Who is

Lynda Tyvoll?  

That all depends on who you're asking.


If you check arrest records in California, you're sure to find more than a half dozen arrests for Lynda.
I'm one of her victims, so I'll be hosting this page as a victim ought.
I'm one of three victims that I know of.  There was also a female victim by the name of Corrola or Chastain.  Those girls were from Sweden but only one was made a victim.  I met these two swedish girls at a club (club 112?), Lynda told me later that she'd drugged and shaved all of the girl's hair off her head and left her nude in the girl's car on the side of a Georgia highway (us19?).  I know this because Lynda informed me of the incident and warned me it could happen to me; later the victim came knocking on the door and I was surprised to find her full head of hair was gone.  Since Lynda was living with me at the time, the Swedish girl's presence made me nervous.  As for the previous statement of a male victim, this one came before me, his name is David (not sure of the last name); David tried to warn me about Lynda when I first became entangled with her,  I thought it was just ex-boyfriend issues and discounted his attempts to de-rail me (I was young).   Lynda recounted the incident with David at one point, her story went something like this:  Her and David were visiting in NY,  and while in a club they ended up in an alley where David was raped by black males (I never asked what she was doing about it or if she partook in the crime).
Do you know Lynda Tyvoll or Lynda Haynie?   Her victims will not remember anything until much later in life where the scattered remembrances will haunt later.