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Dumped in my driveway were two very large dump-trailers full of masonry and dirt.

The debris came from a portion of building that was tore down in the City of Springfield.

Of the huge amount of debris were salvaged 2 types of brick; all were solid brick with the exception of about 100 figure-8 slump brick.

Brick  partition wall


....Made With Trash

It started out simple and without any plan.

Debris from demolished Hospital in Springfield

I wasn't sure why I was even doing this in the first place!

Will it be a closet?

...a place to put the trash?

...a porta-potty maybe?




something will go in there!

However, When I awoke I had this brilliant idea to add a seat.

(that would be the ugly, concrete-filled, thing on the right).

Dumb Idea with concreteBut it dawned on me....

Not only is it in the way and ugly, but what an incredible waste of otherwise usable space!!!





So I spent the rest of the evening digging it all back out.

Springfield Brick Seat Fail

By the next afternoon it was clear:

Vanquish the seat idea,

vanquish the indoor Grill,

vanquish a place to put dry sauna rock things (phhttt....yeah like I need a sauna in the garage, right?),

vanquish a place to imprison the capitalists (it's just not large enough for the two monopolies that own our nation).


Maybe a place to serve them coffee?

 Brick Masonry in Springfield Ohio

So, the wall project took on a life of its own.

Weep hole in brick to allow drainage

Brick Wing Walls and Corners

Used brick laid on-end

Laying the brick "on-end" avoided all the build-up of mortar that existed which would invariably hinder the brick from being installed in a normal fashion (on their beds rather than their faces).

Hand-cleaning each and every brick was not an option.

Using metal wall ties purchased at Lowes,  the ties are installed into the brick bed joints and adhered to the studs through the drywall seen on the left of the brick wall.Brick meets drywall with wallties

As a side note, having more than a decade (2?) in masonry during my younger years, experience has shown that the expense of wall ties are more-so an illusion of security perpetuated by the Codes Manipulations.  A heavy brick wall will not be held up by steel wall ties.   Since the ties themselves are only about 8 inches, bent in half would leave only 4 inches in the brick wall and 4 inches (typically held in place by a solitary screw or nail) on the wall.  The "proper mandated goal" is to hit a wooden stud.   The problem is when the wood moves due to natural weather conditions, it potentially causes early termination or cracking of the brick wall.  Also, anyone that has crashed into a brick wall (I'm raising my hand now) knows that nothing throughout the whole wall will remain intact other than one or two of the brick that are actually embedded with the steel wall ties.

Codes are Variable at least, a revenue-generation scheme at best   (in my experienced and trained opinion ";-)

Springfield Ohio Brick Breathe Second Life

Springfield reclaimed brick

When the mortar runs out,


Springfield Garden Watermelon

Springfield Garden Watermelon

It's Watermelon Time (fresh from the garden)!

Okay, break's over.

Initially the walls were intended to go to the ceiling.

As luck would have it, materials ran out.

The deficiency worked two-fold; mom didn't want the wall to go to the ceiling so now I appease her,  and the height allows for great storage on top!


The thermal mass of the concrete floor,  integrated fans, damper, and draft control allow for the fireplace insert to easily heat the 3 car garage throughout the winter, and you get to cook on it too!


Behind that wood burner is an oil burner furnace.

Although the Oil Burner Furnace works flawlessly, I would prefer the space with its eradication from this garage.

The Furnace will remain connected to show any prospective buyers that  it works fine.

The Furnace is for sale. 

You can find that furnace, it's listed here:  Oil Burner Furnace

Temporary Sink (*it's not actually a sink).

The hose is routed through a slot opening on top of the steel table.  The dishes are washed below and placed in the strainer above to dry.
This isn't expected to last long, it's functional but missing something.

*Update 5/18/18
The thing is still here and still in use.
*Update 6/2/18
I'm sick of it...The thing has to go.  New plan is to take the Reverse Osmosis, the pre-water-filter, and the small water tank and tuck them down in the square hole below (it has it's own drain if anything should go awry with the garden-hose plumbing).   That's as far as I got with that portion of the idea.   I now know where the sink needs to go though...on the other side of the short wall as shown in one of the pictures here or on another page.   I also want to relocate the economy-sized washer and dryer on the other side of the wall (so no more kindling area....I'll deal with that in the fall).
*Update 6/13/18
Don't ask.  The hard part is done anyway.  Note to self: Never fall asleep while draining the hot water tank.

P.S. Strawberries, onions, fennel, and kale are pouring into the freezer!    Rasberries, cucumbers, watermelon, beans, tomatos (that plant themselves for the past three years!), asparagus, and more on the way!  Yesterday I made the first grass seed loaf of bread.   It turned out awesome but only 1/4 cup of common grass and rye seed were harvested from the backyard, which is about a half of a paper grocery bag full before being milled.  Since i didn't get me or mom sick, the next loaf will be stepped up to 1/2 cup (who knew that all the over 400 grasses are all edible seeds to make flour with?).   Mooo

Moving furniture around to get a feel of where things might go.
Furniture being fit into brick wall
Brick Wall Project
Another type of brick for column

As for the sinks that were shown on previous pages, they are for sale for $5.00 each.

You can find those sinks here:

Square Sink

Round Sink

This concludes the One Brick At a Time Page,  more of this?

One Brick at a Time     Figure 8 Brick     Lighting       Stone

Solar and Wind




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