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Fresh from our Springfield Ohio Garden photo

Topic: Garden


Grapes made their arrival, despite general neglect of not being watered or mulched.

My name is Grapes photo in SpringfieldI am a photo of Ohio Grapes

The surplus of the grapes end up being frozen. Here they are having been pulled from the deep freezer. After being liquified, the grapes will again be frozen, this time in a mason jar. Adding water and honey in a blender, the grapes make for a refreshing long-lasting cold in Springfield

A real orange made these two jars. They too will end up in a freezer and flash-frozen.I am a photo of Grapes

A greenhouse in the making to permit early starts of seedlings. The Greenhouse is erected and braced in pvc and steel with a decent door. Still a bit more work needs to be done, but is expected to have clear plastic replace the dark tarp by March, 2019.

I am a photo of a Skeleton Green House in Springfield OhioI am a photo of a not-so-Green House in Springfield OhioSpringfield Ohio Hut Photo
In preparation for the winter, a common tarp covers the structure prior to the door placement.

The garden was planted thrice this year.

The first two times it was hit by the frost, and everything died.

By the third planting, not as much was planted. There still remained kale and beans and cucumbers and tomatoes, but not much else.

I am a photo of Springfield Kale Photo of No-till Gardening Photo of Springfield Ohio Garden on Troy Road Garden Photo in Springfield Springfield Ohio Strawberries Image Image of Springfield Beans Picture of Ohio No-Till Ohio's Cucumbers Photo in Springfield Picuture of Raspberries in Springfield Ohio Troy Road Garden Springfield Ohio Photo

2019 and would you believe I'm still using the canned tomatoes from the 2014/2015 harvests?!

My guess is that if it were averaged out, I cook with one jar each week.

That's 52 jars multiplied by 4 or 5 years and that's a lot of jars that were canned!

In the long-run, there might be advantage to just farm one crop per season.

Also, If anyone needs canning jars (Kerr, Ball, and some other manufacturer), they are being sold for fifty cents each.

The Jars are dusty, but nothing a bit of water and soap cannot clean up.

All sizes available.

Mason Jars available for .50 cents each in Springfield
Canning Jars .50 cents each, First Come First Canned


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