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Springfield Water Purification
It's something we generally don't spend a lot of time thinking about.
Until it's not available.

Springfield Water Purification
Water to quench thirst, shower with, cook with, wash hands with, clean clothes with, etc.

Springfield Water Purification

If you are using water straight from the well, or other source that is unfiltered, you will need to address the potential NEMATODE issue.

As gross as it might sound, it's actually really amazing that there are some nematodes that ONLY prefer human hosts!

It's not always possible to cleanse our water intake, so the following is a need-to-know for all off-gridders (or campers, hunters, fugitives, etc.)

The following cures were gleaned from the net..  

Springfield Water Purification
It is said that the garlic works best if smashed, and allowed to sit for 15 minutes to allow a reaction before ingesting.

Other cures should be considered:

Diatomaceous Earth (food-grade),  this stuff is amazing for apparently just about everything in diverse areas of our lives.  Swallow some till you feel better.  A shovel a day ought to get it.
Pumpkin seeds are reported to paralyze the cling-on nematode type, so eat them.

Springfield Water Purification
Coconut Oil is said to have a bunch of stuff to aid the riddance of nematodes from the body, put a shovel full in your tea.

Papaya Seeds.   It is stated that the seeds from the papaya contain an enzyme that nematodes don't like.  Try it and get back to me on that one.

Well that's all I have on nematodes.

Since contaminated water is the primary source of parasites in general, find a way to filter the water.   Reverse osmosis is an affordable means to filter water.
Having a user-serviceable pre-filter is a good idea to delay the expense of changing filters from the R.O. unit.


Springfield Water Purification

The preferred plumbing here is common garden hose.  Most all parts and accessories are readily available, and cost-effective.
Springfield Water Purification

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