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There's still about 6feet of brick to the right but the camera couldn't get it all in the frame.
Stone is in the future
There was a different purpose for that small nook area on the left...I can't remember what that idea was.
Anyway, the kitchen area is a little more bearable now

Kenny's Kitchen Area Photo
Below is seen a piece of wood trim tacked up against the wall for inspection.
Fancier trim should go here, maybe not so wide (but the color is on).

Renewable Energy / Battery Bank Area Photo

Stone was found !!!   About some time last year, my neighbor to the north had given me some really great flat large pieces of what might be cut granite (or unpolished marble??).   When it was given I simply tucked it around an apple tree to curtail weeds.   The tree was planted last year (brought to you by my friend Vickie) and It was a worry that the other growth would choke off the nutrients needed for the tree.   I'd say there's enough stone out there to cap-off the entirety of the wall (and finish that missing seat-top in the shower, which is the first intent).
Stay Tuned, Page 9 Coming soon,  Cats and God-willing.
Opposite end of garage
p.s.  Also considered are the notion that maybe covering the entire floor in here would totally eliminate the need for any weep holes at all!!!   Raising the height of the floor would make driveway water a thing of the ugly past.

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