'MagicJack is the Bomb!'

Review content:

I remember many years ago leaving a foul review of magicjack...I won't
to go into details as to why and suffice to say:
Firstly, where the hell are you going to go to get a non-capitalizing means
of communication with reliable service, an awesome control panel on their
website to work your communications and unlimited incoming and outgoing
calling, and all the perks that come with a damn phone? So the Price is
digestible by all means.
Secondly, I believe that throughout the years of service with magicjack they
genuinely have been upgrading their service to us (at no extra charge)
because it seems to be more reliable than my overpriced cell phone. Truth be
known, I recently canceled the service for the cell phone.
And finally, I'm a grass-roots kind of person with a goal to be completely
offgrid. I eliminated the gas company years ago (firewood for cooking and
heating now...love it except for the soot and dust), I've also eliminated the
phone (cell), and reduced my electric bill to $40.00 in the winter time
(right now it's January in Ohio) and less than that in the spring and
summer...the electric will be eliminated hopefully this year once and for all
because I am certain that the fee I pay is not actually for usage but
something the monopolies conjured up called "availability of service fee", so
the electric will be replaced by a spot generator if needed. For the most
part my wind generator, solar arrays, batteries, large garden, chickens
....holy crap where the hell am I going with this!!!??? Oh yeah....I
would consider keeping magicjack and not consider dropping that bill from my
life because I feel magicjack is a fair exchange (now if I could only figure
out how to "legally" harness free internet because that IS NOT a fair deal
for the masses at all with their one of two choices for overpriced slow
crappy service and crappier customer service. Okay I'm old and just woke up
so I'll be using this statement as my disclaimer for the overchatty review.

Magicjack=hell yeah.