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Below are personal sentiments at the given moment in time. For Argument's Sake

*ONE of my arguments against copyright "protections" (for the upper-elite) is that it is a means to change history.

For instance:

Like the government and other lobbyist fortune 500 corporations, I ought to be able to have the freedom to copy a text online and retain it for further reference. I ought to have, like the power-structure enjoys, the freedom to share that information. This law makes my eyes and ears illegal. Whether for passing on learning to the next generation, or maintaining a truism to be accessible to all, this law makes us all to be "criminal".

Did you ever watch a video or a full movie on YouTube? Did you think that YouTube created that video or movie? Not only was YouTube NOT the original uploader, or the creator, but does HOST the videos so is aiding an abetting criminal activity (as per the copyright laws so generously laden upon the citizenry).

By severing the ability to be able to maintain a copy of a document, and to share freely with the rest of the world, narrows our scope of passing on intelligence for furthering mankind's future.

Instead, imagine this scenario,
where only the monopolies, like Youtube, are free to share videos without having created them.

Are they too not breaking their own lawmakers laws? And yet my website and social sites are removed at will by the powers that be simply because I uploaded a government employee killing a kid. The reasons that were given, most sites gave no notice and no reason, but of those that did give a reason, my upload was labelled as having committed copyright infringement.

Imagine that. Simply by stating the false claim that I have committed copyright infringement, the judgment was passed without so much as an utterance from a real live Judiciary. The monopolies are the judiciary in this case.

Oh, did I make the video? No, I did not.

Was the video in the PUBLIC DOMAIN ALREADY? Is the television's news PROGRAMMING guilty of passing on images and information that is also plagiarized and aiding and abetting all those that would succumb to the programming?

From another perspective, let's say that someone out on the net expounded something totally earthshaking, something that was posted by himself, the original author.

Yet by today's profiteering laws, the revelutionary news cannot be copied and shared freely even after your eyes and ears already committed the unpardonable sin of having seen and heard the "news".
So What, you say?

well let's fatten the plate of reason for a moment now.
For instance, let's say that the original author published evidence that un-fluoridated water was the cure to cancer.

Let's, for argument's sake, assume that his disovery was valid.

Let's also say your kid has cancer.

And let's season the pot with the original author having died.

Now dead, the information is forever lost, and I could not post that information on my own server to share with the world, that which would have saved your kid.

While you and your spouse are standing over the grave of the early demise of your little angel, consider now "If only".

The original author has died, who will pay to keep his server up and running?

His life-saving information is forever lost once the server ( or "cloud" or social site ) goes down.

How will you, or your kid, be able to see what the monopoly-types are harboring (since they are the only ones that can "maintain" all data and history "legally".

It's a different perspective now, isn't it?

So, for the sake of water and profit, your kid is dead.

Oh but which eschelon WAS free to copy the original author's work?

That's right, those capitalists that will capitalize upon your child's misfortune by not making the saving discovery available to you.

There is much more that needs to be stated on this topic of copyright laws, and how they are so very damaging to furthering intelligence, creativity, invention, and more.

This law of copyright is only a means to keep information controlled and contained for the profit of the few, over the masses (in my opinion).

I'll give more examples to substantiate the aforementioned statements in some future time.

Despite consequence, choose what is right and good and be not deceived by the magic trick of the shady ones. Their underlying motive is not just to contain the interests of some copy"right". Oh, I just remembered, here's a real-life example of censorship to the harm of the innocent. Read all about it Here.

As a final comment, consider me a patriot. However I believe we as a nation are too divided and that the Federal Government and our military need to come into each state and erradicate all the middle-men profiteers. ONE SET OF LAWS, ONE NATION, ONE RULER. How can we possibly be united when mereley walking 50feet forward we find ourselves in another state with a slew of contradictory laws?

Our nation is fast-approaching a 22 T R I L L I O N dollar debt. One way to pay off the unreasonable precarious situation we are in, is by incarcerating all of the CEO's that ever bribed the polity and those that took the "lobby" money, seize their properties and if we need more money then there's still Judges, governors, mayors, and more! ONE nation undivided. End of story.... hmmm... well, maybe I better just ponder on that idea a bit more (but I DO have some ideas to rescue our nation!). Email me with your ideas at

Let's make this nation the model nation of the world (as opposed to the uncouth desperate rogue we seem to be now). Proof is in the pudding: I think we need our military back home. SAVE OUR NATION!! *Vote NO for liquidation.