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Below are personal sentiments at the given moment in time. SORRY BUT NOTHING IS IN ORDER IN THIS SECTION OF THE WEBSITE.Even the Pages are not in sequence. LOTS OF LUCK piecing it all together. wooo wooo, I quit!

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This Website is created in memorium of a Springfield Ohio Clark County Municipal Court-Case ripoff

Without further editing or checking for errors in spelling or otherwise, these are the words on my mind right now:

Firstly, my edifice for the last few years (2 or 3?) has been a garage. It is of my free choice to live in this garage as opposed to the house that my mother so graciously purchased for her somewhat retarded son (me). I will not elaborate the MYRIAD of reasons I choose to be out here with crickets and spiders and an occasional mole or mouse, etc. Suffice to say, I stay out here now.

Population control.

At present the only novel idea that our present form of polity can conceive to control the populations of the world is by war and causing divisions within the population rendering groups against each other.

There are problems with this simplicity of thought.

What if you kill the only person that might save your (censored world)?

Recently I learned something very grave that I cannot possibly package in such a way that everybody on the planet will understand.

A greater hurdle is that of the means of publishing, which has become entirely under the central control of the myopic plutocrats in the form of "licensing" and "inspections" and "fees" and "fines" and "taxes" and we can go on for two days of all the profiteering means in which only the monopolies that now deliver our "news" will prevail. Any semblance of coverage to touch the greater number of souls on the planet is only accomplished if one could:
A.) Afford the cost of the few media moguls.
B.) Be articulate enough to convince the polity and its monopoly paymasters of wanting to publish non-mainstream thought in the first place.
C.) *There's more but I need to keep focused on the greater message of this writ.

Firstly, we need to be up to speed on PROGRAMMING.

When I state programming, we "instinctively" think of television, radio, or printed media. In my present field, programming is written in notepad and allows a computer to accomplish a desired task.

Now I'd like to talk about a different type of programming; programming the minds of the masses.

It is now 2018 and aside from the few cave-dweller factions that still resist modernization, it is my arguable belief that it is safe to say that there is not a man or woman alive that is not programmed to some degree (whether by socialization, printed, aired, televised, or "schooling", etc.

Test Tube

I don't care how big a man or adorable a woman you might be, if dropped into my test tube, I can make you into anything I want. I can make you have no other will than that of my will (yet you will swear it is by your own will that you chose my will to be your will).
Prisons are perfect examples for a controlled test population, as an example.
And, indeed all governments have come to exploit the means of a controlled test population. If you want more dire examples, check out Project MK-Ultra's experiments which most Americans were never even aware of. Even the Public has underwent experiments upon them without their knowledge or consent (The spectrum is broad, it wasn't just happening with us retards, inmates, or the military).

Throughout history there are published evidences to uphold that statement (even if this information sounds foreign to you, the reader). In fact, Jonestown is a perfect example.Jonestown Guyana is property owned by the CIA. Before Jonestown it was called Project Shalom. Read more about it here:
*Correction, due to my having merely LINKED the website is enough to get this page blocked (you'll have to do your own studies). Shalom Project The younger generations will more than likely never become cognitive of the "mass suicide" where a bunch of black people decided to listen to a white preacher and kill themselves. Programming is a very desirable tool to have by the controllers. Fact is, Leslie Mootoo is said to be the only Coroner permitted to make the initial inspection and even he states that there was never a suicide there. However, anyone that is as old or older than me recall the "news" programming us to believe it was a mass suicide where everyone drank poisoned Kool-Aid, willingly. A Coroner would know if a person was poisoned or not. I would go on to state many more examples of bad programming but here's a link that offers a good starting point to learn more of one particular test tube: Project MK-Ultra anyway:

**Sorry, the link was censored off of the Internet (glad to see this isn't just happening to my website's data.

My final point is, it was not only the AMERICAN inhabitants that were damaged, but equally so were the Americans back home. Programming fed the American minds with tales of families drinking poison and each member of the family lying directly atop the other with no mention of the fact that the Coroner stated that there were needle marks on the right shoulder of all that were slain. It is said that a very modern hospital was built out there and that there were mandatory visits of the inhabitants. The Guyanese Government stated that some of those not killed, those that were not present at the time, were later murdered and that they were shot. There were drag marks showing that some were not willing to follow orders to attend the meeting because they saw the "writing on the wall" when Senator Leo Ryan arrived. The murder of Senator Leo Ryan is interesting because just before his murder he was working on an Amendment that would forbid the CIA from working on the experiments upon unsuspecting American citizens. The Amendment died when Senator Leo Ryan did, and nobody has picked up the cause ever again.

As a tip in your studies to "shew thyself a workman that needeth not to be ashamed", I would suggest using limited key words in the search engine. Open every result for 2 pages of results and if a result sounds like something you've heard before, move on, it's your programming talking to you and since you already have that input, move on to the next tabbed result. For instance, the case of locating the facts, it was a bit of work and was not spoon-fed by the monopoly search engines.

Also, don't be afraid to try foreign websites because unlike our Nation which changes or obfuscates true history, other Countries treasure their history and preserve the good, bad, and ugly in accessible tomes. You'll know your actually in another nation's zone when the URL's don't end in .com or .net usually. If the language is foreign and there's not an option to change the language, I might suggest Yandex or
Google's Translators to help you along. And finally, when using the translators, don't forget to choose "site" or "whole page" translations as opposed to having to copy over to the translator everything from the original foreign web page.

This brings in the perfect time to show how media, and the "schools", are re-PROGRAMMING the minds of the masses. check out the version that the young adult programmers are allowing to be re-spun in a place which is supposed to educate (not disseminate) and re-Programming the same old lies to anyone that will allow it into their minds.

Know the truth, or choose to regurgitate the adage of "I don't know" (ignorance) and "I don't care" (apathy).

Programming will have a population "believing" that on 9-11 two towers were taken down within their own generation (even though their eyes witnessed three buildings come down on that fateful day in NY). The media played it over and over and over, but soon after simply stated one word, Twin.... and all the minds of the masses "forgot" about that third tower.

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