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Springfield Ohio Alternative Energy

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Metals and Batteries Discovery!

Winter-time in Springfield Ohio exhibit extremes in weather conditions;
perfect for solar and wind testing.

One day it's 60 degrees and sunny,
the next day it's 12 degrees with low-hanging cloud-cover,
then another day it's 20+ mph blustery winds.

Snow just sitting there

Between the wind generator and solar panels, in an Off-Grid Scenario, both are paled in priority compared to that of the batteries.

Recently I mused at how the project is almost accomplished out here;
24 hours each day for more than 2 years now,
monitoring and tweaking, testing and experimenting,

finally coming to a close.

Mission Accomplished!

Battery Sulfation Mess

Then I woke up.

The following findings were not gleaned from the Internet; but rather by trial and error, and much testing.

Some of the information that follows will be CONTRARY to the propaganda on the net in regards to battery power-banks in an Off-Grid Scenario.

It is hoped that the next generation will pick up from the data and build upon the information which follows.

Onward !

Below are shown the standard automotive cables.

Recognize the white acid residue at the bottom of the box and around the corroded terminal connectors.

Springfield Off-Grid Ohio Battery Mess

These cable connectors are not your friends.

But Lo~!

Shown below are two brass connectors.

Springfield Off-Grid Battery

The brass connectors were found at a great local store called Rural King.

If you don't have a Rural King in your neighborhood, you don't get to enjoy their complimentary coffee and popcorn,
and a pleasant helpful customer service,
and a wide variety of assorted merchandise and equipment
(and the such).

for hardware like nuts and bolts,
DO bother to compare their prices with the big box stores!

They don't charge per nut or bolt.

Rural King sells
by the flipping pound!

Suffice to say, the community here in Springfield loves their Rural King.

Anyway, It was just presumed that battery connectors will have to be periodically inspected and replaced

(because the uncensored portion of the Internet told me so).

Invariably, acid literally ate the soft metal of the common lead or copper connectors, leaving only wires at the posts.

No other viewpoint on the Internet in regards to a solution in Off-Grid applications was found.

Side Note:

Unfortunately, we do not have the freedom to visit all websites that actually exist because our Internet is extremely filtered.

Something like 90% of all websites (depending on which statistics are being relied upon) are not permitted through the IP Provider's "Wall of Fire".

With neo-politico-monopoly control of our information and communications, we all fall down. Censorship stifles ingenuity, invention, creativity, and development (in my opinion).

The "forbidden" websites, labeled to us as the "black" and "dark" web, are predominantly those webmasters that refuse to pay off the internet mafia, the ones that try to compel control by instituting regulations and "safeguards".

Meanwhile the same canibalizing capitalistic entities partake in pushing the only operating system that is susceptible to all viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, trojans, and worms to the civilians irregardless of which monopoly store a computer is purchased from (heebeejeebieso, Microsoft and Apple!).

The problem arises when the data they are tucking away becomes critical to our survival.

For instance, if a problem threatens our very existence,

would it matter if the answer to solve the problem came from organized crime, modern-day governments, the poor class, or the Taliban?

In other words, if you happen to see me dangling from a rope, I don't give a flip who you are and won't argue to stop you from cutting me down!


So cables will need to be inspected, tightened, and replaced from time to time, eh?

Tip #1:

Cut the corporate capitalist crackpy connectors from those cables!

Those cable connectors sold at Walmart, Kmart, Autozone, etc. are NOT for Off-Grid applications.

Save yourself the headaches and potential power failures (and more!), trust me on this one, cut the cable terminals off and install genuine brass connectors.

Several advantages will come of your efforts.

***Brass connectors exhibit no sulfation!***


I don't know why!

Maybe if we adult humans were permitted to see the whole Internet,
that a site exists explaining the phenomenon...

Brass connectors exhibit no sulfation!
I did not find this factoid on the Internet!

No more sulphuric mess,

no more cable connectors dissolving in areas that are not visible to the naked eye,
no more going back to the marketplace to replace the entire cable or connector because of deformity due to stretching,
no more checking after weather extremes...

BRASS, with its tighten-once design, equates to less maintenance and a more reliable connection.

To be totally honest, I didn't buy the Brass Battery Connectors for any of the aforementioned reasons.

I had purchased the brass battery connectors as one that might purchase a chrome starter for their prized car.

The connectors were nothing more than "tricking out" the Battery-Bank for show.

End of Story?

Not quite.

Several advantages converting to brass were noticed immediately.

However, no sulfation was the bountiful harvest.

For most people, this is of little significance.

For me (and maybe industries and militaries, hint LOL), no sulfation is a God-send.

If the uncensored portion of the Internet has left anyone else dis-amused and lacking when seeking truth (in any area), and when the Internet communications controllers are askew in the shaping of the offering of Internet data to further intelligence, the entire Off-Grid realm holds as the curbed model as evidence of the existence of a censored Internet.

I'm just saying,
having watched thousands of videos on the topic,
and having read and perused thousands more websites on the topic,
nowhere was this information concerning a more permanent solution to an inevitable problem found.

That's disturbing!

p.s. Beware of the capitalist knock-offs, they break.

Springfield Off-Grid Ohio Battery

Now that we trashed the connectors, Next, let's look at designing a better cable.

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