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Off-Grid Solar and Wind-Generated Power

Winter orientation for solar panels in Springfield Ohio

Tip #2 Design your own Cable scheme

You won't typically accomplish this with a pair of scissors,

so break out your sharpest blade,


and precision cutoff saw!

After having chopped the connectors specified in Tip #1, clean off both ends, carry the wire to the battery bank, and get a measurement leaving a slight allowance for movement on the parallel connections (none for the series connections).

Be careful while assessing your cuts.

It's true, 12v electricity is eons safer than the grid electricity, however handling batteries unsafely can hurt or kill you.


One cut for your SERIES connection and one for your PARALLEL.

A.) When cutting for series connections, make the cables as short and direct as possible.

These connections are generally clear from the service cell caps, having play in the series connection would be of no practical use.

B.) When cutting for parallel connections, make the cables from the first connector, T H R O U G H to the farthest battery connector that your cable will reach.

Less cuts equates to less energy loss and minimizes other potentially detrimental variables.

This photo shows Batteries Plus "Duracell" Batteries are a farce.These batteries are actually made by Dekka.The Business sector can get away with deceptive selling practices via a comprimized polity and judiciary.

The argument for custom-cut cables isn't just an argument for safety's sake,
or that it looks neater,
or that the result are a more-efficient battery bank,

but also you are gaining the least cost per lifetime by making your own cables.

Ohio Off-grid Battery cables in Springfield's Homestead

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