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Off-Grid Solar and Wind-Generated Power

Topic: Lifestyle

As for refrigeration, it turns out there hasn't been any real need for refrigeration.

Two or Three years and going strong without the need for refrigerators.

Photo of Refrigeration Nada Instead the refrigerators are used as cupboards.

Alternative means for refrigeration are used in the winter time, when needed.
Some of the methods of winter-refrigeration are old-school, such as:

If it's winter time, put your food outside.

Use a SECURE cooler. Raccoons are ingenious!
If it were not for the myriad of security cameras here to later allow for the playback of the 4-legged bandits, I'd swear there were bad kids in the neighborhood!

However, the freezer is on the top of the "never turn off" list. Off-Grid Freezer

The freezer is where all the good stuff from the garden is hiding.

Most anything from the garden can be frozen.
Since there's so many canned pickles left from a few years ago, the cucumbers this year are simply sliced and flash-frozen (which are great in smoothie drinks, just add water, honey, and cucumber cubes).

Kale is another great thing to freeze, and also works well in smoothies.

Either works well if just doing a stir-fry.

The freezer shown above came from Home Depot in Springfield Ohio and has been well-appreciated.

Since I don't drive, they even delivered the freezer to me free of charge!

Recently a man whom I fixed a computer for, repayed me by filling the freezer to capacity. He brought so much food that I had to decline some of it.
There's just no room in here for another freezer!

Another thing you may need to adapt to when off-grid, is making your own food.
This is something made in January 2018. It's bread with dried pineapples and apple spice.

Photo of First Breads in Springfield OhioPhoto of Bread in Ohio

Oddly enough, this flour was about 2 years beyond its expiration date.
Yes, every bit of it was eaten anyway, but who knew powders and flours had expiration dates?

If you're heading off-grid, chances are you are too far from a store in which to shop.
Keep your flours and powders in very secure canisters.

I was clueless about these little creatures that lay larvae and then turn into moths. I'm not sure how long I had been eating that larvae and those moths. Whenever I needed flour I simply dipped a measuring cup into the 25pound bag and scooped the flour out. During that learning time, lights were scarce here.

Photo of Springfield Ohio-made bread

At times I would notice webs, other times I noticed whole moths who seemed confused, and still other times I simply knew that there must have been more moths and larvae that I missed because the bread was funny.

Nowadays I use a bread-maker!

It makes perfect bread every time with very little waste and effort.

Photo of Perfect Bread everytimePhoto of Thank God for Breadmachines

Life in an off-grid venture would be somewhat non-committal if one did not provide a stock of edibles from the garden!

Photo of First Springfield Ohio Zucchini of the seasonPhoto of Springfield Ohio's Garden-Fresh Food

The man on the tractor seen in the photos below is a fine neighbor to the north of me.
He and his wife have been a great inspiration toward my persistence to head off-grid whole-heartedly.

Photo of Off-grid SpringfieldPhoto of off-grid foodPhoto of Springfield Garden

Here the garden is being enlarged gaining more area

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