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2803 Troy Road Springfield Ohio 45504

Product of Ohio USA
Computer Repair Available Daily 11am - 6pm

Your Computer's One-Stop Service Shop in Clark County serving Urbana, Tremont City, Northridge, Lawrenceville, North Hampton, New Carlisle, Donnelsville, Mad River, Springfield, and of Course Wittenberg University~!

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The Computer Repair Parts Shop in Springfield Ohio offers:

New and Used Computer Hardware,
OS Installs,
Virus Removal,
PC Diagnostics,
Hard Drive Data Recovery,
Laptop PC Repair,
Desktop Computer Repair,
Computer Optimization,
Data Backup,
Network Security,
Refurbished Computers,
In-Stock Computer Hardware,
In-Stock Computer Supplies,


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Springfield, Lawrenceville, North Hampton, Northridge and Urbana Ohio PC Parts SALE:

Laptop Wireless Cards

$5.00 EACH!

2803 Troy Road Springfield Ohio 45504 Product of Ohio USA
Telephone: +1 (937) 718-3586
Springfield Computer Repair, Computer Parts


Ohio's only PC Repair location that offers a lifetime guarantee
against virtually all computer maladies!
Springfield Computers, Laptop and Desktop Computer Parts and PC Repair Shop located in ohio
Prompt repair! Or trade toward one of theIn-stock computers.
A computer's one-stop service shop in Clark County~!

Are you ready for a PC upgrade?

If you've received a computer from here, Simply return the computer anytime you're feeling the need.

Receive the original purchase price back to put toward an in-stock upgrade Desktop or Laptop Computer!

How's that for service!?

Returns for upgrades to be in same or about same condition as when you received the unit.
The purchase must be for a replacement PC that is $25.00 or more than your original purchase (of the returned computer).
No missing components or other damage that would hinder the unit from being re-sold are applicable

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Computer Diagnostics Fee

$35.00 This fee covers rudimentary testing, notes, diagnostics and determination as to the problem and discussion of remedies or alternative solutions (trade-ins accepted). Simple Fixes and Repairs While You Wait.

$68.00 This fee covers the allotment of time to address issues While You Wait. This fee does not cover overnight repairs or extensive repairs.

$125.00 All Repairs This fee covers all repairs including new Operating System Installations, Motherboard Replacement or Repairs, Soldering Issues not applicable at the While You Wait rate, etc.

2803 Troy Road Springfield Ohio 45504

+1 (937) 718-3586