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Off-Grid Solar and Wind-Generated Power

Off-Grid Solar and Wind-Generated Power

Topic: Water Wells

Out back was found a thickly large slab of concrete.

I don't belong here
Okay, this is not a picture of that large slab. Fact is, I didn't even think to take a picture of the slab. It's still laying around somewhere...hmmm...or did I break it up, or did it end up in a pseudo-sidewalk? I'll get back to this spot later.

Upon pulling it up was found a hole.
I am a legitimate hole, the camera man is also

Digging a bit deeper was found two inlets.
German Township WellSpringfield Ohio Inlet
I do not know where the water is coming from.

Using a solar panel and 12v pump to get to the bottom, water was coming in almost as fast as it was being pumped out. The water comes in handier than the house's well water (which requires a 220v pump and cannot be acclaimated to the present battery banks).

Well Restoration

There's big plans for this well. With splitters and lots of hose, there'll be plenty of hookup locations in the garden and the baby orchard without having to drag a hose all over the place.
Restoring WellOhio Well RestorationGerman Township water lineSpringfield Ohio Inlet
This Concludes the Well

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