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Off-Grid Solar and Wind-Generated Power

Vickie Murph's Gift to Kenny Hendrick; Springfield 2nd Year Apple Tree

Tip #3

Think Long-Term

Planning along the lines of long-term is essential when building a power plant that will outlive you and me.

Chances are likely that the next generation will not be that keen on how it all works,
nor should they have to.

Consider your niece or grand-child coming to your off-grid edifice,
would you feel safe having him or her around your power plant alone?

If not, fix it as if you were dying tomorrow!

Whenever possible, buy TESTED AND TRUE PRODUCTS.

Quality Motion Sensors, Light Sensors, and Timed Sensors will remember to turn on and off appliances, so you can remember more important things.

Photo of a Springfield Ohio Sensor to handle turning off appliances.

Motion sensors for lights, security cameras, alarms, and can even tell you when there's a visitor at your front door!

Photo of a Springfield Ohio Intruder arrives at 2am. Photo of a Springfield Ohio Intruder arrives at 2am. caught by motion cameras

Photo showing lights not sensing motion and in the off-position. Photo showing lights not sensing motion and in the on-position.Photo depicts Springfield Sensor to aid in automation of lighting. Photo to emphasize the need for many sensors to allow for increased lighting when motion is detected.

LED's permit more light with least consumption of energy (on-grid or off-grid).

Photo showing LED lights in Springfield Ohio Off-Grid Homestead.

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