Theft in Springfield, Ohio

Any information, Please Contact:  Kenny Hendrick (937) 718-3586

On or about November 17, 2017 at 2:30pm

These are some photos of my stolen chainsaw
Lime-green stolen chainsawLime-green stolen chainsawLime-green stolen chainsawLime-green stolen chainsawLime-green stolen chainsawLime-green stolen chainsaw
There were two men that arrived with a jailhouse tablet (yes, some prisons allow inmates that can afford the purchase of a tablet).   Their request was that I recover the data from the locked tablet and that they would return the following day for the item.  Neither men were able to give me a phone number and expressed that they were in a hurry to go rent a chainsaw.  I replied that if you are coming back tomorrow that they could go ahead and borrow my chainsaw.
They never returned.
One of the Theives:
Jerry Smith of OhioThis is one of the two thieves of the chainsaw.
His name is Jerry Smith
He has a prison inmate number  A696999 and has been recently released from his cell (about a year?).
I called the parole board and received this reply: parole board reply

  I called the police and filed a report. 
  Officer J. Johnson #494 took the report.

Additional Info-
It's a two-stroke engine.

If found please call the number located at the top of this page

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