Off-Grid Solar and Wind-Generated Power

Off-Grid Solar and Wind-Generated Power

Topic: Shhhh...Sewage!

There was a year that started the process of learning more about making the earth better. Only Educational Departments have been allowed to study the area and the findings are scant, however with some creative keywords the findings can still be found on the net (unless our corporate censors pull those sites, also).

A video, maybe on Youtube, was watched of how no fertilizer fared against corporate fertilizers vs animal fertilizers vs humanure.

Guess which one out-produced?
At first I thought, "hmmm...that's interesting", but later I began to remember a scripture that stated, "Let thine OWN cisterns water thee".

Then the Spring came.

Witnesses in the community will recall the side of my lab garage where the vegetables were extremely large. In fact, the tomato plants literally reached to the top of the roof of the garage!

I began to ponder more about the topic, but since it was planned to put solar panels where the vegetation had been so prolific the season before, the underground test-compost site was moved further back on the property.

Jump to 3 or-so years later and I've learned a bit more about something we all have and produce, but simply dispose of the assett "properly". So it was decided to start some real testing of my own.

For anyone wanting to further the study, I would warn of the deadly cholera. Avoid it at all costs. Expect to do a bit more work, but in the end (pun intended) the added effort will keep you and your family (and surrounding community) safe.

My advice is, when you see blackness, wipe it out quickly (I use Clorox at present).

Also, although I've not had any issues arise, having a bit of land allows the garden-gone-compost area to rest for a year while planting in another spot. That's Biblical, p.s.

Now for the other crap:

Hover your mouse over photos for procedural steps.

Cut from packaging dividersHygiene tri-lid approximately 2 years oldFirst press lid into placeThen Lower SeatThen lower seat coverThen cover with large plastic bagThen slide entire contraption under a tableThen take toilet paper to firewood stoveFinally burn a fire to cook with

Photo of Springfield Ohio Fire


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