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Springfield Water Purification
It's something we generally don't spend a lot of time thinking about.
Until it's not available.

Springfield Water Purification
Water to quench thirst, shower with, cook with, wash hands with, clean clothes with, etc.

Springfield Water Purification

If you are using water straight from the well, or other source that is unfiltered, you will need to address the potential NEMATODE issue.

As gross as it might sound, it's actually really amazing that there are some nematodes that ONLY prefer human hosts!
Roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm, and pinworm infection are the most common worms in humans.
It's not always possible to cleanse our water intake, so the following is a need-to-know for all off-gridders (or campers, hunters, fugitives, etc.)

If you catch youself unwittingly consumed good "bad" water, here's some tips to remedy the problem.

Springfield Water Purification
It is said that the garlic works best if smashed and allowed to sit for 15 minutes to allow a reactions before ingesting.

Diatomaceous Earth (food-grade),  this stuff is amazing for apparently just about everything in diverse areas of our lives.  Swallow some till you feel better.  A shovel a day ought to get it.
Pumpkin seeds are reported to paralyze the cling-on nematode type, so eat them.

Springfield Water Purification
Coconut Oil is said to have a bunch of stuff to aid the riddance of nematodes from the body, put a shovel full in your tea.

Papaya Seeds.   It is stated that the seeds from the papaya contain an enzyme that nematodes don't like.  Try it and get back to me on that one.

Well that's all I have on nematodes.

Presuming that industry has not polluted or poisoned your areas' ground water supply,  contaminated water due to parasites requires water filtration.   Presumably, and preferably, your method for filtration will be dissimilar to our Nation's Water Supply Treatment plant's methods.
At one time I was instrumental in the conclusion of three water treatment plant contracts which included TVA (Tennessee Valley Water Authority owned by Fortune500 capitalist, Fluor Corp), Cherokee Water and Sewerage Treatment Plant, and the Adairsville Water Treatment Plant.

Please consider not doing what the water treatment plants are doing,  incredible amounts of toxic chemicals being injected into "our" public water supply.    Before I or my men could commence work within the plants, it was dictated that we go along with the crash-course of all the toxic chemicals that we'd be working around (as if it were a choice).   It was pre-requisite that we all knew where the chemical charts were in each corridor and building that we'd be associated with.  

No chemicals and poisons to add to your water supply?   No worries.

Consider Reverse osmosis as an affordable means to filter your water.


Springfield Water Purification
Having a user-serviceable pre-filter is a good idea to delay the expense of changing filters from the R.O. unit.

The preferred plumbing here is common garden hose.
Parts for garden-hose plumbing is prevalent and cheap and easily fixed and not hidden in walls where, if the impossible should happen, such as a leaking pipe, the leak can be quickly identified and repaired in minutes (as opposed to finding out weeks later when your molding and walls are ruined because of an in-wall "modern" plumbing scheme).  
Who cares what it looks like?  Get on with your more important aspirations!  Might I consider solving the unpublished and unprogrammed mystery of ?   To hades with the modern-plumbing, if our Nation remains on its present course the plumbing will be the least of our worries!

Springfield Water Purification


Most, if not all, R.O. Units require some pressure.  Water pressure is what forces the water to want to go through finer and finer filters.  There are a myriad of types and compositions of filters available. 

A LOT of water is expelled to make that solitary gallon of purified filtered water.

What to do?

In an on-grid example of life, the occupant or end-user is oblivious to the incredible loss is their Reverse Osmosis System.   The units themselves come with directions that direct the installer to drill a hole in the under-the-sink plumbing drain.  Out of sight, out of mind (just like some magician tricks I've seen).

This might come of some form of helpful information:


If you are getting your water from a well, it stands to reason that the water is filtered by the ground some (which means it's probably safe to water your lawn with all that wasted water).

To give you an idea of just how much water is wasted making a solitary gallon of filtered water, I redirected the refuse water to a washer.  

The economy 110v washer can be filled almost twice to make the solitary gallon!

Springfield Filtered WaterOhio Refuse WaterSpringfield Ohio Water Treatment Alternative

The photo shown below is the water heater relocated to the hold area.   Below the plate steel which the heater is resting upon is another tank which is used for the reverse osmosis water treatment system (partially visible on the right side of the water heater).  I chose this location (3rd move now) for the water heater for a number of variables.   Having the water heater close to the area in which the hot water is required uses less water.   Typically, when the water heater was located at some other remote location, the amount of water to run through the hose to the final destination was wasted water (until the hot water caught up).  Now the hot water is almsot instaneous due to its close proximity.  The hardest part of this setup was the relocation of the power structure/rail.  As for the plastic, it is not necessary that it be located there and is overkill.  However I haven't all the trust in the world with corporations and the products they produce anymore, and since it didn't cost much, the plastic is draped over the water heater to eliminate any standing water.
Springfield Ohio Water Treatment Plant

Even so, "Let thine own cisterns water thee"

This concludes WATER

Our Nation CAN do Better!



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