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Who am I 2018?

A Retard

Leading Aspiration?

I want to be the retard to help save the Nation of the U.S. from the neo-corporate coniving controlling INTERESTS of the cabal that extorted, exploited, and plundered the U.S.  http://usdebtclock.org
When observing our plumet in real-time, surely any of us would stop in our tracks and not continue in the direction shown.   Decommissioning the U.S. is not the answer, save our Nation.

My idea?  

Since the incidents connected with the exploits of 9-11, we have seen our Nation's surplus disappear quickly and are heading into insolvency.   We have problems.  We all know of problems.   Problems are a result of causes.   Causes are started by one or more and can be a group or affiliation or other enitities.

We can delay the inevitable.

Forget about pride for a moment, it's short-lived anyway.   Bring our troops home (and God-forbid if one solitary man, woman, group or order, should be found in her wrath; how dare*!).

The magic has wore off.

The neo-cloaking capitalists are exposed.   It was NEVER for the US, just one tiny profiteering class.

Imagine the terror if our military should awake from its paralysis.   Imagine the shock and awe when the CEO's properties are seized and their persons incarcerated.  Imagine the terror in the eyes of every plutocrat, attorney, Judge, that ever dared to look the other way even insofar as the "cause".

We are $21 Trillion dollars looted here.  This is a problem.

The Cause.  Mismanagement?  Clerical error?  RIP the cause that did this to US.

This is not a time for following ANYBODY'S orders except for the Nation itself (if for no other reason, than that WE LIVE HERE!).


The Bible speaks of a great war, the whore is defeated by "gog" and "magog" (China and Russia, or something like that, look it up and correct me if I'm wrong).   It was possibly the world coming against the jews, or it's possibly the world coming against US (since we just happen to be stationed directly in the area of the prophetic great war).  We're in the "desert place" because of the Capitalists.

$21 Trillion + Biblical Prophecy = One and the flipping SAME!  rev. 17 and 18

In the endtimes nobody will buy or sell from US (that's in revelations 17), it gets worse (surely our Nation is worth trying something different or extreme, even to save your own bacon?).

We can delay or alter history though, it will simply require sudden, swift, vehement...God be with the Protectors of Our Nation, it will certainly require MUCH courage of our Generals and the like.

The present controlling interests of the capitalists, those that are known by "outsourcing" and "relocating" (overseas) could give a damn which country they relocate to, they were never of US...

If our military wakes up from its slumber....

Imagine a nation Nationalized!  It's ours...end of story.

This Country Tis of Thee!  Lobbyists, Lawyers, Jailers and CEO's alike,  It's for the good of the world, but more importantly, for US, that you are taken down quickly (you've caused enough harm here, evidenced by:http://usdebtclock.org and the numbers of our troops you've put in harm's way...even to their deaths so shall you tremble at the orders of our Patriotic Generals and their (our) minions.

To the courageous, beware of your electronics.  Bad Programming.  Time for Old School.

  The Capitalists have sold their wares to our military, to the whole of the US.   They've created Lobbyists (friendly word) and so many profiteering laws to create the illusion of a Nation of criminals (as oposed to being the victims of the devices of the capitalizing class).

Save our Nation Please.   "The business of Government is Business"?  They've failed, we're not the model nation nor are we heading in that direction.  Please save our Nation from the Racket here.

Game Over.

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