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Below are personal sentiments at the given moment in time. SORRY BUT NOTHING IS IN ORDER IN THIS SECTION OF THE WEBSITE.Even the Pages are not in sequence. LOTS OF LUCK piecing it all together. wooo wooo, I quit!

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This Website is created in memorium of a Springfield Ohio Clark County Municipal Court-Case ripoff

A big thanks to Mike Dewine, our Ohio State Attorney General, for having participated and expedited the claim-release of non-authorized demands, for non-authorized funds to a monopoly (for no service and no product, Only Damages).

More about this particular issue here.


In another State (and time), a guard ordered some scared retard out of his infirmary cell, but he remained cowered and crying in a corner.

We were in the area that is referred to as "INTAKE".
We are told the injections and testing is to make sure us humans don't possess any invisible diseases which would hinder our being safely dispersed into the general prisoner population.

The retard across from me was crying and balled up on the small metal "bed" that jutted out from the rear of his cell.

He was a young small guy, it was hard not to feel sorry for his apparent inability to adapt to the institutional situation of being in a cage away from loved ones.

We are all "educated" that one is innocent until proven guilty,

yet oddly enough, the business of incarceration upon those that are too poor to bail themselves out pending a trial, punishes regardless of innocence.

(is not locking humans up before any guilt is established to be considered punishment to those that are potentially entirely innocent?).

The commands of the belligerent officer apparently had the kid unable to cope, and with each shout the kid just trembled and cried all the more.

The guard didn't seem to care that he was mentally challenged and after shouting at the kid profusely, he left the sobbing kid to only re-emerge later in a full-padded, almost armored-looking black suit, gloves, high boots, shielded helmet, and not just him alone either!

Men arrived, literally marching in step, single file. I can't remember if it were the left, or right hand, that each man had placed on the shoulder of the man in front of him as they marched with a rhythmic purposeful stomp.

It was bizarre as the lead guard held the clear 3 foot shield in front of him....
all those men for one little stripped and unarmed kid.

Which begs the question, which party does the greater sin here? The boy in whatever he did? Or the normal people, those good guys?

When I tell you they beat the hell out of him, it really doesn't do the kid too much justice, so let me elaborate:

They beat and tasered this kid so hard and so many times that they completely disemboweled the crying defenseless kid right there on the infirmary's cell block floor. With the kid's guts hanging out, and the guards unable to hide it from the two nurses, they began to play that typical "stop resisting" chorus. One of the nurses gave up and walked away stating " I can't watch this anymore " and left holding her hand over her mouth.

I'm relatively certain the kid didn't live. You will obey.
This is normal? Do you see why I found it unbelievable that I am the one that is also retarded?

Later, when I made it into "population", I learned of the particular guard that orchestrated the hit. He wasn't a common jailer, he was something like a Corporal or Sergent...something with a higher title. One day as he was passing through the cell block overseeing the trustees prisoner slave workers as they gave us prisoners meals comprised primarily of starches. I asked him whether or not the kid had survived. The killer answered curtly, "What's it to you?!". He walked up to my cell closer, "Do you know him or something? Mind your own f$#@! business or it could happen to you, got it?!".

And just as any brave American, I meekly said "yes sir", "I got it".
We all are defeated in my opinion. Not one of us brave citizens actively did something to stop the murder of kids, even of those that are publicized (Waco, ruby ridge, Kent state...oops, not Kent state...i.e. What is the S.D.A. / Weathermen Underground?

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Kids were our last hope in the 60's until the big influx of drugs to dumb them all down, the murders and assassinations, peppered with the hush money of greater welfare and more jobs, ... to build more prisons and jails for our offspring).
Situation Contained.

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