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The area around here in the German Township becomes saturated quickly with standing water during various stages of the seasons.

Standing water might not be entirely eliminated by the installation of a catch-basin, but the installation of a catch-basin should diminish the standing water that affect a few of my neighbors as well.

The water catch-basin is born. (*not yet completed)
Solar Water PumpSpringfield Neighbor
A solar panel creates the electricity for the pump.

Although there is a switch to turn the solar panel on and off manually, left in the ON position, the pump starts to push water as soon as the sun rises, and ceases automatically when the sun sets (so there's not really a need to ever turn it off unless servicing something, or not needing the water).

The simple 12v pump has a variance of about +/- 7volts and allows for the direct connection to a 12v solar panel without the need for batteries.

The water coming from the hose shown below has been transferred through over 75 feet using the method mentioned above.
Springfield Catch-BasinWater being transferred from basin
Springfield Catch-Basin
The un-finished catch-basin with a pump just tossed in for testing.
Springfield Ohio Water-Catch Basin

The Catch-basin project was started late 2017.

The completion of the project is expected to be sometime this year (God-willing).

A couple of the area Springfield Masons, such as Wright Sons Masonry, as well as other contractors and residents, began bringing in truckloads of masonry and dirt debris which has been layered to allow for easier underground travel of the water to the location of the pump.

In retrospect, I should have just stockpiled the masonry in one pile and the dirt in another and kept digging for a lower depth.

Where will the water go? That's a good question, I'm leaning toward a large pond and a couple of laying geese.

As it turns out, just today (May 1st of 2018 right now), was stacked the first load of brick.

2018 late frost killed everything that was planted.

So the plan is to build a small greenhouse to allow for kale and other hearty vegetables to survive prior to planting when the weather is absolute.

Below are the first stage photos of the small green house in the making. It is hoped that the greenhouse will aid in starting the seedlings for early planting of the more hearty vegetables such as Kale, onion, garlic, etc.

Springfield Green House

There are 3-foot steel stakes that have been driven into the soil leaving an predetermined equal height, which was accomplished by simply using a pole-driver until it hit earth for each stake. The legs of the greenhouse were then slipped over the steel stakes, while the tops of both sides were pulled together and secured to allow a good pitch for the snow to fall.

Springfield Hut

Photo shows the alternate use of greenhouse.

Mom came for a visit.

She has a sweet tooth so this jam ought to hold her over.

Raspberry Jam
June 2018 Jam made for mom's visit

Start Jam by Stirring

ohio Stirring Springfield JamMore stirring in Springfield
Then keep stirring
Stirring JamStir Springfield StirOhio StirringLots of stirring in Springfield

Next comes the arduous lick tests

Lick Test 1nopeLick Test 2Lick Test 3Lick Test 4 Not quite...
This is the oneLick Test 5

After all that licking, Steam Sterilize the jars and ...
Raspberry Jam

2018 - First year for Blackberries!
2018 First Year for Blackberries

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