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Link Photo of Battery Bank DiscoveryDiscovery

Copyright RacketLink Photo for Copyright Racket

Made with TrashLink Photo for Trash Wall

Lessons LearnedLink Photo for Lessons Learned

Spectrum FiascoLink Photo for Spectrum Fiasco

EconomicsLink Photo for Economics Discourse

AT&T DebacleLink Photo for AT&T Debacle

Springfield Ohio DiscourseLink Photo of Initial perception of Springfield Ohio
(Second Draft)

Middle-Man JudiciaryLink Photo of unjust Judiciary

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Kenny's Other TOPICS

Off-Grid Discoveries and Batt Project

Bank 1

Bank 2
Bank 3

Bank 4
Bank 5

Bank 6
Bank 7

Bank 8
Bank 9

Bank 10

Made with Trash Project

Brick Wall 1

Brick Wall 2

Solar in Action
Solar 1

Solar 2

Off-Grid Photo Gallery

Photos 1

Photos 2
Photos 3

Off-Grid Lifestyle
Lifestyle 1
Lifestyle 2
LifeStyle 3

Wind Energy

Solar Kits

The Well

The Garden
Topic Pending the new Censorship Laws


Wood Stove





Solar Controllers


Garden 1

Garden 2

Garden 3

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p.s. Here's some more dis-organizational skills:

Preliminary Power Testing and Findings

Batteries 1

Batteries 2

Batteries 3

Batteries 4

Batteries 5

Batteries 6

Batteries 7

Batteries 8

Batteries 9

Batteries 10

Batteries 11

Off-Grid LifeStyle

LifeStyle 1

LifeStyle 2

LifeStyle 3

Garden Poop

Garden 1

Garden 2

Garden 3

Someday these will be Organized, too




Something Else



More Something


Solar Panel Kits

Solar Too

Something Again

Not Sure





Wood Burner

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