely had splattered blood over every wall and piece of furniture.

In fear, I left to a country park to pitch a tent and considered what to do next.

It was while living in that tent, eating creative meals of dry cat food, too broke for people food,  I again called my ex-girlfriend for more details about her encounters with the FBI.

Nothing sounded good.

While at the park, the on-site parks-man and I struck an agreement that I would install a couple of masonry wing-walls outside of the restrooms for him, and that he'd repay me by letting me stay in the Park beyond the "lawful" limit, of which I was already beyond.

He remained to watch and help with the unloading of the concrete block and mortar from his truck, until he felt comfortable that I knew what I was doing.

The following video was created over a decade ago.

Notice:  I no longer reside at the address shown toward the end of the video.
This video is pasted here for no real good reason

While unloading the materials, the Parks Agent and I spoke.  I told him how I had recently been released from jail, and of the outrageous reason I was placed in their jail in the first place.  I told him I was held in jail for months but the facts are that I hadn't done ANYTHING wrong aside from wanting to be left alone and not bothered anymore by the police.  I think my "crime" was disorderly conduct...phhtt....after they beat me up.

The groundsman inquired more, and I told him.  I told him how Tamara, my ex-girlfriend, had pulled a gun and pointed it at me.  I told him where it happened, directly in front of the door of a  "7-11" convenience store on such-and-such street *AND THAT THE ENTIRE EPISODE WAS RECORDED ON THE 7-11 SECURITY CAMERAS.   I told him of how I was incredulous at her sudden explosive demeanor,  how I walked toward her grabbing her by the arms and shoulders and how I shook her into her senses.  (Tamara is Bipolar.  Bipolar people aren't totally bad....just not always predictable, even when medicated, in my opinion).

I told the groundsman how I was just glad that she hadn't pulled the trigger (even if it was just a BB gun), and how quickly the situation had been quelled over whether or not I slept with someone other than her that day (it's a ridiculous story that I won't even bother to elaborate, coupled with the fact that She and I had only known each other for a few months...maybe a year in all, but I doubt it). 

Suffice to say, Tamara became calmed down and we began to hear the sirens getting closer.  I'm not certain that it was out of caring for my freedom that she told me to run; she knew about the problems I was having due to the government officials, before the Amenity Inn murders (which followed after my release from jail from this very incident). But when she said run, with a look that I knew was my last, I ran.

Not very far though.

Weeks or months prior to the murders, Tamara and I had under happier moments, rented from the same Amenity Inn Motel.  I was still growing in my hair that she had helped me to shave a week or few earlier.  At one point a relative had informed me that the FBI came to their home and startled them as the FBI inquired about my whereabouts. Somewhat angry because I knew I couldn't possibly have done anything that warranted being searched the country-over, so it was then that I ordered every solitary hair in every conceivably place of my body, including eyebrows and arse-hairs, to be shaved by myself and Tamara and packed into a large manila envelope addressed to the FBI.

  Before Utah there was Kentucky.  Two FBI agents preceded by a "Secret shhh.ervice Agent that met with me in a "secure" location.    See, the FBI in Kentucky had asked if I would give them a hair sample but they never returned when they said they would, instead I was released from that jail provided I sign a "I promise never to drive through Kentucky ever so long as I live" form.   Over a stupid license plate issue!?   Who the hey does the worst crime here?

So my guess was that because I was released from that jail that maybe they were mad about not getting my hair (really, there's not much else to go on, and to this day there's no closure to the outrageous life-changing antics by the good guys.  I still have no clue what was going through their minds).  My best guess is that the magic trick of "divide and conquer" had the precursor of Chain of Command in the the loops (while the greatest heist on the planet was in full swing ...but I'm grasping for straws still).

 The FBI and police questioned my acquaintences in Atlanta Georgia asking if I were capable of murder.  *There's a good selling point.

One person was asked if I were capable of an assassination.

In Dallas Texas, while entering a home without a warrant to do so, the best apology they could give the victims of their wrath was to plant false seed to the extreme, of how I may have killed a child!

This is the audacity of the programmed ones.  That stunt ALONE almost cost me my life! *Note to self, add the strangling episode to the list below

While in Provo Utah, the first of two meetings with the FBI, initiated by my having called to inquire about a cease-fire against my person,  an Agent agreed  to pick me up the following day.

I was escorted into a brick building of an office parking lot full of similar other brick buildings.  Taken up the steps into the building and then into a large room on the left, with a larger than common table and some seats only,   It was obvious that the large mirror in the wall served as a one-way window.

I was introduced to a man from the east coast.

The man had flown in from Washington, DC for just this grand occasion.

When he insinuated that I was being questioned about a possible murder, that suddenly had me rising out of my chair reminding him that the only murderers in the room was them!  

The DC agent left and the room was reduced to only myself and the guy that asked myriads of questions.

I'm certain I passed his inquiries just fine, however he asked for me to take a lie detector test and I consented.  Probes were put on my fingertips and I think something else was placed on me somewhere (can't remember exactly, possibly over the heart).  There may have been a plastic mat placed under my feet.

I answered every question as honestly as I was able.  Some of the questions I could not possibly answer without stating more words than just the "yes" or "no" that was repeatedly demanded of me.

I was asked if I'd be available the following day, I stated that the following day was fine by me.  The next day I attended another meeting with the FBI, and this time I was given some liquid that may have made me a bit giddy.   I remember giggling, it was kind of bizarre actually, my spirits were at an all-time high (no pun expected).  Again, they gave me another lie-detector test.  They asked all sorts of questions, and many of them were repeated questions from the day before.  I was reminded several times that I could only answer "yes" or "no" to the questions.   The interviewer on the second day was the only one in the room throughout the whole visit, but I knew there were others behind the large glass/mirror because at one point I answered a question inappropriately and could hear the sounds behind the large mirrored wall.  It may have been laughter and a slap against the table, but just in case, I apologized to the man asking the questions (realizing that my giddy state might not be appropriate).

The history of this started sometime ago, but in relation to the aggressive visits FBI made to friends and family,  they visited and defamed me to my sister's home in NY (at that time), they questioned my mother in Ohio (at that time) I state no other details because it's the details which kind of hurt me to have come to know of something,  they went to my father's in Florida and planted bad seed, they even bothered a man whom I barely knew, a resident of a hole-in-the-wall town called Castor, LA., they bothered people in Texas, NY, GA, FL, UT, LA, and there were probably other states, too.

I was being tracked, terrorized, defamed, and the only thing I could conceive doing at the time was to stay far away from anybody I might love.

It was there in the FBI's unmarked low-key building that I learned who I was, what I was.

I'm very appreciative of that FBI agent for his honesty,  for helping me to understand something that any normal person would probably have picked up on. 

The Interviewer may have done more good than harm to me.  Truth be told, it was the statement of the agent that made me really think about something weeks later.  See, I had all my life been told I was crazy, slow, an idiot, and worse.   I never really understood why I was unable to keep a friend of any sort, which led to a storehouse full of question-marks in my head for years.  It was never understood why each relationship would end with "you're crazy" whether it was a friend or girlfriend.   Having to hear all the derogatory comments against me all my life, even from acquaintenaces and family,  one might think I would have figured it out all by myself as to why mom had to keep bouncing me to different schools to hide the deficiency.  But in all honesty, I thought the rest of everybody I met were crazy.  I thought I was "normal".  I thought everybody is just like me but just lucky ...I don't know how this could happen actually.   Centric-History definitely makes more sense now, though.

When the agent laid it on the line with not so many bedside words, it was later that the missing piece of the puzzle put closure on everything up to that very point in time.
At first I may have cried (not during the interview of course, but weeks later when the puzzle was finally somewhat completed in my head).  The realization that I went through this entire life not knowing I was "different", led me to maybe at first become angry (like, "why me"?), and incredulous at the same time.

But after reflecting on past incidents that remained in the un-solved area of my mind for so long, it all began to make sense.  I was retarded.   I remembered the various meetings with evaluators and a couple of therapists, I remember being transferred to a "satellite" school.  I remember my mother crying and not wanting me to go see the therapists anymore (I really don't know what their title's were, maybe not "therapists") .  I remember she didn't want me on their proscribed drugs. (*I'm VERY appreciative for that parental decision, p.s.!). 

It's perhaps a story that sounds far-fetched, but really when I consider how the "normal" people murder, and do all manner of destruction, it's really not so far-fetched that I didn't know of my well-being.   As an example:  In Missouri I was up on a hill where a popular petro-dealer was located (popular in Canton, Missouri anyway).  The business overlooked the main highway where I saw a horse and buggy go down because of a truck.  The guy and horse were dead and the buggy was in disrepair.   The true story (even by media's standards) is that an occupant of an automobile had dozed off while driving and it resulted in his having murdered the driver of the buggy.  What really disconcerted me was the media's auto-responder bots used to manipulate public opinion.  The driver was released to continue home and rumor has it that he didn't even get any order to recompense the slain.

"Oh, so sad", was one "news" comment.... and then a response would pop up almost immediately stating, "No loss, they (the amish) don't pay taxes anyway".

The comments were brutal and many in number.   An hour or so later, while visiting a thrift shop not far from the deaths of buggy-driver and horse, the lady at the thrift shop stated she knew the driver of the truck that killed the horse and man.   The driver had just prior left her shop.  She was worried about the old guy being too drowsy to drive.

My point is, what distinguishes retardation from all you people that tell your kids to join up and kill, or to get a job to incarcerate, or wear a robe to manipulate, coerce, force, malign, degrade and demean others?  When did Evolution Die and get replaced with Regression into uncivility?

The way I see it, being slightly "off" is still one step closer to being on the good side of God than all the rest of you normal people.  I would rather wait on God in their jails than stay "free" by paying off the extortioners and predators (or worse, "working" for them).  When I was a child I didn't understand why God prefers the poor and the lowly, as written in the Bible.   It very well could be that the poor do less harm.   A poor person might steal, even from a house or business, it's an isolated incident to satisfy hunger for the day; whereas the wealthy and powerful steal daily from all homes with their myriad of rules, laws,  fees,  fines, "licenses", and more.  

The aforementioned might not seem credible until you first leave everything you own to become as a poor person.  Invariably you'll find the poor to be generous with what incredibly little they have (as they hide from the "good guys" that enforce the laws that prevent the poor from being seen, lest the charge of vagrancy or trespass be the excuse to sweep them off the streets...out of sight, out of the public consideration of our present state of decrepitness, the leader in the world at incarcerating its own citizenry).

So being told the truth from an outside entity, the FBI, somehow seemed to be information worth some cognitive processes.  I'm over it now, I can't change reality or my dumb luck.   I could write for days of all the totally outlandish things that were simply amiss in life.  For instance, I simply thought that because I did stupid unexplainable things, that everyone else has the occurrences also, but simply hide it better.  As far as being retarded, hell that was never on the table in my mind, even when family members told me.  It was simply written-off that they were being mean in retaliation due to my having been insubordinate, or right about something.

Jump to months after the murders.  A fine Christian man brought me home to meet his wife and daughter.  He fed me.  He gave me a job as a mason.  And he housed me inside the largest RV I had ever (seen?) while he and his family remained in the adjacent home.  I worked for Carlos Anthony Concrete for probably a year or less (more? can't recall), and after that gig retired, I later went to live with a woman that I don't recall how we ever met in the first place (sorry).

It was at this "new woman's" apartment where the FBI agreed to pick me up for a sitdown (LOL couldn't resist that one).

The agent told me that the place where I was living for months was for the retarded.


Okay, I did not even know that whole communities even existed for the retarded.  This news really shocked me because it seemed that I fit right in there (so later I was sad).  I mean it's one of the few places where I was actually an active member of the community.  Hardly a day went by that I wasn't called out and meeting with the people in that community.   Other times total strangers there would come to me asking for my help with this or that dilemma.   And when problems arose, I was instrumental in handling some of the issues.  Never once did I think that it was populated by a bunch of retarded people.   Anyway, when the agent told me of the place being for "off" people, I was embarrassed, and relieved at the same time because the woman I was living with had committed suicide (failed) that had me perplexed as to what in the world would make her want to do that.   But luckily I picked up on it, I KNEW something was not quite right as she stated she wanted to go to sleep.   Her wanting to go to sleep was nothing new but never before has she ever called me into her room to tell me she loved me, so I knew something was not right.

I called the ambulance people and walked briskly the many miles to the hospital where they took her.  They gave her charcoal liquid to drink (no kidding) and a few days later she was diagnosed as "fine" and able to return home.   Granted, I found the woman to be quirky but all women are quirky, I surely didn't think she was retarded though.  I mean she did keep water in the refrigerator that I drank and only later learned from her that the reason it tasted funny is due to her keeping bleach (or something like that) in the water.  She told me it cleaned her system out or something so I just assumed the water was okay for me too.  Flipping retard probably almost killed me ';-)

The Agent told me other stuff, too.  He told me my grandmother was a Gambino.
 I did not know this.  The agent stated it as if I am somehow predestined to some mobster activity.

The Agent stated that I had a name in their Department also, I was the "Enigma".  I didn't know what that word meant.

They asked me if I knew people by names I was not familiar with, and only much later having come to know at least one of the persons that was named.  A slightly over-weight political activist (at that time).

Anyway, back to the 7-11 story:  My girlfriend told me to run and I ran but was too tired to outrun the gun-toters, a.k.a.. officer friendlies.  They threw me down and beat me, and after damaging my shoulder which is damaged even to this very day, I was jailed.

This is how I came to be in the Utah jail for disorderly conduct (or some other frivolous FALSE catch-all epithet).

I sat in that jail while Tamara, of all people, was free to come and visit with lesser and lesser frequency as the months passed.  It was quite a distance for her to drive (or so I was told), but in her letters she related to me all her efforts to right the wrong that the justus system was doing by holding me for no lawful good reason.   Even after I presented to the jail a copy of her full written admission, the so-called justice system would not let me go until I pleaded guilty to a lower "crimeā€¯.

It's true, there were no warrants during the time the FBI were scouring the country looking for me. I know this because of all the times I was stopped or confronted by the police throughout various states, they would invariably take my i.d. and liberty,  and would eventually release me.  One time I was stripped naked right in the road (Atlanta, Ga.), and another time I was pulled over, dogs were brought in, the car was vandalized and never ran well after that particular visit (kansas?).  They pulled down the ceiling of the car, they put up the hood and pulled wires and tubes free from their expected locations.  In fact, just prior to the murders I and Miss Bipolar were on our way to Alaska via Jeep with only a few bags containing clothes and what-not.  While at the Canadian border we were detained, separated, and questioned.   I am embarrased to say, the questions I found out later that they asked Tamara were directed to whether or not I had her in tow without her consent.  It was bizarre actually how we were denied to pass through Canada but went through the American checkpoint just fine.  They went through the jeep and all of the belongings (not too badly though, mostly the jeep was out of our view so there's no way to really know to what extent the personal property was searched).   Then a real shocker came ....Tamara was not a legal citizen!  She was Bulgarian (I think that's the country of her origin).  Well, that was news to me.

We were cut loose and returned back toward Utah, somewhat silent, with a quiet puzzled uneasy silence,  each of us wondering about the goodness of the other  (I mean how do you defend yourself against being labelled as someone that does stuff you don't even think of doing?).

At one point the FBI stated I was lucky they found Elizabeth Smart and the people that abducted her  (Elizabeth Smart was a big deal happening in Utah at the time this was going on).  The agent stated I fit a profile.  phhhtt.....whatever.  At least I'm not a murderer and I don't kick down people's doors and cause all manner of havoc and fear amongst the driving, walking, and sleeping and living population.

So after I was jailed for doing absolutely nothing of any community-dis-service, it became apparent that the persecutors were not going to let me out anytime soon, despite the fact that the 7-11 cameras invariably showed me getting out of a jeep and my girlfriend exited pointing a gun at me.  Welcome to my creepy life.

Once again, I knew that everything I owned was going to be gone before I got out of their cages.

So I gave up trying to get myself out of jail, and instead devoted my cage'd time by studying.

A question was persistent,  "What is the ultimate underlying motive in these jails, laws, and prisons?".


And by the time I was released from that jail, it was probably with the sighs of the jail employees and upper controllers.  I was beginning to cost them as opposed to profit. By the time I left there, not only were there many more inmates requesting to go with me to the law library to study, which required more officers to escort all of us onto a bus down to the City Law Library at the Court/Attorney Den, the cost of doing so seemed to coincide with the success of  my motions to the court and D.O.C. and/or the DOJ (Department of "corrections" and the Department of "justice") which forced the illegal jail to break ground for the construction of a LAWFUL legal library to be built for the inmates to further a semblance of a "fair defense".  amen.  The real victims are the Public though.  Thoroughly propagated are a huge slew of misinformation and askew data served via the education system (SYSTEM), as well as the tele-vised, printed, and aired PROGRAMMING.   The money either goes into the pocket of the few, or distributed to what the money was supposedly going toward in the first place (see Administrative Law and Executive Law, then check in to a jail to see for yourself *which is actually kind of Biblical.  Write me!).

Understand something, there are no paid attorneys for the bulk of those held in the cages of jail. If those in jail HAD money for a paid attorney, they would have probably preferred to bail themselves out of jail in the first place. Since our nation is overrun by the overzealous "lawmakers", we enjoy more laws than any other nation on the planet (hence more "criminals" than any other nation on the planet).  So in effect, the controlled test-population is comprised of the expendable poor, as they are forced in a predetermined corner with the illusion of two predetermined "choices": to either "represent" himself, or trust that another man whom might meet with the inmate all of  20 minutes the day of trial, to be appointed by the same Court that shares financing with the prosecuting attorney.  This isn't a scam?

  The studies revealed that with judicial nomenclature, the victimized are left clueless in their defense.  Judicial nomenclature uses many common words that are known and used by the average man, however the judicial crew take the common words and give new definitions; an amazing perversion of our common, otherwise colloquial words, that only the judicial system uses against the common man. 

More of this?       Yes          NO!

On a Lighter Note, Good Business

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