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If anything contained herein is important, copy it before it's removed entirely from the Internet. It's what they do to manipulate public awareness and opinion.

If I were lying, I'd be in jail for the following statement.

One time the government gave me a different name to use.

Having been beaten in broad daylight in my own office in Rochester NY (while a henchman stood at the door), a gun was produced and my life threatened, but that's not the topic here, the aforementioned is stated because it's the premise for my having fled New York and having ended up in Kennesaw Georgia.

By the time I arrived in Georgia, I was tapped. Tthe traverse was actually like a big "C" on the map, so I left NY went South-West as far as Nevada and then backtracked to Georgia taking the southern route.

Shortly after having arrived and having tired of the "Boy you better get that thing taken care of, you hear?", and "Boy, An out-of-State license and out-of-state license plate on your truck are reason for our stopping you today", and "What brings you down here all the way from New York, anyway?", it was "decided" that paying off the driver's license mafia was better than dealing with their road henchmen, and would be a first step into blending in to obtain some semblance of peace.

As a side note: I never understood that super-myopia mentality of the "South will rise again". Seriously, the south was like time a contractor stopped all his subcontractor workers, held up his arms and shouted to all the workers that "the yankee mason has arrived". That might be normal behavior if I were late for a job, but I wasn't. This was the pre-agreed upon time for an estimate only, and I'm certain that my arrival was early and never was I known to be late. It was as if everybody was hating me in Georgia...the southern whites hated me because I was a "yankee", the blacks hated me because I was white, and the mexicans for pretty much the same reason (but Mexicans were the most tolerable haters, and ended up later becoming my best employees).

I'll admit, when first arriving in Georgia, I had an awful New York accent, and maybe a delusional personality to go with it (which is normal behavior in New York, but now I was completely in foreign territory).

My accent may not have made a good impression, however my handwriting is pretty much standard the nation-over, and could not conceivably be the cause of the Georgia Driver's License Bureau for having sent me a license with an "S" at the end of my last name. Now I was Kenny Hendricks! It was no picnic, mind you. At first it was bloody hell. Try to get a bank account or a job with a social security card with one name and a license and job id with check casher will touch you which invariably meant giving or sending the check to someone else for a loss of a fee! Also I had to learn to say my new name because the times I didn't, would cause me to be denied when applying for credit and anything else money-related, or that required more than one form of i.d.

Of course we will not let our mind's be besmirched by pondering if the state ought to be liable for their faults, just as everybody else is liable when we make an error. I tell you no lie when I state it was hell trying to feed myself because of the State's error. Consider this scenario: You have a check that cannot be cashed because it has a name that is not yours (but it's your check because you worked for it).

Thank God for Millionaire Gene Griffin! A true southerner that didn't openly hate me. I called him Bank Gene (at first), and later he became Investor Gene.

...anyway, so I was upset that people were so damn simple in accomplishing the arduous task of typing the correct name into a computer to successfuly print out a license and mail it to me. I mean, if we fail at that, where do you go from there?

Little did I know, that the state-sponsored error was going to become the most successful moment of my life. But initially I felt indignant because money was tight. I decided to call and find out how to correct the error (state records will reflect that I called within minutes of opening the delivered mail the same day that the United States Postal Service delivered the Georgia License to me), and upon informing the female agent over the phone of the problem, I was offered two avenues :

1.) Return to get re-evaluated with new photo, finger print, etc. (and to my recollection this would be at MY cost),

or door number two, which was

2.) Keep the flawed license and correct the renewed license when the next renewal came around (I don't remember the exact number of years the georgia license was good for back then).

Either way though, I was the victim that would be losing money, time, life and liberty (LOL) to remedy somebody else's error.

The need to stay gainfully employed left me displaying option Two when requested, and that's where it all started.

I was somebody else.

I cannot even begin to describe to you how fast things moved after learning to say my new name. One day I was putting in foundations and veneers and scrounging for contracts, and the next I was doing government and Fortune 500 Company contracts gaining high security clearance to obtain my own contract with Georgia's Lottery-producing Department (which by the way, possess one phenominal security people who "play" or tithe to the lotteries actually pay for it though).
I went on to conclude contracts for three water treatment plants, two in georgia and one in tennessee, and concluded contracts with TJ Maxx, General Mills, Fluor Corporation's TVA, strip centers and tracts, and even Georgia's largest historically renowned Cathedral of St. Phillip, and much more.

Later in life I would learn from the FBI that they had presumed me dead (implying the hunt was off for a spell).

But the heyday ended when my old name became my new name again.....

I should stop here to give a sincere shout-out to my friend and initial investor, my friend and blessing, Old Man Gene Griffin! This millionaire had a down-to-earth heart. I met him at a motel where he was playing cards with the attendant and his girlfriend (later wife). Without him, not much of the successes would have been probable.

Gene had a contract with the Air Force Base.

An entire hangar was at his disposal and he extended that to me, allowed me to use it cheaply (cheaper than any storage spot would have otherwise charged me. In fact, he initially wanted to let me use it for free but I don't generally do business that way if I can help it, free usually implies a catch and cerainly denotes an owed favor or indebtness).

Within days of having met Mr. Griffin, he purchased a truck for me. I of course paid back with an unexpected or unrequested interest amount to boot. He was definitely worth more to me. I tried to plant good bridges as best I could back then. I was an outsider and needed good friends and associations as there were no family or friends to fall back on.

The airforce hangar was extremely huge. I've worked at an airline before, this wasn't your average hangar. Railroad tracks in the ceiling for some crane stuff and empty, I was moved my scaffold, a mixer and some other equipment to the rear-left corner of the humongous building.

The next day I was shocked to find that it was filled with trucks and cars, mostly damaged. And a day later a bunch of foreign-speaking men were armed with cut-off saws and saw-saws and torches and tow motors and wooden crates and more was an impressive operation! Gene even invited me down a few times to somewhere in Central America....possibly Costa Rica.

Cars and Trucks were disappearing as fast as they were chopped to size and fitted into wooden crates.

I feared that Mr. Griffin, who so kindly financed the first professional work truck I had ever owned, was either doing something illegal or was a genius. I couldn't resist, so I asked him. As it turned out, Gene also owned a truck body shop and a junkyard of his own too! Gene was an amazing man with amazing stories from all his exploits.

While my name was changed, I even worked on the talking house of the POSTMASTER GENERAL of the whole United States! His house talked, back then it was not common to have doors and refrigerators talking to you.

Suddenly I was being offered property by contractors in recompense for filling their requests. And once someone important in an airline, that I can't remember his title at this moment, offered an all-expense paid flight and domicile in Hawaii if I installed some masonry there. I was in demand and couldn't do all the work so the prices were made higher so less people would call for me. It was the heyday. But it didn't last long, a few years, maybe less.

* Note: I will not elaborate upon the Database, a new technology that I figured out all by myself, which enabled me to fax at a press of a button everybody in any zip code automatically regardless of whether or not their number was listed (or even known by anybody else).
Once per month I simply designed a flyer and hit the magic button to knock on the doors of hundreds overnight.
Soon afterward, about the year 2000 or just prior, the government passed a new law that "unsolicited calling" is a crime (regardless of the nature in which the call was made).

The renewal of "my" license, another difficult time,.

Then the surreal:The black cloud was back.

Enter John Aghajanian, rich David, the private Yacht club, and the tumble from goodness.

(will write more later)

New York
This section concerns a murder that hadn't anything to do with me. I was young when this happened, maybe 20ish. The murder happened in a public area on a well-traveled street in daylight with plenty of people around (I believe it was called Monroe Avenue or maybe it changes name when it gets into the city....would have to look at a map to make certain). But when I attempted to relate to the "good guys" that arrived on scene as to exactly what had occurred, I was profiled, accosted, handled roughly, and ultimately slammed against a parked car in front of a bar of onlookers (Defensive Note: I don't drink so the placement of a bar between the path to the mini mart was happenstance. And for the record no, I was not in the bar before, during or after the incident. And no, the bar hasn't anything to do with the murder).

The "good guys" charged and jailed me using that catch-all window, I believe it was again "Disorderly conduct", because the officer thought I said "what a diclC" as I obeyed his undignified command and was walking away from him.

After my release I visited the pub hoping to find some of the people that had seen what happened to me, but even of those that saw the incident, declined to give me their name or number. The bar tender also declined to be a witness; in New York this is to be expected (unless the state demands them to be a witness for the state, that is).

Via Bait-and-Switch "education" system indoctrinated me to believe there were checks and balances, so I filed with the Internal Affairs against the officers that did that to me. Supposedly they were recording the meeting. We all know the script, months later, the case was summarily dismissed.
Situation Contained.
It's what they do.
It's for the show that shows no recompense for the greater damage upon the greater numbers.
It was the beginning of the realization that profit is the deciding factor as to whether ethics, fairness, or any semblance of goodness become variable or viable to those over us. We "learned" these tenets from only one primary source, it was the schools via Federally mandated Curriculum financed by big business in what business wanted in the worker of tomorrow.

Video not playing? Sorry, my service is constantly under attack, Download video instead.

Colorado -coming soon

Synopsis: In Denver I learned that the State of Ohio had suspended my license for not paying extortion to them for "damages" incurred on the roadway. After each of us drivers were issued was either continue to the plane in Denver or wait a few weeks for the Court date in Ohio.
Welcome Back.....Even the chanting of the Customs Officials to their beagles (or whatever those things were), as they ordered the dogs (good god, even the dogs are manipulated here): "Find it, Find it"!~, the Agents ordered.
So after the dogs and their captors were done spreading good will from around my bags, a few weeks later I found that the road scammer and the State of Ohio held court without my presence. The US Government can show that I was in the Netherlands when they held court without my presence and could very easily verify when I left the States. Yet Ohio frothingly award the claimant-scammer thousands of dollars for "damages". Later the Judge would also suspend my license for refusing to pay.

It all sounds reasonable until you learn the rest of the story, such as:
Despite the police report having clearly stated: "No Damages, No Injuries", the scammer submitted to the court photos of the entire quarter fender and bumper off his car and that was enough for the judge, apparently the judge never bothered to wonder why a police officer of the state of ohio would lie on the scene claiming "No Damages, No Injuries" (but to date, this crooked way of doing business appears to be par for the course in Ohio See, another Ohio scammer).

So rather than pay the extortion and finance bad business, I quit driving (more than a decade now). I'm told I can get a "license" to travel again since so many years have passed, but after weighing in my mind the amount of food stolen from the table of life in just having to pay all that goes into a vehicle... I'm adjusted now (keep your cars, I'll ride a bike or something).

Ooops, sorry, this one got way off course...I lost the topic matter, which is murder.
(note to self: start with the Continental hotel and one-day acquiantence that was blasted away by organized example-setters *because it's already been established on one of the other pages). Enter Denver, Aspen, and Vale


I do, however want to mention something to contrast our taught programming. In the Netherlands, If you get your wife pregnant, the government PAYS the father or mother to stay home for two years during the crucial developmental years of the child (that's a government that cares about the quality of its citizenry, in my opinion). In fact, since they legalized drugs and gambling (and even prostitution), the crime-rate actually fell to less than 2% !!! Having taken the dictates of what one human can and cannot do with his or her own money or body apparently worked for the good of the citizenry over there (and their nation also).

It's really surprising to me that I never hear people saying that the Netherlands is the model nation of the planet. The country is not hated by any other country (because the Netherlands doesn't have a history of repeated meddling in the affairs of its neighbors), and the Netherlands does not push its ways upon any other country (as opposed to this present ongoing/neverending war we are in...about 20 years after "mission accomplished").

While in the Netherlands I applied for a "sophie" number which is the equivalent to our social security number. The place was awesome without thugs or a thuggish polity's police force. I was blown away with the diverse cultures there, but moreso with how genuinely good the people were. As an example, when I showed up at Schipold Airport, I sat down to rest at the railway station, but accidentally left one of the most important bags. I instantly found myself without money, passport, everything important! I ended up at moustafa's hotel (motel?) because it was affordable for the converted dollars to Guilders that remained in my front pocket. At about 2am an officer knocked on my door which really surprised me because I had earlier tried to find one of those (police aren't at every corner, like here). He asked politely my name and I told him. He asked whether I lost something and I stated I did. He then produced my bag and my wallet. The wallet still had the cash in it!!! The officer stated that a man found the bag unattended at the rail station and turned it in ';-) I instantly fell in love with the country when the next day I noticed something on their streets, there were no sirens or police looking for prey, there appeared no homeless, there wasn't anyone asking me for money or calling me names because of the color of my skin, their form of "bums" were actually giving something (of the VERY few I saw, none were begging....not one!). I saw a cute girl on one of the myriad of stone bridges there...she was playing a stringed instrument and singning and I sat some distance watching and admiring the beautiful music she made.....then I saw a man drop a coin between her crossed legs....I immediately was surprised because I didn't know she was a bum! Then another time on the main drag there (same road as moustafa's), I was walking and noticing that everyone was better dressed than I was....I felt kind of dirty having just walked by a gold statue right in the middle of the sidewalk. Beginning to debate whether or not I even had any nicer clothes to blend in better with, suddenly their were shrieks from kids and parents behind me! Holy crap that statue MOVED IT'S EYES! And I saw one of the parent's toss a coin toward the person who painted a box and every inch of his clothes and self with gold, another all the time I was there only 4 or 5 were seen (and I went everywhere, I was on trains, ferries, trams, horse and buggy, a passenger bike, walking, and of course bus). Our dollar was worth 3 times more than the guilder (their dollar at the time), nowadays our value is 1/3rd of their new currency (Euro) which makes the place no longer affordable since our dollar is so depreciated.

Also in the Netherlands, one would almost have to kill somebody to end up in jail or prison (whereas in America, the "lawmakers" have created such a myriad of conflicting and entrapping laws against its citizenry that ANYBODY can conceivably be found guilty of something), but if you did end up in a jail or prison over there, the government actually allows regular conjugal visits, which when you think about it further:
A.) Keeps the marital ties close
B.) Eliminates Stress and undue anxiety within the system of reform
C.) Diminishes gay rape
D.) Conforms with biblical standards, "It is not good for man to be alone"

In contrast, the U.S. jailers torture, sometimes subjecting their inmates to extreme cold, other times taking all clothing leaving the inmate naked in a concrete box for weeks at a time, even refusing to feed for failure to conform to institutionalism, and other sick tactics appear to be the only extracurricular for this nation's employees. They even removed HEOP (higher education opportunity programs) from the U.S. prisons, ensuring a predictable cash-cow for those that make the laws to re-profit from the controlled test population over and over again. Without education, recidivism ensures that the poor and unlawful are left with no hope, akin to sweeping dirt under a rug, it's not seen but sure to re-emerge dirtier than when initially confined.
If the government still allows you to travel, trust me ... visit the Netherlands (and then bother to notice the stark contrast when returning home).

This story leads to a murder but will elaborate when I find time. In short, if you can escape and can afford it, Do Bother to Visit Holland....and rather than feed the monopoly hotels that have begun to infiltrate, consider staying at a hostel for a couple of weeks. You'll see, the fears we have to live with here (about leaving our property and bags around others) is totally unfounded in the Netherlands. I would be proud to pay taxes in the Netherlands and to become a citizen there. Amen

California -coming soon

Synopsis: Burned alive but now not even the police want me. This one can be read in the San Diego News. Motel 6 2nd Street (if my memory serves correct)...I was met by a well-dressed agent and given a key to a room.
Colorado -coming soon

Synopsis: FBI, SWAT kick down the 2nd floor door at the Continental Hotel in Denver Colorado and murder a young man there.
I actually met the guy the day before.
His crime that was worthy of assasination? Will return to write more later.
Florida -coming soon

Synopsis: Tasered while wet from the shower. Burn points still divoted into the plasticized concrete. R.I.P. *This story is not to be confused with the one already expounded on the previous page, which also occurred in Florida. Will return to write more later.
Texas-coming soon

Synopsis: Strangled and almost killed in South Dallas Texas thanks to the antics of the FBI. Will return to write more later.


One time I was taken at gunpoint while driving through Kentucky. Who does this stuff? Criminals do things at gunpoint. I don't remember Officer Friedly's name but I am led to believe that my God might. So while driving through Kentucky, I'm forced at gunpoint to lay down on the ground face first. Who does this crap!? Not even the hoodlums and gang members of skid row L.A. do this crap by forcing us into this degrading submission; ESPECIALLY in light of the fact that the only person actively holding a pointed loaded gun and threatening to kill is the guy with a job that programs him to defer his better ethics (and let's not even think about bringing in religion for godsake).


I think the charge was due to a problem with the license plate of the vehicle, and nothing more.
They control the records so it's weakly hoped they don't embellish the records for some "necessary" reason.
Horse Cave Jail personnel equally appeared to be taking excessive caution around me. At first they put me into an isolated cell that had a see-through toilet and no cot. Later some government people came on separate occassions to see me. Eventually I was admitted into inmate population. At one point I was demanded by a guard to rat out another inmate there. The guard threatened to smash my head in. It just happened to be one of my more braver moments in life as I shouted within inches of him, DO IT!, and even went so far as to dare him. Fact is though, I didn't care. My head was already bashed in, by the guy they wanted me to rat against....I never did rat against him though.

While there I was visited by an attorney who I promptly fired in court when all I could hear out of his mouth was to plead guilty to some ridiculous contrivance. The court gave me their pinch-hitter, another attorney. Initially I didn't think much of her because of past experiences with the "public defenders". Early on, before being released into inmate population, I was escorted to meet with a secret service agent in a side cell opposite of the wall of the holding area where my cell was located. He told me he could make my life hard for me as he asked odd questions about my sentiments in reference to Bill Clinton and the extramarital affair and how I felt about it. The whole meeting didn't last long, I really didn't have a clue what the hell that guy was talking about. The meeting really didn't bother me, I saw it as the opportunity to come out of one cage to visit another (and needed the excersize, including every step, approximately 20 feet).

However, the meeting with the Secret (shhhs...) "Service" was without my public defender's presence. It seemed to bother her more than me (I'm not the one that informed her of the meeting, she told me it was one of the jailers had informed her).

It was through her, and later one of the jailers, that I learned that due to the agent's capacity and title, he didn't even have to sign-in to enter the jail (unlike the FBI who later came. poor guys had to sign in)
Apparently in Horse Cave Kentucky, not signing into a jail constitutes sacriligious primetime conversational topic matter. I'm pretty sure it's boring in Horse Cave Kentucky's society, but I'm just guessing that.

But as for that lady attorney, I'll never forget when I just KNEW that this lady was suddenly angered alive and truly a public defender!

Suddenly she not only was convincingly in my defense, but after the FBI came to see me, she surprised me with her quickness in the courts in an effort to get me out. I adapt pretty quickly and am certain It wasn't due to any of my own efforts, not once did I visit a law library to file motions to get out. Fact is, Horse Cave Kentucky feeds human-sized rations and the food was actual real food, produced from local farmers! I gained weight in there! I never gain weight, even to this day. And, as luck would have it, Horse Cave was the rumored last jail in the State to still allow smoking.

The Court gave me an ultimatum, sign a document that I'd never come through Kentucky ever again or I'll do Five years in their prison. No need to twist my arm in that choice; I feel sorry for all those people that have to live there ";-)

So I literally walked out of Kentucky before the FBI agents were able to meet with me the second time. The first time, the two FBI agents called me into a different cell from where the secret service agent met with me.

I was told to have a seat where they asked me questions of whether or not I had ever owned a van (I think it was white) between some number of years. They showed me a picture of the suspect they presumed was me. When I saw the picture, I honestly wondered if it could be me. Involuntarily I did something that surprised them (and me in retrospect), I slowly rose from the table with the photo in hand and walked away leaving the two agents to look at each-other as I walked to the bathroom in the holding cell (which had a door and walls all around with the exception of the one wall which was see-through). Inside, I looked at me in the polished metal mirror. I looked at the photo. I looked back at me, and then I held the photo up to the mirror with my face side-by-side the photo when suddenly it hit me.
I re-emerged exclaiming, "WAIT A MINUTE, MY NOSE ISN'T THAT BIG!"
Somehow these FBI guys were led to believe I was some sort of a Timothy McVeigh, or a killer, or maybe they were just planning their next patsy. They brought up the name of a woman in Tennessee who owned the Owl's Roost RV Campground in Tennessee, and asked questions about involvement in criminal activities I wasn't privy of. I was clueless as to what could make them so interested in me, surely I wasn't that huge of a problem on the planet. Of the period they were inquiring about, I related to them that at one point a Tennessee Sheriff had tried to convince a park associate to sell Pot to me, but I did not perform well (I didn't buy it, nor was I the person that proposed any such transaction. Apparently the entire plot was brought to you by the "good guys"). I went on to state how I wrote a politely flaming letter to the sheriff that orchestrated the aggressive attempt against me (for no reason that I am aware of). I told of another incident when later an officer "conducted a traffic stop" of my dump truck, and forced myself and the worker passenger out of the vehicle, where the officer brought up the issue of the letter, stating that it had been placed on the police station's bulletin board and that the officers found it humorous. I could detail more of what happened during that unlawful stop of my traveling vessel, but can think of no good reason to do so at this point in time. Needless to say I was eventually released, late for a job, but without any "ticket".
So anyway, back to the Kentucky Jail issue, after having answered more questions, one of the agents expressed that they didn't think the man they were looking for was me, but inquired as to whether or not I would be willing to provide hair samples. I replied "of course I will". That day never came though. I was later released from the confines of the jail and now walking with blisters on my feet, step-by-step I walked clean out of the state of Kentucky, a common-wealth state that didn't want my type there (whatever that type was). I have no clue what became of the vehicle I drove in, but some of the property later was found at a somewhat unlikely location (that need not be commented on).

This incident in Kentucky would later lead to my voluntarily shaving every folicle of hair from my body, packing a manilla envelope addressed to the FBI.

Colorado -coming soon

Synopsis: In Denver I learned that the State of Ohio had suspended my license for not paying extortion to them for "damages" incurred on the roadway. After each of us drivers were issued was either continue to the plane in Denver or wait a few weeks for the Court date in Ohio.
Welcome Back.....Even the chanting of the Customs Officials to their beagles (or whatever those things were), as they ordered the dogs (good god, even the dogs are manipulated here): "Find it, Find it"!~, the Agents ordered.
So after the dogs and their captors were done spreading good will from around my bags, a few weeks later I found that the road scammer and the State of Ohio held court without my presence. The US Government can show that I was in the Netherlands when they held court without my presence and could very easily verify when I left the States. Yet Ohio frothingly award the claimant-scammer thousands of dollars for "damages". Later the Judge would also suspend my license for refusing to pay.

Despite the police report having clearly stated: "No Damages, No Injuries", the scammer submitted to the court photos of the entire quarter fender and bumper off his car and that was enough for the judge, apparently the judge never bothered to wonder why a police officer of the state of ohio would lie on the scene claiming "No Damages, No Injuries" (but to date, this crooked way of doing business appears to be par for the course in Ohio See, another Ohio scammer).

So rather than pay the extortion, I quit driving (more than a decade now). I'm told I can get a "license" to travel again but think it to be financing bad business, besides I'm adjusted now.

New York -coming soon

Note to self: Start this section at the point in which I joined the military. Sergent Boraccio (sp?) in Tempe Arizona as recruiting officer; passed ASFAB and Physical but...

Synopsis: "Goldo", murder with a message. Will return to write more later.

Florida -coming soon (oh I can't resist)
Pill-popping addict ex-cop neighbor shoots at my house stating he is going to shoot me (because I stacked some concrete block next to my garage on my own property. The fact that I stored the concrete block was somehow the tipping point from the day before when he threatened me because I woke him up with my lawnmower; it was like 2pm!). So the ex-cop refuses to come out of his house when the police arrive. They surround the ex-cop's home on the corner in Port Richey and even had a helicopter overhead to coax the freak out of his house. ***This is a good story and I will stop back to add more to this later....synopsis: while the addict cop is in his home with weapons, one of which he already discharged, what do the "good guys" do? Well it seems quite rational to call me out of my house and have me wait in front of his house in the dead-center of the road! When the cop finally comes out, he is permitted to sit in a lawn chair on his lawn while I'm forced to stand in the middle of the road...naturally the devilish judgmental cop is not charged whatsoever. When I entered the police station to file charges, I'm discouraged and basically denied.
Still waving your flag? The game has changed with this system in place in our Nation (read revelations and see what direction we're nigh to, and please stop rationalizing that you are living your life as best you can....any criminal and crackhead on the planet is also doing that tough task).

More of this? Yes No

A big thanks to Mike Dewine, our Ohio State Attorney General, for having participated and expedited the recompense of non-authorized demands for non-authorized funds to a monopoly for no service and no product
I know it sounds like a small amount to argue about, however the larger issue of the breach of public trust still stands (if they can hack my personal property, then where is the line drawn? At our webcams and microphones?). I feel this matter is of some national security considering virtually everything is computer-driven these days, this action puts our nation at risk entirely, in my opinion.

Mike Dewine, Ohio State Attorney GeneralMike Dewine, Ohio State Attorney General
Mike Dewine, Ohio State Attorney General

Mike Dewine, Ohio State Attorney GeneralMike Dewine, Ohio State Attorney General
Mike Dewine, Ohio State Attorney General
Although the aforementioned might give the illusion that I won something, I did not. I lost hours and hours of my life remedying the actions of the cause. My personal property was never recompensed and still sits here "bricked" and unusable. This was never about the money really, obviously it is a small amount. The greater issue is that if they can affect my system, can they not just as easily affect all other systems as well in the same manner? Whether it be from a rogue employee or whether the actions are state-sponsored/corporate-sponsored we will not be foretelling because when it happens it's too late. This is not windows or mac that we're discussing here, the systems the monopoly hacked/damaged is the same systems that are the very backbone of the entire internet infrastructure.
National Security?

Commitment to the Environment
Our Nation CAN do Better!

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