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Below are personal sentiments at the given moment in time. SORRY BUT NOTHING IS IN ORDER IN THIS SECTION OF THE WEBSITE. Even the Pages are not in sequence. LOTS OF LUCK piecing it all together. wooo wooo, I quit!

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This Website is created in memorium of a Clark County Municipal Court-Case racket (i.e.
UNDER CONSTRUCTION, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! There are over 3,000 files in this site , all are to be considered a rough draft pending a final edit.

If anything contained herein is important, copy it before it's removed entirely from the Internet. It's what they do to manipulate the public awareness.

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New York

This section concerns a murder that hadn't anything to do with me. I was young when this happened, maybe 20ish. The murder happened in a public area on a well-traveled street in daylight with plenty of people around (I believe it was called Monroe Avenue or maybe it changes name when it gets into the city....would have to look at a map to make certain). But when I attempted to relate to the "good guys" that arrived on scene as to exactly what had occurred, I was profiled, accosted, handled roughly, and ultimately slammed against a parked car in front of a bar of onlookers (Defensive Note: I don't drink so the placement of a bar between the path to the mini mart was happenstance. And for the record no, I was not in the bar before, during or after the incident. And no, the bar hasn't anything to do with the murder).

The "good guys" charged and jailed me using that catch-all window, I believe it was again "Disorderly conduct", because the officer thought I said "what a diclC" as I obeyed his undignified command and was walking away from him.

After my release I visited the pub hoping to find some of the people that had seen what happened to me, but even of those that saw the incident, declined to give me their name or number. The bar tender also declined to be a witness; in New York this is to be expected (unless the state demands them to be a witness for the state, that is).

Via Bait-and-Switch "education" system indoctrinated me to believe there were checks and balances, so I filed with the Internal Affairs against the officers that did that to me. Supposedly they were recording the meeting. We all know the script, months later, the case was summarily dismissed.
Situation Contained.
It's what they do.
It's for the show that shows no recompense for the greater damage upon the greater numbers.

It was the beginning of the realization that profit is the deciding factor as to whether ethics, fairness, or any semblance of goodness become variable or viable to those over us. We "learned" these tenets from only one primary source, it was the schools via Federally mandated Curriculum financed by big business in what business wanted in the worker of tomorrow.

Colorado -coming soon

Synopsis: In Denver I learned that the State of Ohio had suspended my license for not paying extortion to them for "damages" incurred on the roadway. After each of us drivers were issued was either continue to the plane in Denver, or wait a few weeks for the Court date in Ohio.

Welcome Back.....Even the chanting of the Customs Officials to their beagles (or whatever those things were), as they ordered the dogs (good god, even the dogs are manipulated here): "Find it, Find it"!~, the Agents ordered.

So after the dogs and their captors were done spreading good will from around my bags, a few weeks later I found that the road scammer and the State of Ohio held court without my presence. The US Government can show that I was in the Netherlands when they held court without my presence and could very easily verify when I left the States. Yet Ohio frothingly award the claimant-scammer thousands of dollars for "damages". Later the Judge would also suspend my license for refusing to pay.

It all sounds reasonable until you learn the rest of the story, such as:
Despite the police report having clearly stated: "No Damages, No Injuries", the scammer submitted to the court photos of the entire quarter fender and bumper off his car and that was enough for the judge, apparently the judge never bothered to wonder why a police officer of the state of Ohio would lie on the scene claiming "No Damages, No Injuries" (but to date, this crooked way of doing business appears to be par for the course in Ohio See, another Ohio scammer).

So rather than pay the extortion and finance bad business, I quit driving (more than a decade now). I'm told I can get a "license" to travel again since so many years have passed, but after weighing in my mind the amount of food stolen from the table of life in just having to pay all that goes into a vehicle... I'm adjusted now (keep your cars, I'll ride a bike or something).

Ooops, sorry, this one got way off course...I lost the topic matter, which is murder.
(note to self: start with the Continental hotel and one-day acquaintance that was blasted away by organized example-setters).
Enter Denver, Aspen, and Vale

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