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Fresh Food from our Springfield Ohio Garden photo

Despite general neglect of not being watered or mulched, Grapes made their arrival at our small Homestead in 2018 (planted in 2016 or 2017).

Most of the first-season grapes were blended into smoothies and frozen for later enjoyment in the form of drinks.
My name is Grapes photo in SpringfieldI am a photo of Springfield Ohio GrapesPhoto of frozen Springfield Grapes

Jars are capped and frozen.
The photo shows approximate level filled to combat cracking of the mason jars.

I am a photo of Grapes

Photos shown below are a failed attempt to create a greenhouse to permit early starts of seedlings for next year's planting.

Erected and braced in pvc and vertical steel, along with a decent door proved to be a waste of time however.
The winter caught me off-guard, so I placed a tarp over the contraption hoping it would weather until Spring but God had other ideas.

I am a photo of a Skeleton Green House in Springfield OhioSpringfield Ohio Hut PhotoI am a photo of a not-so-Green House in Springfield Ohio
This proposed Greenhouse was knocked down in a wind-storm (see video on next page).

2015 through to 2017 proved to be too much labor pulling weeds in the garden. A new approach is attempted in 2018.

Below are shown photos of the alternative "No-Till" Gardening (2018).
No-Till Gardening was easier, but proved to be a mess of way too many weeds which hindered a quick harvest.

I am a photo of Springfield KalePhoto of No-till GardeningGarden Photo in SpringfieldSpringfield Ohio Strawberries ImagePicture of Ohio No-Till

An adequate regular harvest was obtained.

Photo of Springfield Ohio Garden on Troy RoadOhio's Cucumbers Photo in SpringfieldPicuture of Raspberries in Springfield OhioTroy Road Garden Springfield Ohio PhotoMason Jars available for .50 cents each in Springfield

Tarp Gardening 2019

Tarp Gardening has thus far shown to be the best alternative for easier planting, control, and easier harvesting.
This 2019 method however may hinder the soil from receiving proper amounts of decaying matter.
The tentative plan is to move the garden in 2020 to allow inspection and observe any problems with tarp gardening such as reduction of worms, etc.
Ohio's Tarp Gardening in SpringfieldTarp Gardening in Springfield

Now let's talk weed

No, I'm not talking about the weed that was demonized some time ago (when it was found profitable to do so).

The weed I'm referring to is known by a few names, I'll be referring to this weed as "Wild Lettuce".

It is also known as "Opium Lettuce" or "Medicinal Lettuce", and in many of North America's backyards the plants exist already (simply stop mowing a section of your lawn for a spell).

Shamefully, I'm 55 years of age and just now learning about the medicinal qualities of some of the "weeds" we generally mow down.

If our education system were not just a means to get the population molded to read and write, follow directions and enter the employment arena, I would have learned about some of these awesome greens that are at our disposal earlier on in life.

Rather, my young impressionable mind was indoctrinated to useless filler of dead upper-class presidents and other general useless or erroneous "information" such as how we purchased this country from the Mexicans (and the almost extinct American Indians), and the such.

In fact, I remember when we were "taught" to duck under our school-room tables at the sound of a siren which would infrequently sound-off.
We were told that this might save our lives from a nuclear attack.

We were also given a bait-and-switch "education" of how MONOPOLIES WERE NOT A PART OF THE AMERICAN ECONOMIC SYSTEM (and here it is 2019 with only two players left at the monopoly board).
I can't even imagine what the kids of today are being "taught", but we can rule out backyard medicines or how many lives and families were destroyed during the alcohol prohibition (until the competition were all wiped out).
In more modern times, we can say the same with gambling, and nowadays Marijuana which magically has become un-demonized.

But let's talk about a weed they've not demonized for profit's sake (yet).

More details can be found about Wild Lettuce on sites such as WebMD,, The (food and drug administration), and other notable sites.

A few days ago I came across some videos on Youtube that expounded how the weed is helping people with migraines/headaches, arthritis, insomnia, pains, fibromylasia (not spelled correctly), and more.
I was so suprised by some of the personal account claims found on Youtube that I did a bit more research on this "Wild Lettuce".

And by the time a few hours had passed in my rooting around to find out more about the topic, I broadcasted an email to my family and friends some of the links which gave the most credence to the claims.
Like Diatomaceous Earth, this weed had some rather extraordinary reviews.In fact, if any of the readers here wish to know more, find a guy that looks like a druggie on Youtube and you'll be learning something surprising as he eventually reads from some credible sources.

Okay, enough about yard weeds.

Dusty Canning Jars

Kerr and Ball Canning Jars are being sold for fifty cents each.

The Jars are dusty, but nothing a bit of water and soap cannot clean up.

All sizes available.

Mason Jars available for .50 cents each in Springfield
Canning Jars .50 cents each, First Come First Canned

This concludes the first page of our Off-Grid Gardening experience in Springfield Ohio

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