By Kenny Hendrick
ROUGH periodically updated Draft
February 2, 2017 - December 23, 2018


Springfield Ohio?

This would be a town if it had a taxi....
and somewhere to go.

The only taxi to be found in, or around Springfield Ohio, is a cop car.
No but seriously, taxi cabs are, at the time of this writ, dubious.

One of the three taxi "companies" told me that he would ordinarily be working and able to pick me up,
but that he had just taken sleeping pills, and did not think driving under the influence to be a good idea.
I hesitantly agreed.
He told me to try another taxi company,
we'll refer to it as "Number two" taxi company.

The second taxi company, a.k.a. Number Two,
is available five days out of the seven days in the week, between the hours of too late, and forget-about-it.
...phhhttt.....not an option.

Still there remains another taxi

(last one!)

...simply doesn't answer the phone


Enough said about the public transportation, you're on your own in Springfield Ohio.

Which begs the question:

What if we can put Springfield on the map
so that other towns would WANT to come to Springfield!?

Then there'd be a need for a real taxi company
...or a bus even.


after first considering changing the job description of our Police to include more community-involvement
by having the police also move us Citizens to and fro,

the idea was scrapped to first save Springfield,

and transform it into the model town that the other towns might want to visit and emulate!


Hold on,

my novel idea is about to unravel.

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