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Off-Grid Solar and Wind-Generated Power

Solar Panels of Springfield Ohio
Topic: Solar

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Is off-grid electricty stable?
In a word, absolutely!

Since I generally work in the field of electronics, there's much that requires stable electricity around me. Computers, lights, security cameras, freezer, dvr, server, modem/router, washer/spinner, and more run for free, as already stated. But even those items that are not ordinarily used every day also run perfect such as saws and drills and weedwhacker and compressor and soldering irons and blender and food processor and bread maker and basically the adjustment period is over in Ohio for the most part ';-)

Solar panels aren't prone to fail. I've lost one in over a decade....a tree had to fall on it at the Crow's property located 1335 North Limestone St. in Springfield Ohio.
Solar Panels are DurableBroken Crow Solar Panel
However, the loss showed me just how durable the panels really are. Only ONE panel broke!

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Solar PanelsPanels Solar
Solar Array of Panels

About the only item you'll ever need to replace in an off-grid power system are the batteries; every 5 or more years the batteries may begin to depreciate. At which time, replacing them is a real treat. I'm on my second round of a total change-out. However, the first batteries WERE NOT crapped-out at all. Fact is, I had to sell most of them at the Crow residence just to make ends meet (that old building was not at all good for me so the time-frame of eventuall replacing all the batteries doesn't count).
Contrast the investment with the yearly amount you will have thrown away to an entity that may bribe with their "lobbyists" (that bring bagfuls of money to "our" representatives curtailing their better ethics, manipulating their decisions), and you have aided and abetted your own demise as the monopoly raises its rates at will, and send your children off to create their wars, their invested interests.

Choose to leave something good behind on this earth that will outlive you and me so as to not be so easily forgotten after your death.

A Springfield Ohio Homestead Off-Grid Solar Power Plant in Springfield Ohio

As it turned out, the inability for me to "legally" place the panels on the roof as I was free to do down in Florida, turned into a blessing....bye-bye snow. Push-broom works perfect. The photo on the left has not been cleaned off yet.

There are three main types of solar panels presently:

Monocrystalline (costs more, usually yields more)
Polycrystalline (costs just a tad less than the monocrystalline panels, and under certain conditions will even out-produce the Monocrystalline)
Amorphous (these are the least costly panels and usually poor producers with a precarious shelf-life. Amorphous are the Harbour Freights Panel Kits, or may be found in your crappy solar calculator, or some other trinket or novelty. In a word, corporate crap. Just like many others, sold by the programming of media, I started with the Amorphous and soon regretted being so duped).

So the Kenny Quick-Pick Scale has:

The worst type of solar panel are the Amorphous, also referred to as "thin-film", or "man-made material Panel"
The highest energy producers are monocrystalline. Enough said.

Below is my plug:

100w Solar Panels
Monocrystalline Solar Panel $169.00
style="color: rgb(0, 102, 0); background-color: yellow;">4 or More Solar Panels $144.00 each!

100w Solar Panels
style="color: rgb(0, 102, 0); background-color: yellow;"> Road Springfield Ohio Solar Panel Connection
Awesome Springfield Ohio
Click for Solar Panel Kits



The first Solar Tracker has finally been erected! It's been a long-time necessity to get a solar tracker up and operational, but has been deferred due to the larger priorities around here. This is one of the smaller trackers I've put together (only 200watts) but since it has the ability to always be facing the sun whether in the morning eastern sky, or western nightfall, it will easily rival the production of an array with double the panels.
(photos coming soon)

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