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Off-Grid Solar and Wind-Generated Power

Off-Grid Solar and Wind-Generated Power

Miscellaneous Trees, born 2017

A small Cherry, apple, and pear orchard is being considered. But for now the only success has been in the nourishing of the rapidly growing trees way in the back that don't produce fruit.

The trees shown in the photos were not present when we moved here in late 2014. The trees form a natural border between the neighbors to the rear and our property, and will serve as firewood in a few years.
Springfield TreesSpringfield Ohio TreesTrees in OhioTrees in Springfield


All that was required for these trees to grow, was to NOT mow a section of the lawn for a while.

September - October 2018!
Still pulling in an ample supply of salad from the Garden

September Springfield SaladApple Tree born in Springfield OhioBaby Apple Tree in Springfield Ohio brought to you by Ms. Vickie Murph
The Apple Tree was brought here by Ms. Vickie Murph who first started out as a customer, and then became a great friend.

Sliced and frozen, cucumbers are a great addition to smoothies (just add honey, kale, and water). The process here has been to prepare 5 or 6 Mason Jars at a time, filling them only about 3/4 of the way full, and then dropping them in the freezer for later enjoyment.

Temporary Hut in Springfield OhioGetting a feel where door might goDigging to allow door to swingDump Trailer Transports Dirt to Front Lawn

February 2019

Although way too early to be starting kale indoors from seed, this batch was sprouted in about 3 days.

The soil is 50% soil from the backyard and 50% used coffee grounds.

February 2019 Photo February 2019 Photo February 2019 Photo February 2019 Photo

Worst-case scenario, I'l slam the sprouts in some soup.

As for the Catch-Basin project. It's already a success, there hasn't been one incident of the garden being underwater since it was dug.

Springfield Ohio ToadToad in Springfield Ohio

Since there's a well already in place on the other side of the rear garage, the catch-basin can now be leveled-off and top soil added to cap it off. There's plenty of aggregate and slope to drain the garden and I'm certain there'll not be another issue with standing water in the garden.


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