Please note that this website is constantly under attack. As of yesterday, I am waiting for yet another modem / router from the only choice of Internet here. The attacks are organized and appear to be predominantly the 3rd shift that cause the most damage. Making this website has shown clearly the one-ness of the neo-corpo-politico-econo arena.
Our Nation CAN do Better!

Thanks to F.E.M.A.!

With all the bad rap the F.E.M.A. guys are getting these days, I just thought I'd throw my two-cents worth down on paper.

In 2012 (if my memory serves correctly) my store and living quarters were beyond my repair from a storm. The storm made a whole roof (and ceiling) fall into the one-story business/home and much property was ruined by the water flowing in through all the doors around the building. I, to this day, still have the videos of the live damages; sad enough that I don't often look at them anymore. Black and other molds set in, mildew began to affect my health, (mostly) hacking.

The means to survival and my mainstay completely destroyed and much was in irreparable state.

Before I relate what the government did, let me first paint the picture for you in a few words: I've not shown myself as a proponent for this neo-corporate/polity in quite some time (for reasons that not be delved into right now).

Now for the heart-felt news. That same government that I was increasingly becoming outspoken against, did something that blew me away (I MIGHT have shed a tear). I never would have applied but by the urging of a friend I completed the simple form for help.

Forgetting soon afterward that I had asked for help, while sleeping on a bus in the florida heat and melting away unsure as to my next move...I mean it's not like you are prepared for the unexpected to happen, along came a somewhat well-dressed guy with a clip-board. The man said he was an inspector with F.E.M.A. (in my mind I was thinking "yeah right, whatever...go through the motions", he didn't stay long at all and I presumed that surely nothing would come of the inspection.

What really broke me was when I opened the mail to find a check.

There's more to this story...but right now I think it's enough said.

Thanks to our polity for this saving grace. And if they should come and take for recompense that amount from my personal affects this day, I'd have no hard feelings's the least I can offer in repayment. And if our polity should decide to take more than what is owed, then all the more for the next bloke that should be caught unawares by a freak storm that changes entire existences.

This is, to me, the good side of the polity that we ought to build upon while we're actively dismantling the ugly parts, such as my ongoing legal issue which can be read here:

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Our Nation CAN do Better!
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After much testing and tweaking, my findings concerning an easy, economical, Off-Grid power plant, are contained within the pages below.
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Solar Kits
Ready-made kits that include all solar panels, all high-quality steel trusses, cabling, hinges (where applicable)



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**As a community service to my Springfield Ohio Neighbors, I'm offering gallons of distilled water for .50 (fifty cents, which is about half the cost of the cheapest distilled water made available by the monopoly stores).
Also, my distilled water may be a better choice as my water does not come from a chemical plant that injects more than just poisonous Fluoride; as if ingesting Fluoride is going to make your teeth whiter....phhhttt... Anyone in need of distilled water should bring their own gallon jugs.

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