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A small Cherry, apple, and pear orchard is inspired by Ms. Vickie Murph who first started out as a customer and then became a great knowledge tree and friend.
Vickie brought the first Apple Tree here.
Then my mom brought a Peach Tree.

So orchard it will be!

Last year the tree created one solitary apple. The apple was the size of my thumb.
I tried to get vickie to eat it, but it was just too small.

Photo of Vickie Murph

Photos of first Apple Tree
Apple Tree born in Springfield OhioBaby Apple Tree in Springfield Ohio brought to you by Ms. Vickie Murph

Springfield Ohio Trees born in 2017

The trees shown in the photos below were not present when we moved here in late 2014.
The trees form a natural border between the neighbors to the rear of our property and hopefully will serve as firewood in a few years.
Springfield TreesSpringfield Ohio Trees


All that was required for these trees to grow, was to NOT mow a section of the lawn for a while.

Ample supply of salad arrives daily from the Garden.

September Springfield SaladSeptember Springfield Salad

Primarily there is only water and Liquified Garden Vegetables and store-bought fruit to drink.
Generally, no other drinks arrive from any store or vendor, so everything has to be made from scratch.

One of the best treats has been to take certain of the produce from the garden to create these awesome frozen drinks that stay cold for many hours.
Sliced and frozen, cucumbers are a great addition to smoothies (just add honey, strawberries, kale, and water).
The frozen cucumber slices quickly thaw in the blender and infuse much easier after having been frozen (for whatever reason).
The process here has been to prepare 5 or 6 Mason Jars at a time, filling them only about 3/4 of the way full, and then dropping them in the freezer for later enjoyment.

After they are frozen, one is opened and water or juice added to the top pending the great thaw.

The iced drink lasts all day by setting the canning jar that contains the drink on the concrete floor when not drinking.

Another neat twist to the drink is to not clean the blender after making peanut butter!
Make Your Own Peanut Butter
Prepare the drink of honey, water, and cucumber and any spices that are desired, and after preparing peanut butter, leave the residue in the blender for a unique nutty taste.
Apparently the oils from the peanuts turn the cucumber drink into a milky treat!

A late-winter wind storm knocked over the greenhouse!

The wind was so strong that it also took out the cabana on one of the porches and blew down branches and made one tarp totally disappear.
The security camera showed that I removed a tarp that covered the tractor and set the tarp next to the corner of the house.

What I did not know until later when playing back the video feeds, is how the tarp went straight up into the air past the view of the cameras and never returned down.

Where it went from there is anybody's guess.

The green house was ill-placed anyway.

Temporary Hut in Springfield OhioGetting a feel where door might go

Here's a video of the greenhouse taking sabatical.

Video not playing? We can thank monopoly ATandT Internet for scalping the bandwidth. Sorry for the inconvenience. Download video instead.

February 2019

Although way too early to be starting kale indoors from seed, I became antsy and started anyway, this batch was sprouted in about 3 days.

The soil is 65% soil from the backyard and 65% used coffee grounds until further notice.

February 2019 Photo February 2019 Photo February 2019 Photo February 2019 Photo

It's not likely that my paltry grow-light will suffice till planting in Spring, so the sprouts will be used in cooking or a salad.

Worst-case scenario, I'l slam the sprouts in some soup.

As for the Catch-Basin project, it's already a success, there hasn't been one incident of the garden being underwater since it was dug (yet).

Springfield Ohio ToadToad in Springfield Ohio

Since there's a well already in place on the other side of the rear garage, the catch-basin can now be leveled-off and top soil added to cap it off. There's plenty of aggregate and slope to drain the garden and I'm certain there'll not be another issue with standing water in the garden.


More of this Garden Stuff?


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