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>>>>>A big thanks to Mike Dewine, our Ohio State Attorney General, for having participated and expedited the claim-release of non-authorized demands for non-authorized funds to a monopoly, for no service and no product (Only Damages).  Details contained further down this page).

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In another State (and time), a guard ordered some scared retard (like me but I'm not necessarily easily scared....conditioned is a better word for me)....anyway the guard ordered him out of the infirmary cell.  We were in the area where it's referred to as "INTAKE".   We are told the injections and testing is to make sure us humans don't possess any invisible diseases which would hinder our being safely dispersed into the general prisoner population.  Which begs the question, have jails in such abundance profited or hurt our Nation?   Can we afford it?

(i.e. )

If we stay on this path without deviation, will there come a time when the credit card is drained dry?

Anyway the retard across from me was crying and balled up on the small metal "bed" that jutted out from the rear of his cell.  He was a young small guy, it was hard not to feel sorry for his situation (as I wondered if he were not making a monumental mistake by failing to obey the commands of the belligerent officer).

I was across from the retard and about 16 or 20 feet in all from his cell.  I knew what was going to happen all right. The guard didn't seem to care that he was mentally challenged, after shouting at the kid profusely, he left the sobbing kid to only re-emerge later in a full-padded, almost armored-looking black suit, gloves, high boots, shielded helmet, and not just him alone either!

Men arrived, literally marching in step, single file.  I can't remember if it were the left, or right hand, that each man had placed on the shoulder of the man in front of him as they marched with a rhythmic purposeful stomp. It was bizarre as the lead guard held the clear 3 foot shield in front of him.... all those men for one little stripped and unarmed kid.   Which begs the question, which party does the greater sin?   The boy in whatever he did?   Or the normal people, those good guys?

When I tell you they beat the hell out of him, it really doesn't do the kid too much justice, so let me elaborate:

They beat and tazered this kid so hard and so many times that they completely disemboweled the crying defenseless kid right there on the infirmary's cell block floor. With the kid's guts hanging out, and the guards unable to hide it from the two nurses, they began to play that typical "stop resisting" chorus.  One of the nurses gave up and walked away stating " I can't watch this anymore " and left holding her hand over her mouth.

I'm relatively certain the kid didn't live.  You will obey.

This is normal?

Later, when I made it into "population",  I learned of the particular guard that orchestrated the hit. He wasn't a common jailer, he was something like a Corporal or Sergent...something with a higher title. One day he was passing through overseeing the trustees as they gave the inmates meals.  I tried to find out if the kid lived. The killer answered curtly,  "What's it to you?", he walked up to my cell closer.  "Do you know him or something? Mind your own f$#@! business or it could happen to you, got it?!".   And just as any brave American, I meekly said "yes", "I got it".   We all are defeated in my opinion.  Not one of us brave citizens actively did something to stop the murder of kids even of those that are publicized (waco, ruby ridge, kent state...oops, not kent state...i.e. What is the S.D.A. / Weathermen Underground?  Kids were our last hope in the 60's until the big influx of drugs to dumb them all down, peppered with the hush money of greater welfare and more jobs (to build more prisons and jails). 

Situation Contained.


Is this normal?

At "concepts 21" in Georgia my apartment roof and ceiling fell in.

In Dallas Texas, my room was the only room of an apartment building that had the roof fall through.

In Florida, the roof and ceiling fell in, F.E.M.A. and family luckily helped me out of that one.

In Ohio, at the Crow Residence, the ceiling fell (numerous times).

Which is why I feel compelled to now ask the question: Is it normal to have this many ceilings and roofs fall in on one person?  I don't think so...

What Now?

New York

As a youngster, one of the murders in New York left me speechless.  It happened in a public area on a well-traveled street (I believe it was called Monroe Avenue).  But when I attempted to relate to the "good guys" that arrived on scene as to exactly what had occurred, I was accosted, handled roughly, and ultimately slammed against a parked car in front of a bar of onlookers (Defensive Note: I don't drink so the placement of a bar between the path to the mini mart was happenstance.  And for the record no, I was not in the bar and no, the bar hasn't anything to do with the murder). 

The "good guys" charged and jailed me using that catch-all window, I believe it was again "Disorderly conduct".

After my release I visited the pub where people had seen what happened to me, but even of those that remembered the incident, declined to give me their name or number.  The bar tender also declined to be a witness, but in New York this is to be expected (unless the state demands them to be a witness for the state). 

I still believed the charade, I believed there were checks and balances back then.  So I filed with the Internal Affairs against the officers that did that to me.  The details were related to "Internal Affairs" and supposedly they were recording the meeting.  We all know the script, months later, the case was summarily dismissed.  It's what they do.  It's for the show that shows no recompense for the greater damage upon the greater numbers.   Try it sometime.  Attempt to get involved this month,  and let me know how that works out for you.

Tick Tock. (forget about the rampant debt, ask what happened to our nation's surplus prior to 9-11!)


One time I was taken at gunpoint while driving through Kentucky.  Who does this stuff? Criminals do things at gunpoint.  I don't remember Officer Friedly's name but I am led to believe that my God might.   So while driving through Kentucky, I'm forced at gunpoint to lay down on the ground face first.  Who does this!? Not even the hoodlums and gang  members of skid row L.A. do this crap by forcing us into this submission; ESPECIALLY in light of the fact that the only person actively holding a pointed loaded gun and threatening to kill is the guy with a job that programs him to defer his better ethics (and let's not even think about bringing in religion for godsake).


I think the charge was due to a problem with the license plate of the vehicle, and nothing more.

They control the records so it's weakly hoped they don't embellish the records for some "necessary" reason.

Horse Cave Jail personnel equally appeared to be taking excessive caution around me.  At first they put  me into an isolated cell that had a see-through toilet and no cot.  Later some government people came on separate occassions to see me.  Eventually I was admitted into inmate population.  At one point I was demanded by a guard to rat out another inmate there.  The guard threatened to smash my head in.  It just happened to be one of my more braver moments in life as I shouted within inches of him, DO IT!, and even went so far as to dare him.   Fact is though, I didn't care.  My head was already bashed in, by the guy they wanted me to rat against....I never did rat against him though.

While there I was visited by an attorney who I promptly fired in court when all I could hear out of his mouth was to plead guilty to some ridiculous contrivance.  The court gave me their pinch-hitter, another attorney.   Initially I didn't think much of her because of past experiences with the "public defenders".   Early on, before being released into inmate population, I was escorted to meet with a secret service agent in a side cell opposite of the wall of the holding area where my cell was located.  He told me he could make my life hard for me as he asked odd questions about my sentiments in reference to Bill Clinton and the extramarital affair and how I felt about it.   The whole meeting didn't last long, I really didn't have a clue what the hell that guy was talking about.  The meeting really didn't bother me,  I saw it as the opportunity to come out of one cage to visit another (and needed the excersize, including every step, approximately 20 feet). 

However, the meeting with the Secret (shhhs...) "Service" was without my public defender's presence.  It seemed to bother her more than me (I'm not the one that informed her of the meeting, she told me it was one of the jailers that spilled the beans to her). 

It was through her,  and later one of the jailers,  that I learned that due to the agent's capacity and title, he didn't even have to sign-in to enter the jail (unlike the FBI who later came.  poor guys had to sign in)
Apparently in Horse Cave Kentucky, not signing into a jail constitutes sacriligious primetime topic matter.  I'm pretty sure it's boring in Horse Cave Kentucky's society, but I'm just guessing that.

But as for that lady attorney, I'll never forget when I just KNEW that this lady was suddenly angered alive and truly a public defender!

Suddenly she not only was convincingly in my defense, but after the FBI also came to see me, and later my head being cracked open,  she surprised me with her quickness in the courts in an effort to get me out.   I adapt pretty quickly and am certain It wasn't due to any of my own efforts to get out.  Not once did I visit a law library to file motions to get me out.  Fact is, Horse Cave Kentucky feeds human-sized rations and the food was actual real food, produced from local farmers!  I gained weight in there!
  I never gain weight, even to this day.

The Court gave me an ultimatum, sign a document that I'd never come through Kentucky ever again or I'll do Five years in their prison.


Of all the operations that seem to falter with our present form of Government, I thought it necessary to give a big thanks to the The United States Postal Service. The USPS brought all of us our holiday cards, the agents brought us letters from our mothers, our sisters and deliver it rain or shine.  Other than a few minor issues during our lifetime, having dealt with the dumptrucks of mail we've all received in our lifetimes, there really can't be said anything bad about what these guys are entrusted with.  We have full faith that when we mail a letter or package, that it is more than likely going to get delivered.  This agency, the USPS, is perhaps the only part of Government that truly works seamlessly.

So I was thinking:

Since our Nation doesn't produce much in the way of good products anymore, perhaps our nation ought to convert its resources to becoming the mailmen of the world.  Seriously, why not?  We DO do mail well here in my opinion.  Let's build on what we do best and skim off the rest to pay off this ridiculous debt we're found in:
Just a thought.

So I literally walked out of Kentucky before the FBI agents were able to meet with me the second time.  The first time, the two FBI agents called me into a different cell from where the secret service agent met with me. 

I was told to have a seat where they asked me questions of whether or not I had ever owned a van (I think it was white) between some number of years.  They showed me a picture of the suspect they presumed was me.  When I saw the picture, I honestly wondered if it could be me.  Involuntarily I did something that surprised them (and me in retrospect), I slowly rose from the table with the photo in hand and walked away leaving the two agents to look at each-other as I walked to the bathroom in the holding cell (which had a door and walls all around with the exception of the one wall which was see-through).   Inside, I looked at me in the polished metal mirror.  I looked at the photo.  I looked back at me, and then I held the photo up to the mirror with my face side-by-side the photo when suddenly it hit me.

I re-emerged exclaiming,


Somehow these FBI guys were led to believe I was some sort of a Timothy McVeigh, or some other sort of killer.  Or maybe they were just planning their next patsy.  They brought up the name of a woman in Tennessee who owned the Owl's Roost RV Campground, and asked questions about involvement in criminal activities I wasn't privy of.   I was clueless as to what could make them so interested in me, surely I wasn't that huge of a problem on the planet.   Of the period they were inquiring about, I related to them that at one point a Tennessee Sheriff had tried to convince a park friend to sell Pot to me,  but I did not perform well (I didn't buy it, nor was I the person that proposed any such transaction.  Apparently the entire action was brought to you by the "good guys").  I went on to state how I wrote a politely flaming letter to the sheriff that orchestrated the aggressive attempt against me (for no reason that I am aware of).  I told of another incident when later an officer "conducted a traffic stop" of my dump truck, and forced myself and the worker passenger out of the vehicle, where the officer  brought up the issue of the letter, and that it had been placed on the police station's bulletin board; he stated that the officers found it humorous.  I could detail more of what happened during that unlawful stop of my traveling vessel, but can think of no good reason to do so at this point in time.  Needless to say I was eventually released, late for a job, but without any "ticket".

So anyway, back to the Kentucky Jail issue, after having answered more questions, one of the agents expressed that they didn't think the man they were looking for was me, but inquired as to whether or not I would be willing to provide hair samples.  I replied "of course I will".   That day never came though.  I was already released from the confines of the jail and now walking with blisters on my feet, step-by-step I walked clean out of the state of Kentucky, a common-wealth state that didn't want my type there (whatever that type was).  This incident in Kentucky would lead to my later shaving every folicle from my body, packing a manilla envelope addressed to the FBI hoping to satisfy the FBI and stop the uncalled for persecution.

California -coming soon

Synopsis: Burned alive.    Will return to write more later.  
New York -coming soon

Note to self: Start this section at the point in which I joined the military.  Sergent Boraccio (sp?) in Tempe Arizona as recruiting officer; passed ASFAB and Physical but...

Synopsis: "Goldo", murder with a message.    Will return to write more later.  
Colorado -coming soon

   Synopsis: FBI, SWAT kick down door at the Continental Hotel and murder a young man there.  His crime that was worthy of assasination?  Will return to write more later.  
Florida -coming soon

  Synopsis: Tasered while wet from the shower, burn points still divoted into the plasticized concrete.  R.I.P.  Will return to write more later.  
Synopsis: Strangled in South Dallas Texas thanks to the antics of the FBI.  Will return to write more later. 
Florida -coming soon (oh I can't resist)

Pill-popping addict ex-cop neighbor shoots at my house stating he is going to shoot me (because I stacked some concrete block next to my garage on my own property.  The fact that I stored the concrete block was somehow the tipping point from the day before when he threatened me because I woke him up with my lawnmower; it was like 2pm!).  So the ex-cop refuses to come out of his house when the police arrive.  They surround the ex-cop's home on the corner in Port Richey and even had a helicopter overhead to coax the freak out of his house.   ***This is a good story and I will stop back to add more to this later....synopsis: while the addict cop is in his home with weapons, one of which he already discharged, what do the "good guys" do?   Well it seems quite rational to call me out of my house and have me wait in front of his house in the dead-center of the road!  When the cop finally comes out, he is permitted to sit in a lawn chair on his lawn while I'm forced to stand in the middle of the road...naturally the devilish judgmental cop is not charged whatsoever.   When I entered the police station to file charges, I'm discouraged and basically denied.

Still waving your flag?   The game has changed with this system in place in our Nation (read revelations and see what direction we're nigh to,  and please stop rationalizing that you are living your life as best you can....any criminal and crackhead on the planet is also doing that tough task).


As an apology to the reader:  Don't presume I hate the police.  In general they are not hated and deserve to receive tips when they do work that is honest and good (yes, I've definitely broken that law that restricts our being able to directly tip the police for their outstanding work, with cash and more).  If you want to instill good into a society or a sect, rewarding good, is good.

But I cannot help but to be a bit upset when I recollect the myriad of incidents of my life in which the "system" simply got away with murder (and none of our Nation's heros evened the score, even when they were killing kids at Waco, Ruby Ridge...well that about sums it up on your minds, it's all the media you are allowed to hear, slanted as that "news" may have been, not one of us left our comfort zone to save even children).  "Our" present form of government would have us believe it is a sin to tip a cop when he's shown good worth.  This is to sever our relations to the police (which are of US).  The divide and conquer tactic has always worked so well throughout all of our planet's history, why stop now?  Only thing is, it has usually been throughout history that the threat was of an external force.  After all, why would we be indoctrinated to believe it is forbidden to tip a cop when we are free to do so in any other sect?  We are not criminal to tip any average other citizen (including waitresses, pizza delivery guys, roofers, street peddlers, politicians, etc.).

As a parent to the child, so is a government over its masses.
If the parent is a total censored word, what of the child? And likewise, if the government is increasingly lying, killing, incarcerating, dividing, squelching and eradicating any form of creativity and competition in the marketplace, and in the political arena, added to the manipulation of social opinion, etc;  then what of its masses?   - to quote me

Not only can we do better than this.   I would think it's fast approaching crash-course time :

Darker Note Does the following kind of stuff ever happen to you?

1.) Freeze!  Don't !!    

1.5) Freeze!  Don't move!    

Take down your mailbox!
But why?  It's approved by the Federal Government.

I call this one, "DRive-By"

2.) Freeze, Don't travel!     More Information

 Passport Denied!

What You Say,  I have a wife, and kids too?

What? You have a photo of M Y  Wife??



I've never been married in my life!

Passport Agency - You are not free to travel even if you don't have a wife and kids!

mp3    flv    avi   dvd   wav

3.)  Freeze, We're robbing your mother!

Clark County - You are not free to present evidence in a Court of "law"

Although not as thorough as our records (such as non-redacted exhibits) ,

    even their own court record speaks for itself=Court Record

wmv    flv    mp4    mov    dvd    avi

Your mom is next!

4.) Freeze we're robbing your privacy!     

 The following is a subject that affects us all, you'll have to figure this one out on your own though.   I can not tell you what I may have found, but I can tell you how I came to be in the situation.

Spectrum, a.k.a. Time Warner, a.k.a. Charter Group (or whatever monopoly is morphing into calling themselves this year) were recorded in conversations by me.  One of the 6 recorded conversations with three different agents, first admitted to the crime, then later shifted the blame to another entity called Arris, then when caught in their own lies, denied any involvement whatsoever.

I wanted to paste the last remaining online video here, but noticed it too is blocked by our nation (gee, I wonder why):
Neo - American CensorshipBanned

This is about Spectrum Internet Provider, and the "legal" hacking / bricking/destroying/altering of personal property, a Motorola Modem (and that's just the start of it).

Sounds frivolous on face-value, right?  Well actually, there could be more to this than meets the eye.

More Information

The audio is banned in the U.S. (sign of the times?).  However in the other nations where "freedom" still exists (LOL), I take you to Russia to hear the truth:
The aforementioned recording is between myself and the monopoly.

*Monopoly left without a penny from me thanks to the Ohio Attorney General.

This issue will be left up to the next person to do something about it.

Is there something of National concern pertaining to this issue?  I SHOULD SAY SO!  (but it's not my battle and my plate is full).

5.)  Freeze, we're not done violating you!   

  More Information

6.)  Freeze, we're watching you!

  Holy crap, I'm on 13 Blacklists now!?  Are you kidding me?!

Monopoly is free to illegally blacklist citizens

Judicial proceedings and determinations not necessary,  monopoly IS the judiciary in INCORPORATED AMERICA in 2018

Another video banned in the U.S.
Neo-American CensorshipBanned

7.)  Freeze! Just fall in line!

Monopolies, enjoying freedom just fine (the rest of us are at their whims).

Read More

8.)  Freeze,  We're altering your perception of consumption!

Another monopoly free to break agreements,  the laws,  and damage personal property, without recourse!

More Information
This is not the video I wanted to place here but the video was pulled by the censorship crew in Neo-America (god-forbid if you should know the truth).   This one is not entirely related but references the same company (ohio edison):


Did you know that "We" made a law that prohibits us from growing more than a certain amount of tobacco?
Why do you suppose that might be?

When monopoly control dictate, or influence our Nation's laws, the myopic quick-grab for sole proprietorship of the tobacco industry results in the destruction of a once-vibrant U.S. marketplace.
For Instance,

During my generation, children were fed PROGRAMMING geared toward making children to want to smoke.  And as the futures of the next cash-crop generation grew, they learned that to quit crack would be easier.

The programming I will always remember even into dementia (or whatever direction I happen to melt away in) is that of Barney Rubble and Fred Flinstone behind a rock house smoking the smooth Winston.  Sexy Betty and Wilma also demanded to enjoy the cigarette.  The next generation above me was programmed with a grown-up version of PROGRAMMING that pushed cigarettes.  Even parents were fooled when they were told that 9 out of 10 doctors smoked, and preferred this cigarette or that cigarette.  They even had programming that depicted a panel of "scientists",  each with a cigarette in hand, while another "scientist" in a white suit was checking the oil lighter to keep all those scientists with plenty of lit cigarettes.  Yes, they said, It was safe and good, just like fluoride in your water (a byproduct of a disasterous bomb), and did you know we were the first test population of microwave ovens?  Fact is you can overlay the graph of increasing cancers of the stomach and colon to the graph of the induction of microwaves to society (apparently changing the molecular structure of the foodstuffs build up in your inards as the body doesn't know how to assimilate it and voila!  Health Insurance).

I wonder what 2018's cash-crop might be fed in their programming?

Imagine if I sold something to your kid that you found out was going to kill him or her this year or the next?
It would be a different story.
You'd be out for blood.

But in reality, "We" just wouldn't do that to each other.  We don't (not even on their media do we do this to each other).
Only one group would do this on a mass scale.

"We" made a law that prohibits us citizens from growing more than a certain amount of tobacco, unless of course you're the public relations ceo that is lucky enough to have that monopoly.

9.)  Freeze,  We're GOD NOW!

Neo-corpo-polity antagonize against a webpage I put up in 2017 regarding the issues of denying evidence and actual requisite parties in a case within a Court of "Law".   Two lies in one letter so the letter is null and void corpo-polity-judiciary is free to lie and extort.

* To be clear, I challenge the Court to show the community how they sent more than this solitary "final" notice to me.  It is a blatant lie.  This "final notice" received by me this April of 2018, is the ONLY notice I've received from the Court.  

As for the unjustified claim for money, when the court failed to abide by the law, as my appeal to the appellate was submitted to the appellate at pre-trial of a lower court judge's decision to deny video evidence: mp4   mov  avi   wmv   flv   dvd ,

written evidence

including rental receipts that would show the court that they were allowing a fictitious lease to be entered into the Court Record to be used against an innocent party that wasn't even the tenant during the time in which damages occurred at the property, for starters.

Instead the wasteful Appellate simply ignored the 60(b) motion and the lower court rushed right on to trial ushering an elderly innocent person through the trial unrepresented.

If the Appellate was rightfully due the money they demand, then how is it that not only did the appellate fail it's claim to legal authority to operate the business of overseeing a 60(b) motion prior to a Trial, but also after not stopping the lower court's unjust denial of evidence until a determination was made by the Appellate,  rather the Appellate would bother to return a mock decision until 5 MONTHS after the "legal" Trial concluded.  Was it that difficult to determine whether ANY of the myriad of evidences ought to be allowed in a Court of Law?  If the Court no longer serves the interest of the People, then how can we continue to finance this waste?

Antagonistically, the failure of the appellate to not move on the 60(b) appeal until FIVE MONTHS AFTER THE TRIAL WHICH WAS MANY MONTHS AFTER the appeal was submitted to them, went on to finally agree that a Florida-domiciled woman (my mother) that was tricked by the political corporate judiciary's co-agent (the paid attorney that took the money to represent her and after a backroom meeting with the judge and opposing attorney emerged to inform her that she was magically without an attorney and without her money), stating that my mother us liable for being the "cause" for "damages" to a property in Clark County Ohio.  More can be read on the court's own Court Record.  Or you can read the facts free of redacted evidences on My site.

As for the claim for money they say I owe them.  It's contained on their tagcpm website that clearly shows my claim to indigence, and acceptance as seen on their own court record.

In summation, the letter is bogus as to my owing them money (for no service; just dis-service).
I should rather choose to be taken hostage, and remanded to their jails and prisons for refusal to pay the extortion, than to find a means to finance bad business.  By doing so, could aid and abbet their next target in your or my family tree.  amen.

9.) Monopolies are not even liable for their own actions....

The new perversion to our evolutionary process is that we, the public, are liable for their actions.

This happens often, let's take ebay for example, wouldn't this constitute a corporate scam?)  I call this scam "BAIT AND BAIL"  (but mom's attorney already claimed that title).

The following is the level of our present system as it "devours itself" in myopia.

Please note, our system of justice has banned the viewing of this video.  So now the American's are left clueless and defenseless.  Here is the watered-down video being commented on below:
The following video is the watered-down version (allowed by monopoly "news" only)

Doesn't work to play the video?  There's still another way.  Choose whatever format plays on your computer
avi     wmv    mp4      flv

Notice that all during the video are shown men and women stating "they need to give the money back and remove that law".   Interestingly, not one soul uttered the fact that those that made the law have violated the greater law, the Constitution of the United States, and ought to be incarcerated with their properties seized to pay off this ridiculous debt they've helped to create (and did nothing to curtail):

So if they violated the law of the land, how is it they still walk freely?  Where is our Nation's Military who also took vows to uphold the Constitution?  Oh yeah, conveniently displaced over in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, Kuwait, ad nauseaum and infinitum umpteen years after "Mission Accomplished"  (and now we are in a never-ending war with the rest of the world).

Notice the plutocrats have referred to this "law" as Civil Asset Forfeiture, which is to imply that the civilians forfeited their assets (as opposed to being robbed of their property and are precariously not safe in their property or persons).   We see this quite often with this form of government, don't we?  Rather than being honest, good, giving, empathetic, creative, etc. we have the killers, motivated by the lust for position, fame, and money telling us that there is a "war to end all wars" (and then we get more wars), or they tell us about the "war against crime" (and then the crime-rate goes up), or that alcohol is bad (prohibition) and then they make themselves the seller of the same, or that gambling is illegal only to become the seller of gambling "licenses", imagine how many families have been ruined, murdered, incarcerated, defamed during the war against marijuana (and now they sell those licenses for the very drug they demonized), they tell us of the need to increase taxes (which is taking) for the war against drugs (and then our nation becomes saturated with foreign heroine and other foreign drugs; and media programming keeps us all aloof at the real question:  Doesn't it take ships and planes and an orchestrated effort to bring in enough drugs to saturate an entire nation?   Who has authority to give Customs a stand-down?  Who has that much manpower at their disposal?), we hear of the war against poverty and the war for peace.   Now they use phraseology such as Civil (civil?) Asset Forfeiture (forfeit?).  What is organized crime?   There is something written in the now-eviscerated constitution referencing taxation and apportionment.   Who's the criminals now?

Also, notice the magic trick contained in the video tells you to look at the police as the disgraceful entity (and nothing more).   Instinctively we should know to look at the magician's other hand,  the hand that hides the root of the problem.   Do remember, the police are told to do this by another entity.  The police are only guilty of doing evil by sheer reason that someone else told them to do it.  They are complicit at very best, but they are not the root of the problem.

Blaming the police is like blaming the cancer,  not that which gave you the cancer.   Notice how the media in the video above has shown a stereotypical view of all police to us, with their final closure in the video, the words:  "Policing for Profit, Gang of Thieves, Cops Gone Wild" (*as if EVERY cop is guilty of having partook in this type of looting simultaneously, and as if they are doing it of their own accord).

The purposeful spin on this particular news affects the mind's ability to reason properly, affects rational discernment of a scenario, thereby curtailing any affirmative action from the victimized public.

Another worthwhile purchase from America's deprecated Marketplace

So, the following links are to the same video, this time left uncensored. 
"Be ye separate" ("plagiarized") and "Let thine own cisterns water thee" (also "plagiarized").

The video that is so bad as to fall into a censorship panel to consider whether it ought to be viewed in America.....phhhttt....meanwhile every useless video depicting nonsense, even borderline porn and copyrighted videos prevail on Youtube, Dailymotion and the rest that abide by the rulemakers that dictate to them that if they want to remain an entity on the internet, they will comply.

Capitalist mentality has stripped American's of everything that is mindful.

Video:   avi    mp4    wmv    flv

On a Lighter Note, Good Business

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A big thanks to Mike Dewine, our Ohio State Attorney General, for having participated and expedited the recompense of non-authorized demands for non-authorized funds to a monopoly for no service and no product
I know it sounds like a small amount to argue about, however the larger issue of the breach of public trust still stands (if they can hack my personal property, then where is the line drawn?  At our webcams and microphones?).   I feel this matter is of some national security considering virtually everything is computer-driven these days, this action puts our nation at risk entirely, in my opinion.

Mike Dewine, Ohio State Attorney GeneralMike Dewine, Ohio State Attorney General
Mike Dewine, Ohio State Attorney General

Mike Dewine, Ohio State Attorney GeneralMike Dewine, Ohio State Attorney General
Mike Dewine, Ohio State Attorney General
Although the aforementioned might give the illusion that I won something, I did not.  I lost hours and hours of my life remedying the actions of the cause.  My personal property was never recompensed and still sits here "bricked" and unusable.   This was never about the money really, obviously it is a small amount.  The greater issue is that if they can affect my system, can they not just as easily affect all other systems as well in the same manner?  Whether it be from a rogue employee or whether the actions are state-sponsored/corporate-sponsored we will not be foretelling because when it happens it's too late.  This is not windows or mac that we're discussing here, the systems the monopoly hacked/damaged is the same systems that are the very backbone of the entire internet infrastructure.
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