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Garden - Page 3


Another harvest is almost over for all edibles here, the freezer is packed full for the winter consumption.

This being the third harvest here, I've come to the conclusion;

Tomatoes don't need planting in Ohio.

Each year tomatoes pop up in areas that we hadn't even planted.

Fact is, each successive year have been planted lesser and lesser amounts of tomatoes.

This year there were 4 survivors that were purchased, and all the rest re-generated from the year before via seeds from the tomatoes that were left for dead.

Up sprouted dozens and dozens of tomato plants in places like on the front lawn, on the side of the house, on the side of the garage, behind a solar panel, and of course in the garden.

So. Apparently Ohio is the Tomato State (and I can stop buying tomato seeds.

Springfield Ohio has good soil in my opinion; New Port Richey Florida does not.

This year was the first year for a "no-till" garden, which was not so eventful. The garden looked like hell but for the most part the yield was kind of surprising overall (there were two early-Spring frosts that killed everything planted, twice but all-in-all I'd say it's been a pretty good harvest still).

Farmers already know anything that might be typed here. A recent finding was a revelation to me, there are some crops that only have to be planted once or twice in a lifetime. For instance, in just one year of fennel harvest in the small garden, there's been enough harvested to last for a couple of years at least. Almost a gallon of fennel seeds are frozen in the hopes that it will ensure longevity but I'm clueless about this kind of stuff really.

Each year there are ALWAYS give-aways (which is probably how it is with anyone with a garden or farm). When a pleasant or needy visitor happens along, it's totally convenient to offer the visitor some berries or melons or (whatever is growing at that time).

Not only is it a good feeling to have SOMETHING to offer another, but oftentimes the visitor will PICK THEIR OWN! wooo woo (break day if they pick enough!).

Plastics and Earth

Next Spring's project and test will be accomplished by placing one thick sheet of black plastic over an area which will die-off all the vegetation, vegetable plugs will be placed in the holes made in the plastic and will ensure that only the garden vegetables will utilize the nutrients from the soil.

It is not known what the overall effects will be using the aforementioned method, so only part of the garden will be done in this fashion and the remainder of the garden will be permitted unchecked growth of other plants along side the vegetables that are not incorporated into the plastic sheeting.

Green House

As for the new greenhouse, it's been decided to use it as a storage for the garden equipment thoughout the winter. The walls and ceiling went up rather easily (not totally reinforced or finished yet). However the one side that hasn't any tarp over it will be the door and north wall which could be completed in a rustic timber wood, so this will require the skills from somebody else.

New Item
2018 year marks the first that the Fennel has been allowed to go to seed.
Collecting Fennel in Springfield Ohio Ohio Springfield Fennel Spice
By the time all is harvested 4 or 5 large spice containers will be full.
The process of collecting the seed seems as though it might be tedious, but with another person the chore goes relatively quickly.
Ohio Fennel Springfield Fennel
The individual branches are harvested as they mature turning a brownish-tan.

Remove Fennel Seeds from plant

Harvest Fennel Seed

Re-purpose discarded remaining plant by composting or kindling. It doesn't get any easier than that.
Re-purpose the stuff


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