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Winter orientation for solar panels in Springfield Ohio

Tip #2 Design your own Cable scheme

Making your own cabling is a pain in the asz.

You won't be accomplishing this with a pair of scissors, so break out your sharpest blade, grinder, or precision cutoff saw; and after having chopped the connectors specified in Tip #1, clean off both ends, carry the wire to the battery bank, and get a measurement leaving a slight allowance for movement on the parallel connections (none for the series connections).

Be careful while assessing your cut.

It's true, 12v electricity is eons safer than the grid electricity, however handling batteries unsafely can hurt or kill you. I would include here an actual occurrence but I fear the departments that are set over us as they would use my words against my freedoms to use the time given by God in the manner in which I choose. This is the most nefarious of censorship as it hinders my being able to translate an actual heads-up to the citizenry here.



One cut for your SERIES connection and one for your PARALLEL.

A.) When cutting for series connections, make the cables as short and direct as possible. These connections are generally clear from the service cell caps, having play in the series connection would be of no practical use, that I can think of.

B.) When cutting for parallel connections, make the cables from the first connector, T H R O U G H to the farthest battery connector that your cable will reach. Less cuts equates to less energy loss and minimizes other potentially detrimental variables. Using a sharp knife, cut wherever the other connectors may be located. Seen below are cables that extend from& the first terminal to the third terminal (WITHOUT A CUT). In other words the cable is continuous through the second terminal.

This photo shows Batteries Plus "Duracell" Batteries are a farce.  These batteries are actually made by Dekka.  The Business sector can get away with deceptive selling practices via a comprimized polity and judiciary.

The argument for custom-cut cables isn't just an argument for safety's sake, or that it looks neater, or that the result are a more-efficient battery bank, but also you are gaining the least cost per lifetime by making your own cables.

Ohio Off-grid Battery cables in Springfield's Homestead

In our present-day economically controlled societies, the pre-manufactured crappy cables are all cut one-size-fits-all (basically), which leads to critical problems. Anyone having to check the specific gravity of each cell in each battery, or adding distilled water or sulfuric acid to each cell in each battery, has encountered the tangled web the corporate crap creates. Cables are strewn seemingly everywhere no matter how well you try to loom them. The mess of cables causes confusion, is a proponent of potential accidents, causes phantom energy loss due to unnecessary length/distance, and simply looks bad.

Now notice the nice, neat, predictable cables you see in the photo shown below.

* DISREGARD the DUST (I call it oil-sop)
Aside from the evident fact that I don't generally bother dusting the batteries (as opposed to the uncensored portion of the Internet which typically depict batteries that are shiny and probably just for show, financed by the very entity seeking to gain advantage), more importantly notice that there isn't any acid build-up around the posts and connectors. It is patently impossible to clean the posts without disturbing the dust around the that's the excuse, I'm just waiting for the day when I have to clean the posts!

Photo showing the Springfield Offgrid Batteries with a more direct connection between battery terminals

Brass connectors solved corrosion issue

This photo of Springfield's Offgrid Battery connectors shows that the mystery of no corrosion using brass is evident that our Internet censorship is a business-class manipulation for the consumer to purchase multiple replacements of battery cabling throughout our lifetimes

Cutting tailored cable lengths allowed for reduced costs in cabling, less phantom energy loss, and a safer/more predictable work space. Direct cable connections from one terminal to the next allows for quicker transference of power with least amount of heat loss (resistance due to excess cable length), and overshadows the problems caused by excess cable, whether it be at the battery bank or the distance from the battery bank to the end-user device, hub, or appliance. So if the common marketplace only offers one size in battery cable thickness, and only offer one or two lengths, cutting it all down for tailored cuts meant nothing gets wasted. If the next generation want thicker cables, let them finance it, these cables are getting recycled as-is ';-)).

Photo of 48v Battery Bank in Springfield Ohio

This is the primary battery bank that handles some of the larger loads such as washer/spinner, freezer, bread-maker, blender, etc. However it is needed to be increased due to no-sun season (winter).

Spare Battery Bank

Luckily a spare Battery Bank is available to increase the capacity/longevity of the 48v Bank.

Battery Bank partially moved

This photo shows half the bank moved.

Battery Bank Doubled up in Parallel

This photo shows the batteries doubled-up to increase duration.

Battery cables in perfect condition
Since I converted all cabling to brass connectors, this shows the cables after a year or more of use. Hydrometer is a must for battery bank maintenance When it is opportune, checking specific gravity within the battery cells is a great way to see the true health of a battery.
Battery acid spill At times a few drops of the battery acid may spill.
Battery Acid Neutralizer Take no chances with battery acid. Neutralize any spills with plenty of ...
Baking Soda Neutralizer This stuff is acid neutralizer.

Baking Soda for safety's sake. Keep the Baking Soda near each battery bank just in case something should arise.

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