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Springfield Ohio, where robbing the elderly is respectable?

Clark County Municipal Court Sham(e)

Springfield's Disgraceful Gang-land Judiciary

During the final month following my notice to vacate came one disaster after the other. There would be three sizable leaks from the upstairs tenant and a fire, also by the upstairs tenant.

I called the fire department (which is on record and their public records name me fully in their reports), I put the fire out and called the landlord.

After being scolded by Theresa Crow for calling the fire Department, I remember feeling glad to be soon leaving that rental (I remember vividly, I was on the 40' bus which was being packed with all the belongings in preparation for the move out).

Following many of the upstairs disasters, and the subsequent repairs mostly made by the landlord himself, there were repeated needs to enter my rental to go down to the basement with his plumbers, then the electrician, etc.

At first I did my best to clean any shoe prints from their dirty shoes, but it became too much for me to be concerned about their messes, and I focused rather on the packing and the hole repair.

I bothered to make videos showing the true cause of damages as they were occurring. However, in a less-than-upright court, no amount of evidence will save us. As seen on the Court's own Public Record, the Judge denied all evidences, and even denied the actual tenant/occupant from presenting the Case and evidences within the Court.

But why would the Clark County Municipal Court of Ohio utilize the Bar Association's James Heath, who accepted cash and did lure my mother up from Florida,intent on finding HER as the cause for damages (she's well over 70 years old and hundreds of miles away from the Crow Rental)?
The Courts have copies of the videos I submitted, but after first allowing them on the Court Record, denied them at the Trial in the Court.
This isn't a sham?

Do you see my mother causing the damages in this video compilation?

Video not playing? We can thank monopoly ATandT Internet for scalping the bandwidth. Sorry for the inconvenience. Download video instead.

Neither my mom, nor I, could possibly have been the "cause" for damages to the Springfield Ohio Property owned by Eric and Theresa Crow.

I began to upload the videos to YouTube and was repeatedly shocked to find the videos were pulled due to "complaints" having been made against my videos (which merely showed water coming down from the ceiling, and an upstairs fire), then I read the law where the Police can take down videos and Facebook accounts without a judicial process, the Crow son-in-law is a Sheriff and lives with Mr. and Mrs. Crow (the Landlord and husband to the landlord).

To counteract the censoring I appealed to YouTube (about 20 times or so, conservatively), and then decided to move the videos to other sites (including Daily Motion, Vimeo, Yandex, and others....still most of the sites would remove the videos due to claims of copyright infringement and complaints). The videos, made by my own phone, that simply show damages as they were occurring and nothing more, were apparently worthy of censorship.

To find out how a Court finds the previous downstairs tenant at fault to pay for the damages caused by the upstairs tenant, click next.

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"...people subjected to a racket are usually deceived of their money. Methods used to get money or goods includes bribery, extortion, and intimidation."

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