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Grapes growing in Springfield
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Late September Meager Harvest

Nearing winter, each day brings in lesser amounts of food to be processed. Separating vegetables from compost is accomplished on a stocked freezer top.

Photo of Winter is coming when vegetables are no longer plentiful

In the following image are seen the day's harvest separated as:
Chicken's rations = lower-left
Beans still requiring further cleaning and culling = lower-center
Kale = lower-right
Compost = upper-left
Tomatoes = upper-right
Photo of Separating Vegetable Matter

Less than 6 sickly Apples were produced 2018 (I lost count though)
It was hoped that the Apple Tree Planted a couple of years back would be producing by 2018. After reviewing an autopsy of the branch that refused to give up a lone apple, it is decided to prune the tree in preparation for the coming winter.

Photo of Two-year apple tree, gift by Vickie the Giver.Photo of Apple Blossoms. Photo of I'm not an apple tree.  I am a branch from an apple tree.

Starting of the Multi-purpose Stove
Soon the stove will be in full-swing and left lit to survive through the winter. For now, the wood-burner is only used when temperate weather permits. Seen below in the photo on the left are clothes drying in the background. The pot in the upper-left of the photo is producing distilled water for the battery banks while bread warms in the pan.

Photo of Multi-Purpose Wood Burner

The Distillery Collection
The production to consumption ratio is finally reached a plateau of success, which means electricity is no-longer a scarcity and over-use is not commonplace.
Much less water is required to maintain the battery banks when the banks are not over-burdened with a demanding load.

Photo of Distilled Water DIYPhoto of Springfield's Distilled Water DIYPhoto of Springfield distillery Micro Brew

September starts the beginning of the Fennel harvesting process
Seen below are Fennel Seeds left to dry in trays, heavy rainfall altered the cleaning process somewhat

Photo of One of the Fennel Drying TraysPhoto of Fennel HarvestingPhoto of Fennel Freshly Cut and ready for processing

The Lab's Bread-Making Kitchen Wall

Photo of General Store Area

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