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Clark County Municipal Court Sham(e)

TOPIC: Springfield's Disgraceful Gang-land Judiciary

Springfield Ohio, where robbing the elderly is respectable?

The true story starts out like this:

    In 2012,

  1. A storm in Florida occurred

  2. that caused the ceiling and roof to fall-in,
    leaving me without a place to call home.

  3. The Federal Agency, F.E.M.A., gave me a check to help,

  4. FEMA Documented DocumentFEMA
    but I was still left with nowhere to go for more than 3 months.

  5. My aged-mother offered to help by signing a one-year lease with Theresa Crow

  6. for a rental located all the way in Ohio at 1335 North Limestone St. in Springfield Ohio.
    This rental would later become yet another ceiling to fall-in on me (multiple times).
    I took videos as the damages were occurring from the upstairs tenant.
    Theresa Crow, My Mother, and I met on location and a lease was signed for one year.
    Theresa Crow was made fully aware that I would locate the required identification from the packed 40 foot bus and that the lease would resume in my name. Days later while unpacking the bus, the identification was located and it was agreed that the first year lease would resume as written, between my mother and Theresa Crow, and that the subsequent lease would resume in my name (allowing me time to recoup losses from the Florida storm and get back on my feet).

    Genuine Springfield Ohio Rental LeaseMom's Genuine Lease Page 1

  7. Following my mother's one-yearMONTHLY lease,

  8. I and the husband of the Lessor, Eric Crow, came to an agreement
    that I would resume the new lease under new pay arrangements.

    Whereas my mother's one-year lease was a monthly lease, mine would be aquarterly lease.
    This is a link and photo of the Genuine Springfield Ohio Rental Agreement that was made with the previous tenant, my mother.Subsequent Lease shows Quarterly Pay Arrangement

    Photo and link to show Clark County Municipal Court of Springfield Ohio ignores evidenceShows contrary to Court-version of a MONTHLY Rental agreement, which was the Previous Lease the landlord had with my mother.

  9. An additional year later in my lease, due to electrical deficiencies and other problems with the rental, I gave notice to Eric Crow to vacate.

  10. Eric Crow and I walked through the entirety of the building and he only specified one solitary problem that he required me to repair (a small hole to allow alternate electricty into the building.

After the "walk-through" inspection was conducted by Eric Crow and I. (*emphasis on I; can another person terminate any other person's lease agreement? If so, we'd all be in trouble, obviously the Lease was in my name), I was told to fix a hole, and made a video of the hole repair (and even repaired other areas which the landlord had not requested, which is also contained on video).

One minute the landlord claims the fireplace is working (as stated on two of the landlord's signed documents, both of which were totally kept out of the court of "law" yet already submitted to the court record), and the next minute the Crow / Court cabal rule that the fireplace is NOT working:

Fireplace works in this hand, fireplace doesn't work in the other

To find out how a Court finds theprevious downstairs tenant at fault to pay for the damages caused by the upstairs tenant, click next.

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