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Off-Grid Solar and Wind-Generated Power

Topic: Lifestyle

The first hot showers in the off-grid lab were firewood stove-heated.
Water added to a large pot with a bilge pump dropped in, Photo of So-So Shower

Although appreciated (and of course necessary), this was a time-consuming makeshift shower. The bilge pump was connected to one end of a garden hose that delivered the shower to the other end of a garden sprayer and was messy.

Common small bilge-pumped water

Later I evolved to black pipe placed out in the sun.

However, solar-heated water was an ineffective and unreliable means for obvious reasons, such as waiting till 11am when the water in the pipe was hot enough to be able to take a shower.

Photo of Solar Water Heater via Black Poly PipePhoto of Black Piped Solar Water Heater

The black pipe seen in the photos is actually over 200 feet of thick-walled hard poly pipe, typically used for underground water lines. The pipe draped all over the roof, and then down the side of the garage, and back and forth on a wire fence.

In the summer, the heated water was at times unbearably scalding, with no means to adjust the temperatures.

When the hot water ran out, the shower was over.

Aside from the first winter out here, the subsequent winters have been a breeze due to a fire-wood stove adaption. The Stove has its own page allocated toward explaining what worked, and what did not work.

12 Degrees Ohio outside; Sauna Inside

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