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Topic: Shock and Awe Security Systems

Without cameras I'd never even know of a feral cat, possum, and raccoon all on the porch at the same time!
Without cameras I'd never experience the awe of how none of the critters were up for a fight and all respected eachother's space.
None appeared to want to fight, although at one point the possum opened it's big mouth wide to show the unimpressed raccoon his pearly whites.
DVR's allow the privilege to play back a fast-moving fox, something I had never seen in the neighborhood before.

Without cameras I'd not know of the family of possums that is no longer around. I no longer see the raccoon family either. Springfield Security Systems of OhioSpringfield Security Systems of Ohio Springfield Security Systems of Ohio

I first began installing security systems about a decade or so ago, and quickly realized the importance to have audio recorded at all times also.

The notion was to curtail any communications errors with my customers.

If I cannot remember something, I simply play it back even if it were a week or month ago.

Springfield Security Systems of Ohio Springfield Security Systems of OhioSpringfield Security Systems of Ohio

Cameras put to rest conjecturing.

Springfield Security Systems of OhioSpringfield Security Systems of OhioSpringfield Security Systems of Ohio
Security Systems allow for the editing or creating of one's own videos.

Behold My Plug:

Spy Surveillance Microphone

The following is a concealed 12v microphone (very sensitive) which is being sold for


Hidden Spy Microphone in Springfield Ohio

Hang it, Lean it, Record it!

Springfield Spy Surveillance Microphone

Although the unit comes with RCA connection already, there are adapters here if needed that will accommodate any connection (i.e. BNC, S-VIDEO, VGA, etc.).

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Located: 2803 Troy Road in Springfield Ohio.
Tel: (937) 718-3586

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