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Initially, I was not a confident welder.   The vertical black pipe needed to be added to keep the blades from hitting the tower.

So after trying to weld using the wrong type of wire, I outsourced this project to a man down the road who did the job right.

The tower was placed center of the peak of the garage and allowed for a full swing of the wind generator.

It's been four years now, and not one solitary problem has sprung up pertaining to any of the stabilizing of the tower.

The photo below shows the first stage.

Toward the peak, one can see a camera (seen above) and right above the camera is seen steel.   The steel has long double-nutted bolt threading that extends through the garage frame, and locks the tower in place so as to not deviate from its placement.

This is a video created while installing the wind generator.   If you cannot play the video below, choose to download whatever format your computer can play.  Youtube censored version is on the left, the final censored version is on the right, however both have been moved to DailyMotion due to Youtube stringent social controls imposed.

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It's now April 2018 and the generator is for sale!
The generator that will be replacing this unit is larger and produces more energy from Bob, a Department of Defense employee and neighborhood friend.

48v 900w 11-blade wind generator is a 2-wire unit (no rectifier needed) and is available for $275.00 For more details please contact Kenny at 937-718-3586

Wind GeneratorWind GeneratorWind GeneratorWind Generator

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