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Made With Trash

Dumped in my driveway were two very large dump trailers-full of masonry and dirt.     The debris came from a portion of building that was tore down in town.
Of the huge amount of debris were salvaged 2 types of brick; all were solid brick with the exception of about 100 figure 8 brick.

Since there are 3 or 4 weep holes on the back wall area serving dual purposes of draining off the sink's holding area and the once or twice happening of water coming off the driveway, water passes to the drain restricted only by the size of each of the holes.   Rather than SEE the sundry occurrences of water on the floor, all my alter egoes have decided to cover it up in such a way as to allow for a better control of where that water wants to spread off to (I mean, one thimble full of water will not go racing off to the drain.  It spreads out and before you know it...anyway it needs to stop).

Brick Floor Plans Photo
To remedy uncomfortable moving water under your feet when doing the dishes in the rear pit, thoughts of the need for a better floor are born.
A diamond-blade saw will be needed to expedite nicer angle-cuts (these brick have been placed here merely for contemplation of what might go here in the future).
In some areas of the brick in these photos are 3/4 of an inch-thick of previous mortar;  when two or more of those brick butt-ugly up against oneanother there's 1 and 1/2 INCHES of space between the bricks.... PLUS add your own mortar joint in the mix and you have what amounts to an unsightly (well, like the pictures show here).
So my over-winded point,  the brick definitely will need to be the first to be cleaned in this project. 
Shower Floor
The notion is, water from the weep holes will be taken into consideration when installing the brick, as the water should flow unrestricted, albeit re-directed, and aproximately 4 inches below feet level (which is usually more than 60 inches from eye-level).

Below is the brick wall that is rarely seen, even by me.  Nothing is back there except the battery banks for the solar and wind generated power, and other items that don't get visited around here.
Back Brick Pantry Area photo
ye old wall photo
There's that water again.

This concludes the Shower Page

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