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Below are personal sentiments at the given moment in time.
Even the Pages are not in sequence. LOTS OF LUCK piecing it all together.
This Website is created in memorium of a Springfield Ohio Clark County Municipal Court-Case ripoff
A Judiciary we can no longer afford to finance.

American Underground News

Chain of command

Anche se non limitata agli Stati Uniti, la censura è uno strumento nefasto nella guerra di classe dominante contro le classi lavoratrici e povere. Se non si può denunciare liberamente una menzogna, o correggere una notizia travisata, o una sentenza ingiusta, o rivelare un'azione segreta dannosa, o avvertire di un'azione clandestina efferata, ecc., poi ognuno di noi è vittima e in grado di
essere ingannati da un solo punto di vista. La stessa entità che ha creato le leggi
ha già fatto se stessi, e quelli che li hanno finanziati, esenti dal
leggi della nostra nazione (anche nei tribunali).
A causa del controllo monopolistico, è deplorevole che le centinaia di
Video, molti dei quali creati personalmente, non sono in grado di
essere ospitata sul mio web-server. Il mio hosting era praticamente un
ultimo tentativo disperato di trattare con youtube, dailymotion, vimeo, e
censura di altri siti di video hosting online.
Non possiamo biasimare i venduti per aver obbedito alle leggi dell'altro.
venduto. Come L'esercito di Hitler, stanno solo facendo il loro lavoro e ...
rispettare le leggi che vengono loro imposte. Dobbiamo cercare un po ' di più per trovare la causa del risultato o la radice del problema.
(and we all fall down)

Ohio Post Underground

While not limited to the USA, censorship is a nefarious tool in the ruling class war against the working and poor classes.

If one cannot freely denounce a lie, or correct misrepresented news, or aright an unjust ruling, or disclose a detrimental covert action, or warn of a heinous clandestine action, etc., then every one of us are victimized and able to be deceived by only one viewpoint.

The same entity that created the laws has already made themselves, and those that financed them, exempt from the laws of our Nation
(even within their courts).

On a personal level, due to the monopoly control, it is regretful that the hundreds of videos, many of which that have been personally created, are not able to be hosted on my own web-server.
My own hosting was pretty much a last-ditch effort to deal with the youtube, dailymotion, vimeo, and other online video hosting sites' censorship.

However, It is much too late in the game to point out faults, blaming the sell-outs for obeying laws made by the other sell-outs. Like Hitler's Army, they are just doing their jobs, and complying with whatever laws are imposed upon them. They are "law abiding".

Given additional consideration, would any of us from the lower classes act any differently than those that rule us, if we were to become inducted into the privileged upper-class?

In 2019, we need not look far to find the cause of the result, or the root of the problem. Stringent economic and social control stifled the once-great.

THE FOLLOWING IS A VERY ROUGH DRAFT, the author writes in the hopes that awareness might Provoke a positive change, and a reversal of the rampant plundering and/or decommissioning of our Nation.

I've been writing this warning since 2007 when our nation was only $7 Trillion in mysterious debt,
and since 9-11 when our surplus had been cleaned out.
Historical document still online December 26, 2007

If anything contained herein is important, copy it before it's removed entirely from the Internet.
It's what they do to manipulate public awareness and opinion.


Chain-of-Command, and the Decommissioning of a Nation

Alternative title: Revelation 17&18; and like a whore, the capitalists sell.

Arguable to say, I've been prodded down the political topic-matter road for many years, as the contained matter will expound.
Later I would learn that my mom married into a family tree affiliated with the CIA. I add this comment because it precedes most of the events and murders I will include herein.

You did not get this information from the controllers of your media PROGRAMMING.

They will tell you my grandmother was a Gambino, but will fail to mention that she was not a part of any mafia and hadn't any criminal record; they will tell you of my "crimes", but will fail to mention the unprovoked manhunt and unwarranted murders they committed along the way, the impetus of which were the cause to the end-product.

Murders - not in any special order
"I saw them; how eager they were to kill, even kids"
Everything I will write, is true to the best of my recollection and abilities.

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