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Springfield Ohio Post 2019 Page 2 Community Clark County Publication

This Website is Completely Solar Powered! - Resist Rackets not Words - Springfield, OH - Read it and Weep

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Life on Battery Acid!
Off-Grid Solar and Wind Battery Maintenance and New Information available in Springfield.

Are you ready for no sulfation? This metals-trick is amazing, will save money and your Batteries from early earthly departure!

Deceptive Practices of the neo-Business Sector resembling a common Street Scammer.

I'd be drawn to court if I were lying when I say that the protected business industry are selling knock-offs.

Duracell, shmuracell, What's Next?

Up,Up, Gone
How a Springfield Storm turned steel and plastic into Trash.

The weather in Springfield Ohio is pretty exciting sometimes.
It's worth some broken stuff to an otherwise boring day...or week.

Alimony, Seriously?
Alimony to a Government that uses somebody else's wife for gain.

My Wife, eh?

But Before they took my money, Shouldn't I....

have been married first!

MagicJack is the Bomb!
MagicJack, a non-capitalist that has evolved in an Industry that is appreciated.

Imagine a phone bill that comes to your door only 1 (one) time per year.

Now imagine the bill is only $35.00 for unlimited!

Is Yandex the New Google?

Springfield Ohio Post Top Bots for this American Server.

Compare the Quality of the Search Results of Yandex when Google just doesn't present current or pertinent data.

The Yandex Search Engine has a New York Office and can offer some surprisingly different results!

Your Mom is Next
Clark County Municipal Court Sham(e) in Springfield Ohio's Judiciary.

Clear evidence that the Clark County Courts are possibly a fraud.

For now, You Be the Judge!

U.S. Censorship and the Greatest Heist in our History.

Forget about where the money went
(is going), we don't have time to chase ghosts right now. But for all of our safety's-sake we had better figure out how to come up with some revenue and fast.

If ordered, these guys will kill eachother for sport!

Kenny's Quick-Link to approximate Voltage correlations
This is the conversion chart used by Kenny Hendrick. Chart equates 48v in 12v terminology.

This is primarily a link for the Owner of this Website

Anyone is free to adopt the approximate correlative equivalents to easily identify a 48v Battery Bank or 48v Charge Controller's status in a familiar 12v terminology.

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