Our Nation, R.I.P. or do something...

This is what the usdebt looks like before adding the external debts (and running rampant as shown on http://usdebtclock.org)
This is over $20 Trillion dollars, conservatively.

This is what the Russian debt looks like before adding the external debts  (as shown on  https://www.nationaldebtclocks.org/debtclock/russia  )
This is over $191 Billion dollars conservatively.

 So how is it that we Americans are hundreds of times more in debt than other nations we were told "we" toppled?  I wonder where all THAT money went (wars and rumors of wars)?

WE ARE TRILLIONS IN DEBT, WHEREAS RUSSIA IS ONLY BILLIONS IN DEBT and bouncing back (following our lead and becoming crappy capitalists, in my opinion)!

It's all a science brought to you by capitalism, the illusion for the dumb masses FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE FEW (for a little while).

Is this how we want our Nation to go out?!  We should be the Model Nation of the World and still could be!   The crappy part of this story is that we can no longer even afford our own military to undo this mess, we're broke (almost overnight)!

          This is what One Trillion dollars looks like =             1,000,000,000,000
This is what One Hundred Billion dollars looks like =            100,000,000,000
                          This is what the U.S. looks like =              -20,442,384,288,080

Stop with the land of the free crap, it's outdated thinking. The game has changed drastically and continuing  in our present direction of rampant debt increase, is going to surprise the hell out of us when the dirty carpet is pulled from under our feet. You don't need to be an economics major to see the future of running into the end of the trail of rampant debt (it's more like a looting brought to you by the very few that control everything (and chain-of-command will ensure the looters get away with the crime).

Imagine "lobbying" a cop.
After bailing yourself out of jail, because it's a crime to offer a bribe for cercion, favor, or otherwise, where did your money go after the court's judgment was passed against you for bribing a cop?  The money did not go back to the citizenry or the cop, but it did go somewhere, right?
You've just encountered the class act of one group (like a gang) that is exempt from the laws because the laws are only against the lower classes.    The laws are proposed by the very group that CAN "legally" "lobby" a cop.   That entity controls them in the first place!  In the form of a raise or promotion or a mere chain-of-command word of praise, our nation endures this stringent economic and social control and a spiraling debt.   We've seen just recently how the Charter/Spectrum/TimeWarner/Brighthouse/Roadrunner monopoly was fined by the lawmakers (so the lawmakers received the bulk of the money from the monopoly) but this is a magicians trick because it's just a show.   Monopoly later simply raised it's rates for service and the victimized masses now pay what the monopoly shared to their lawmakers.   It's the same game that's been played over and over in our Nation.  Remember Exxon and the Oil Spill?  The puppet polity fined exxon thereby moving money from one arm to the next and what did Exxon do after?   THEY RAISED THEIR PRICES.   We could go down the list with Enron, conveniently the investigation was wiped off the map since the building that was housing that investigation disintigrated.  Like the other two buildings in New York, conveniently been dubbed "twin" towers, we see the destructive few dismantling and decommisioning our Great America....half of america already brainwashed believing that only two towers were taken down, when we're the last generation that will remember it was three.  Monopolistic media reprogrammed our minds to forget the third tower (for good damn reason).
In the above example, notice that the cop is not able to accept money from a lower-class "lobbyist" (the citizenry that are the cops own neighbors).   However, money from the upper-class "lobbyists" (in the form of a raise, promotion, or even a mere chain-of-command word of praise), is for the plutocracy and by the plutocracy.  Which begs the question:  What if the citizens (public) were to hire and fire the police instead of that group that has leeched far too long in our Nation?  What if the citizens were to be in control rather than a small elite group of way-up-the-ladder controllers?   We ALL SHOULD KNOW that we would have a kinder, more humane police force.   We all would not have them killing kids, unarmed parents and siblings.  Our police force would be respectful and respectable.
So the police can only accept money from the upper chain-of-command cabal, and we the people are criminal for tipping a cop lest the cop draw a dignified line.  The lower working classes,  the police for example, are not actually part of the "in" group, they're the expendable buffer zone that are put into precarious situations and given programming that the U.S. Citizens are the threat.
In fact, nowadays if you offered to tip or "bribe/lobby" a cop, with all the neo-programming that our officers receive, they're so pumped up with the yeast of the upper-class' expectations, that you ought to consider yourself lucky that the officer didn't shoot you in the first place!

I've said it before (since 2007 actually; when we were only about $7 Trillion dollars in mysterious debt) and I'll say it again, our nation is being looted terribly.

If we can't legally talk about solutions, then it might be time to bail.

If it's illegal to discuss, and a capital crime to act upon, then what?

I actually have a solution (yes, me).  The crime of uttering words has me mute.

Of course the crap thickens when we begin to see a larger picture (larger than our tele-vision's "news").   My fellow Americans are invariably clueless to the fact that the other world powers have been in OPEN discussion about not dealing with America anymore.  Consider the fact that our citizenry only see products from China.  Ever wonder why?   We don't get our products from Germany or Sweden or even Japan anymore, countries that actually specialize in high-quality products.  The capitalists only operate by profit so we only get the lowest end of the Chinese products.  To maximize profit they buy from any country that will throw something together as cheaply as possible for their myopic gain only (and china takes the heat for the "warranty").

Again, the Russia Insider printed a news report that russia and china are talking about dropping the dollar....

If you think we got crappy products propagated by the ebay/amazon capitalists now....wait till you see the crap we're left with after the only country that is willing to sell to us cheap junk bails out of dealing with us!  China is one of the last countries that will sell to us! 
We can't see the products from Lithuania or bulgaria or russia or africa because there is a fat middle-man that has lived here for far too long *in my opinion !

Okay, so let's end this gripe.

So what's the answer?

email me.  We have a Nation to save.

Firstly, we need to UNPLUG from ALL CORPORATE-CONTROLLED MEDIA INCLUDING THE ONLINE THUGS (censor houses such as youtube, yahoo, facebook, twitter, etc.) and RE-EDUCATE by knowing the facts (it involves LOOKING for the facts!  Don't assume that you know something ESPECIALLY if you became "knowledgable" via the corporate media tele-"vison").

Then we need to RE-ENACT a TRUE freedom of speech (free of blacklisting and "legal" proceedings) and build a new model America.

No matter how off-the-wall a comment is, there is usually something of residual value worthy to be built upon.  Staying stifled ensures only one thing: http://usdebtclock.org

Here's my off-the-wall idea locally, it's not perfect, but it's something to BUILD upon, don't outlaw ideas at a time such as this!