Okay, I screwed up and lost this page....I won't be scrounging for the page through the backups since it wasn't probably anything important that I can remember anyway.

There's plenty to speak on just in recent happenings.

For instance, I run a small repair shop and since I gave up my "privilege" to operate a motor vehicle on the roadway due to political reasons only, the method of payment that is preferred here is "BARTER".

As it turns out, trading items for services with my immediate community works relatively well!

I quit driving due to the need to not allow myself to be extorted by a crooked Judicial system. The long story short is I and another driver both received tickets to appear in Ohio Court for a minor traffic accident. In fact it was so minor that the cop wrote on the tickets "NO Damage" and "No Injuries". Since I was just passing through Ohio from New York to Colorado, my ability to drop plans were beyond cruel and unusual punishment to force me to a motel in Ohio, even if I could have afforded it. I took a flight out of Colorado heading to the Netherlands, there were one or two stops and I can honesty say, Ohio's Judiciary was the last thing on my mind at the time.

As it turned out, I didn't want to come back! I applied for my Sophie Number (the equivalent to our Social Security Number) and when turned down I began to ponder other ways to becoming a citizen there.

Your programming instantly has you presuming that it was for the good pot or available women in a pinch as to my reasoning for the Amsterdam visit. You and your programming would be wrong.

I'm going to rattle off a few of the Pros of the Netherlands Government and see if it sounds like American Government also.

1.) If you get your wife knocked up, they GIVE you two years off of having to work. American's are now clueless as to the reasoning, I'm sure. I'm a shoe-in because I already did the study so can tell you why a paid vacation for having dropped a kid from the womb. Can you guess? Well in the world of child psychology, it was determined that the developmental years of 0-2years of age are the determinate crucial factors on the best potential well-being of the child into a proper adulthood.

Can us American's imagine even a loaf of bread from our Government, even during Christmas time?

There's actually loads to talk about and much might even intrigue you enough to go visit the reputed most Democratic Country on the Planet for over a Decade running.

But let's get on to reason number two.

2.) There is (was) less than 2% Crime rate in the Netherlands. Imagine a life without having to go into coronary shock because your toddler ambled into the night. Our minds cannot even conceive of such safety, we're too divided and muddled with programming. I'll give you a couple of real-life examples: A. While wating at the Grand Central Station Railway (I think that's what it was called) after first disembarking from the Schipold Airport (I think that's what it was called), my usual absent-mindedness somehow accomplished leaving the fannypack at the bench area. I was devastated. The currency exchange rate back then was 3 to 1 in the American Dollar's favor regardless of whether I chose the Guilder or the Euro (nowadays the values have totally flip-flopped, we're worthless these days).

I looked for a cop.

Where the hell are the cops!
LOL, no seriously, there were no cops anywhere, so I wasn't sure how to get valuable helpful information on how to do ...something.

After scrounging all the remaining dollars from my pockets and luggage, I checked into Moustafa's Motel.

So far my first experience wasnt' a good initial impression. Shared Bathrooms and showers, seriously? After a short wait, I was in a not-so-great shower. With the towel around my waist I returned to the room and fell on the bed exhausted. At about 2am. a knock came at the door. Would it be that God sent me a hooker!? Who else would possibly be knocking at my door at 2am?

It was a cop
But it was immediately noticed that this cop was super polite and respectful and soft-spoken and only greeted me before asking my name. I thought in my head, "oh great, here we go, it's no better than in the U.S.".

However after complying by telling this strangely dressed cop my name I noticed he had what looked strangely like my bag! He pulled my passport out and a photo id and dammit looking back on it I am pretty sure I offered him money but am certain he did not take it. I asked him where and how did he find it and the cop stated that A HOMELESS MAN FOUND THE BAG UNATTENDED AND TURNED IT IN.

Regardless of how, I had the money and passport and birth certificate and keys and more, all back and missing nothing! Could that happen in any major American City? Maybe, but more than likely it would be seen as a miracle and not the norm. In my opinion mismanagement has us all divided and clouded, self-absorbed and simple-minded.

The next cheerful day I found myself walking down cobbled roadways and noticed immediately how there were not many vehicles that predominated the city. Instead I saw couples in horse-drawn carriages, and school kids on the many ferries, and bikes were everywhere unlocked!

Oddly enough, although the cop stated that a homeless man had turned in the bag, I could not locate any homeless people and I searched day and night that first few days. I wasn't actually searching for homeless people, but all aspects of the culture there. To my amazement, like America, the Netherlands had a very diverse amount of cultures but all seemed extremely peaceful and clear-minded and well-spoken. The shops were EVERYWHERE. Five feet in any direction was another type of food offered by another cuisine shop.

However after being later turned down by the Netherlands to become a citizen there, I did what any somewhat straight male would do, I visited the coffee shops.

Breaking into conversations with anyone that seemed to have an available ear, I asked what one must do to become a citizen there.

Believe it or not, only one man's advice was though of as offensive. Perform a crime, he said. I was certain that would not work since not only was there less than 2% crime-rate there, but also someone would have to murder someone to become incarcerated there...okay that is extreme.

At one point while sitting alone at another shop, I saw a man leave the bar with his fat wallet left in place.

The problem with the Netherlands is that the people are so seriously GOOD that taking anything is near impossible, the goodness rubs off~!

As money began to dwindle and my allowed time was coming nigh, I began to stay in what's referred to as "hostels".

I highly recommend the experience. Don't be surprised if you find a young couple sleeping in the same large room as you and several others but nobody complaining about the sex of the young couple! I couldn't take it anymore and decided to go for a walk.

Along the dimly lit cobbled alleyways, many of the shops were surprisingly still open. Eventually I found my way to the "Red Light District".

One word sums it all up, wow. Poeple were having fun and clubbing and happy faces instead of frowns were everywhere and that one solitary night was the closest I came to finding a homeless person, or so she said before pulling me into her room that only had a solitary bed. oooga

As the days neared to when I was to depart from the Netherlands, I did all one could do to learn about everything the place had to offer. I took train and bus rides out into the countryside and other smaller cities that dotted the windmill country. The scenery changed from waterways at every block to wind mills and farms. I visited the net-cafes and tried to find a suitable wife to make me a citizen and went on a couple of dates but that too wasn't working.

There's so much more I could write about the goodness there, but let's get on with reason #3. 3.) It has been stated by psychologists and sociologists alike that, if to guage a polity in any given country, one must first look at the prison systems. Why is this number 3? Because when inquiring to learn more of the prison system in the Netherlands I learned that prisoners are allowed to be with their families during visits. One man told me of daily conjugal visits, even! That's bizarre to our American mind's to even conceive. Why would any nation coddle it's incorrigables?

Are you ready for this?
a. It keeps the family ties close together. In our American Nation, divorce is almost sure to follow.
b. It keeps the stress levels low within the prison system. IN our American Judicial system, lost desperate men risk life just to escape back to bury their dead.
c. It eliminates incidents of rapes and other violence.
d. Having observed that locking people in cages is rarely incentive for the prisoner to become a better person, the Netherlands chose to try other less-trodden methods.

It was hoped to finish this page, but not only did I forget where I was aiming at in this prose, the mail was just delivered and my workday is ringing.

Commitment to the Environment
Our Nation CAN do Better!

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