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January 2018, Winter-time in Springfield Ohio, extremes in weather conditions has proven to be perfect for solar and wind testing.

One day it's 60degrees and sunny, the next day it's 12degrees with low-hanging cloud cover, then another day it's 20+ mph blustery winds.

Between the wind generator and solar panels, in an off-grid scenario, both are paled in priority compared to that of the batteries.

Recently I mused at how the job is almost accomplished out here; 24hours each day, for more than 2 years now, monitoring and tweaking, testing and experimenting,  finally coming to a close.

Mission Accomplished

Battery Sulfation Mess
Then I woke up.

The following findings were not gleaned from the Internet; but rather by trial and error,  and much testing.
ome of the information that follows will be CONTRARY to the propaganda on the net in regards to battery power banks in an off-grid scenario.
It is hoped that the next generation will pick up from the following data and build upon the information which follows


Below are shown the corporate crap; look closely and recognize it. Take special note of the white acid residue at the bottom of the box and around the coroded terminal connectors.   If you use the corporate crap, you invariably have holes in some of your clothes as a result of the acid-effects.  This crap is brought to you by capitalists that use the least amount of invested capital to push products that will see their demise over and over and your lifetime.
They, and their cable connectors, are not your friends.

Springfield Offgrid Ohio Battery

But Lo~!

Shown below are two brass connectors.

Springfield Offgrid Battery

These brass connectors were found at a great local store called Rural King.
If you don't have a Rural King in your neighborhood, you don't get to enjoy their complimentary coffee and popcorn, and a pleasant helpful customer service, and a wide variety of assorted merchandise and equipment.  Furthermore,  for hardware like nuts and bolts, DO BOTHER TO COMPARE their prices with the big box stores!

They don't charge per nut or bolt, Rural King sells by the flipping pound!
Suffice to say, the community here in Springfield loves their Rural King.

It was always just presumed that battery connectors will have to be periodically inspected and replaced (because the uncensored portion of the Internet told me so).

Invariably, acid literally ate the soft metal of the common lead connector, leaving only wires at the posts.

No other viewpoint on the Internet in regards to a solution in off-grid applications was found.

Side Note:

Unfortunately, we do not have the freedom to visit all the websites that actually exist because our Internet is extremely filtered.

Something like 90% of all the websites are not permitted through the IP Provider's "wall of fire".  The "forbidden" websites, labeled to us as the "black" and "dark" web, are predominantly those webmasters that refuse to pay off the internet mafia (the ones that try to compel control by instituting regulations and "safeguards" (meanwhile they farm the only operating system that is susceptible to all viruses, malware, spyware, trojans, and worms to the civilians irregardless of which monopoly store a computer is purchased from).

Since you are reading my site, it could only mean one of maybe three reasons that you even found this site.

I refuse to succumb to adding the manipulative httpS:  to my http:.   So now the manipulators add a fear-planting warning to any prospective visitors (usually located to the left of the URL bar).

In reality, the warning is misdirected and ought to be placed where it rightfully belongs, upon those that manipulate the internet for their own agenda.

Websites become tucked away via "blacklists", and with databases, keyword responder-bots, redirects, and misdirects, etc. and are easily pointed away from certain "protected" groups and locations.

Similarly, on a myopic scale compared to our weakest links, the limited controlled Internet Providers) use super-routers that can further filter the allowed results down to their own agendas (which is to up-sell the consumer, or force the consumer to purchase additional or replacement hardware (see the proof, Spectrum caught hacking me, and admitted it).

The problem arises when the data they are tucking away becomes critical to our survival.   For instance, if a problem threatens our existence, would it matter if the answer to solve the problem came from organized crime, modern-day governments, or the taliban?

*If I'm caught drowning, I don't care who you are, throw me a damn rope and I'll promise to grab it!

So cables will need to be inspected, tightened, and replaced from time to time, eh?

Tip #1:

Cut the corporate capitalist crappy connectors from those cables!

If a person were to spend 52cents, they would not likely be buying a Mazeratti.
More likely, the person spending 52cents is buying an item valued at 52cents.
This is not to say that spending more will yield more!
In 2018, it is unsafe to say that the highest prices in the marketplace will ensure the highest quality anything.

One thing is for certain though, those cable connectors sold at walmart, kmart, autozone, etc. are NOT for off-grid applications.

I've been dealing with those cables for over a decade;
Save yourself the headaches and potential power failures (and more!), trust me on this one, cut the cable terminals off, and install the brass connectors.
Springfield Battery Cable

This alternative to corporate-farmed cabling offers the convenience of nut and bolt, as opposed to one-time-use crimp and solder. This method allows for the adding of other connections at a later date, without having to purchase more hardware, and eliminates unnecessary labor.

The cost difference is shocking at first, but when you consider it is a once-in-your-lifetime replacement (as opposed to replacing potentially dangerous damaged cables every other year), coupled with the fact that the automotive capitalists designed cables to incorporate the cable into the connectors, rendering their cables not user-serviceable, and their connectors not re-usable.

Brass connectors exhibit no sulfation! Why? I don't know why. Maybe if we were permitted to see the whole Internet, that a site exists explaining the phenomenon... my tentative guess is that the average automobile is not pushing 60amps into a battery bank, as in the case of solar, wind, hydro, etc.
*(referencing an average 48v input configuration)

I did not find this factoid on the Internet!
No more sulphuric mess, no more cable connectors dissolving in areas that are not visible to the naked eye, no more going back to the marketplace to replace the entire cable or connector because of deformity due to stretching, no more checking after weather extremes ... BRASS, with its tighten-once design, equates to less maintenance and a more reliable connection.

To be totally honest with you, I didn't buy the brass connectors for any of the aforementioned reasons!

I had purchased the brass battery connectors as one that might purchase a chrome starter for their prized car.
The connectors were nothing more than "tricking out" the battery bank for show.

Several advantages converting to brass were noticed immediately; No sulfation was the bountiful harvest.

If the uncensored portion of the Internet has left anyone else dis-amused and lacking when seeking truth (in any area), and when the Internet communications controllers are askew in the shaping of the offering of Internet data to further intelligence, the entire off-grid realm holds as the curbed model as evidence of the existence of a censored Internet.

I'm just saying, having watched thousands of videos on the topic, and having read and perused thousands more websites on the topic, nowhere was this information concerning a more permanent solution to an inevitable problem found.

That's disturbing!

Along with cable connectors, ought to naturally come the cables themselves. Since the crappy cable connectors don't work well in a long-term off-grid application, after changing the connectors, let's look at designing a better cable now.
You have concluded Tip # 1 of the Off-Grid Battery Bank Tips

Off-Grid Battery-Bank Tips

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*If anyone with more electrical experience than I has the answer to the following question, please contact me with the answer.
Q: Why should the off-grid battery bank scenario be following the Codes Regulations which do not apply to our DC Supply (on a number of levels, but right now I want to know the answer in reference to switches)?
With a 2-wire system (battery to light, for instance) shouldn't the NEGATIVE lead be to the Switch
(as opposed to the AC alternative which uses the POSITIVE) ?  My rationale behind this is that in a DC scenario it is the NEGATIVE lead that brings the power and if that's so why in the world would we want to energize the entire circuit up to the return of the switch (as opposed to having the negative-energized lead to the switch and no further until turned on)?  The savings to the battery ought to be relative since an energized length of wire is still consuming regardless of whether or not a load is turned on (for an extreme example, if a battery is sitting in NY and an unused load is sitting in Japan, wouldn't the length of wire alone consume some or all of the battery)?
In AC Codes Regulations the box/switch is grounded (sometimes twice-over).  If the ground we walk on is used as a ground in AC power, with DC the earth doesn't differentiate.  Having my negative lead to the switch seems to be the safer choice (but I'm not certain).

Please respond with an answer if you know it.  Thanks (get back to me before something burns up...I've already begun testing on reversing the polarity in one switch here).  For your information, I have NEVER (EVER) used a grounding rod....2-wire-only has worked for sustaining my electricity in over a decade without incident.  I do however notice phantom loss beyond the normal loss of a standing little-used battery (which possibly can be attributed to energizing an entire circuit in an attempt to follow the AC "codes" dictates).

Our Nation CAN do Better!

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