Remote Control Kill : "Legal" Destruction of Personal property

Spectrum/Charter Internet Provider Negligence

The following will include Proof of statement. For a copy of complete full recorded conversations, email

Spectrum Representatives claimed that Arris told them to do it, and that I ought to pursue Arris for fault as to damaging my property. However I intend to show the audacity of the plutocratically-ordained monopoly that will have us believe without a bit of concious remorse for their wrong-doing, yet do we even wonder if a murderer can get away with murder by stating someone else told them to do it?

When spectrum failed to make right their wrong I began to publish the issue.

In November of 2017 I obtained the second to only "free-trade" that is allowed in our community for internet service. Upon inspection of their service, I found myself instantly on three blacklists which is deja vu before Time Warner cloaked themselves as the modern-day Spectrum provider. Here's my crude investigation and experiences with Time Warner (aka. spectrum).....before I could finish, they changed their name, but not their game.

Communicating the illegal bias and that blacklisting is immoral, illegal (if there's anything that remains of the moral fiber of its judiciary), and unprovoked attack landing me to the summit being something like a dozen blacklists. If you don't know what happens to you when these monopolies add you to a blacklist, read more of that prior fiasco here

The deja-vu part is that both of the monopoly cloaks started me out giving "service" to me by putting me on three blacklists. I recorded the conversation of a senior agent, Mr. Dell, which is contained on the aforementioned link.

Puco was contacted December 1, 2017 Case: KHEN113017OR

FCC was contact December 2, 2017 FCC Ticket No. 2077867

December 3, 2017 upload conversation to YouTube

After the video was censored, I upload the recorded Spectrum conversations again on December 13, 2017; the recorded conversation was repeatedly pulled from the public consideration even though it is legal in the State of Ohio to record anything without the consent of any other person (should we make our ears illegal by permitting only the contrary?).

January 14, 2018 I contacted Jamie at ConsumerAffairsmembers@consumeraffairs.com14 jan. at 06:01

January 27, 2018 I posted the issue on #1177451

February 1, 2018 Motorola responded concerning Incident # 27750 and #180202-010823

I also promptly filed a claim with spectrum, claim ticket #26135861

Other claims were made with FTC reference number: #92612426

Ohio Attorney General complaint reference number is: WK000088855
FCC New Ticket No. 2228714

Video not playing? We can thank monopoly ATandT Internet for scalping the bandwidth. Sorry for the inconvenience. Download video instead.

It's pretty clear that Spectrum is stating that Arris told them to "push" whatever it was (ie. update, firmware, eavesdropping hack, ip redirect manipulation, etc.)But it is clear that Spectrum are blaming Arris in these recordings, correct?

Due to upstream monopoly manipulation it is regretted that these pages must be split so often. However if I don't split the pages to a shorter length you would invariably find that the page never fully loads, the fruits of a manipulative censorship (out of sight out of mind).

So what?

Well for one thing, the "Arris" modem that Spectrum claims the legal right to alter (aka hack, damage, vandalize, causing harm to another without provocation), truth be told it wasn't even an Arris modem at all!

Spectrum Ultimately attempted to deny everything later. Good thing I recorded 4 telephone conversations stating otherwise, huh?

The plot thickens, read more.

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