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Springfield CCTV
Some of the benefits of cameras are the ability for some semblance of omniscience.   As we get older, we become forgetful.    Playing back the day's feed can aid in delaying an early elderly breakdown. 

There are myriads of types of cameras to choose from.   Usually some of the best cameras will have other features such as PTZ, allowing a user to PAN, TILT, or ZOOM out/in with either a joystick or mouse.

Below are seen two types of cameras incorporated into the building I generally hobby in.   The first type is a night-vision camera indicated by the IR's (infrared) which surround the actual lense.   However the camera to the right offers the ability to manually focus on a particular point.   Focusing into a spot, such as on the wall, also allows for the increased fine-tuning of the alarm or other function when the field is tripped.   These cameras are also great for zooming to a point in the driveway where all that can be seen are stones and concrete up close and personal, until an automobile arrives, then it's 32 frames of a license plate.

Springfield Security Systems of OhioSpringfield Security Systems of Ohio

Shown below is a unit that will handle 24 cameras and 16 microphones.

With the solar array and battery bank ensures cost-free operation day and night.

The DVR seen below is being serviced, this DVR is a 4 Camera unit that allows for up to 4 microphones.

Security System
Below is a camera and microphone embedded in an old Verizon Modem/Router.

The view on the left is a camera mounted to the porch roof, whereas the camera view to the right is mounted up high on a pole and is one of three PTZ cameras here presently.

During my first months at this location, came two young people at about 2am.

One of them came onto the porch and appears to have just been curious.

   However, it is EXACTLY due to this visit that I shortly thereafter decided to upgrade the security system to a higher resolution unit.

DVR's allow the privilege to play back a fast-moving fox, something I had never seen before in the neighborhood.   Without cameras I'd not know of the family of possums that is no longer around.  I no longer see the raccoon family either, without cameras I'd never even know there were ever any out there.   Having cameras allowed my being able to see a feral cat, possum, and raccoon all on the porch at the same time!   None appeared to want to fight, although at one point the possum opened it's big mouth wide to show the unimpressed raccoon his pearly whites.
Springfield Security Systems of OhioSpringfield Security Systems of OhioSpringfield Security Systems of Ohio
I first began installing security systems about a decade or so ago, I realized the importance to also have audio recording at all times also. The notion was to curtail any communications errors with my customers.    If I cannot remember something, I simply play it back even if it were a week or month ago.

Springfield Security Systems of OhioSpringfield Security Systems of OhioSpringfield Security Systems of Ohio
Cameras put to rest conjecturing.
Springfield Security Systems of OhioSpringfield Security Systems of OhioSpringfield Security Systems of Ohio
Cameras allow for the editing or creating of one's own videos.  The following is a video which used a few of the cameras on the property: 
*Video coming soon

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